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  1. Either that or he gets more clicks for over rating Collingwood.
  2. I reckon it would have been used pretty commonly. As a kid I had a footy card that called him Garry 'dollars' Lyon.
  3. I know from personal experience when you do hear something reliable you can't post on Demonland anyway because you would be betraying the trust of the person who told you. The two exceptions are if it is from Judd's grandmother or there is a riddle.
  4. His hair might turn blonde though
  5. Tomlinson could literally play anywhere if we are seeing players miss with Covid. Pretty handy player to have in these times.
  6. It's not catching covid that would rule him out. I can see it being reported on 23rd on June so that would take him to 23 December for his 6 months exception. But it's 6 months from when he was infectious. So say he claims infectious for 14 days he gets into the country by about a day. But he could have claimed he was infectious for a month, we will never know. What a farce.
  7. It won't even compare to the booing he will get in round 1 at the MCG.
  8. Don't forget his bump on Hunter when Petracca does a Daicos
  9. That's why drafting Dunstan was a masterstroke.
  10. I'm making an early call on Jonesy's son. On the Sunday GF replay he was running along the G in front of me and Viney ran up behind him and barrelled him into the ground. I'm guessing Viney used to cop that as a kid too.
  11. My ringtone is just Bang Bang Bang Bang
  12. That is one of the best off field highlights ever. The hyperactive assistant coach who is renowned for impulsiveness doesn't even react when it becomes clear we were storming towards the premiership. I can't get enough of watching that.
  13. Supermcardo might be still celebrating not having to sit near anyone on Grand Final day. Give him time.
  14. The year before he had a really bad hip problem. It could have been 2 years before the covid years all blend into one. I've been his biggest critic and would have delisted him but after seeing the photo and knowing how many things the club is getting right at the moment I just have a gut feeling 2022 might be the turning point.
  15. Not for me. I've never seen a thread where someone is training the house down trying to break into a premiership side.
  16. I think that's a bit of a myth. I reckon time after time he doesn't get his hands to the ball at least at AFL level and that's the problem. In that picture he looks alot bigger than in previous years. Hopefully he can start making a contest and clunk a few.
  17. That does not look like the kid I saw and spoke to 2 years ago. He looks ripped now. It's hard to see where he fits in but the club has shown faith in him and he has backed himself in. Barring injury I can only see him coming in for T Mac and after just watching the Bang Bang Bang blitz again it's T Mac who punches the ball to Petracca and T Mac who bench presses the bloke so Sparrows goal goes through. He played a pivotal role.
  18. Agree with all the above on on Garland. Great team man and really let down by the culture of the club at the time. On a brighter note I can't wait to see where Alan Jackovich places in this.
  19. After seeing him bowl I'm convinced his old man played for Melbourne
  20. Nice job @Deespicable over 100 players you won't have a single other Demonlander agree with your order. But you are having a crack and I love that. Look forward to seeing where you rate Tingay, Farmer and Trapper. I imagine Gawn, Oliver and Petracca might go well.
  21. There was a bloke in a a dees jumper on day 1 that positioned himself perfectly behind the wickets Cummings was bowling too. He got on camera over and over all day.
  22. Interesting the Poms had a Covid scare and got there results back almost immediately. I imagine they had to get PCR like everyone else. Edit: just read poms had Rapid tests
  23. You would have to think it's a high probability. If you google who are Scott Boland's parents it says he wants to keep the privacy of his parents but has a brother Nick. So I doubt we will ever know and anybody who does wouldn't post it here (you'd hope not anyway if that's his wishes)
  24. I've got a mate who is over 70 hours now without a result. He Rang the DHSS and they are not open on weekends or public holidays so he could easily crack the ton.
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