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  1. Is there any pub in Perth where demons will be congregating pre match?
  2. Getting up early going for a run, maybe a nice lunch by the river and then be sitting in the 2nd row of optus oval. (Aslong as Adelaide has no cases in the next week)
  3. At the end of the game no matter what the score I'll still be proud of what this team has produced this year. In saying that I think we are better than them and will win.
  4. If the coaching team wants any ideas I guess they can come to this thread for every and any strategy idea In existence no matter how insane over the next 2 weeks
  5. Flying into Perth from Adelaide Wednesday week, have we heard any potential of open training sessions yet?
  6. Gotta beat the best to be the best 🟥🟦
  7. Split the center clearances with the dogs and I trust our defensive zone will do the rest.
  8. We couldn't have played worse the last time we played the dogs. We will be fine
  9. Buddy at 10 is laughable. If you were taking any of these guys on a one year deal right now he would go no.1
  10. Came over the Melbourne for this game. A standout for me aswell
  11. Watching Buddy play Is the best thing outside MFC. Future legend.
  12. Did not lose a game Jones played this year.
  13. Good year to be a dees supporter in Adelaide 😁
  14. This is classic Goodwin Melbourne watch us win 3 of the 4 quarters and lose by 5 goals. It's been his MO since day dot.
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