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  1. How do I change my name to Liz Truss
  2. How many goals has he kicked per minute in the forward line? Could be more than Neitz
  3. I asked him why he won a premiership at every every club besides Melbourne and he said we didn't give him enough time I believe him.
  4. Disco lcan play back. Petty is the best tall forward on our list by a milw
  5. I watched him play in the top end and nobody could hold the ball but he just had it on a string. He is a massive talent
  6. There is obviously an issue there because he is one of the most talented footballers you will see. He flattened Viney in one of his first few games. I'd take him with a nothing pick and try and bring him into our culture
  7. Posters need to remember our first premiership captain in 50 years was no clean skin. Now he is driving a culture. This is a great pickup.
  8. The reason he didn't get tried back is he would need to be able to take an intercept mark and that is unlikely.
  9. I would love to pummel them for the next few years like they did to us.
  10. It's not just draft order. You need to nail the pick and bring them into the right culture
  11. I'm pretty sure when Yze was playing for us his brother kicked 20 goals in a match in a suburban league I'm backing this kid is a good forward.
  12. Oliver should ask to wear sunglasses next year like Mason Cox. Would be the greatest.
  13. If we are looking for a forward go after Hipwood. He has destroyed us a few times.
  14. The greatest Melbourne player in my life time but like Robbie Flower he won't win a brownlow. Lucky for Robbie Flower he didn't get his eyes gouged out.
  15. If those blokes who got into Perth for the GF eye gouged anyone they would have got life in prison.
  16. Maybe Buckley was the cultural problem
  17. We finished 2nd on the ladder. How many players were injured in the finals? Gawn, Kozzie, Brayshaw, Petracca, I won't count BBB because he is cooked. I'm guessing there were more we don't know about. They are injuries not culture.
  18. How come Collingwood are allowed to corell players when they are standing on the mark? If we take half a step off the mark it is a 50m penalty.
  19. We need an interpretation on the holding the ball rule. Petty had a crack.
  20. What can go wrong when you rely on clearances and your weapon you go in with has a broken leg. Our best connecting forward couldn't sing at the Judith Durham's memorial because his voice box is broken. Bailey Fix is in troube. We need about 3 Boweys to get back on track
  21. I told Paul Roos to give Colin Garland a go in the midfield. He didn't seem to agree with it. Two weeks later Garland got rotated through the midfield. He was a better Backman. But he did try it.
  22. WT Truck do we play him in the ruck so often? We have the best ruckman in the league and we play him in the forward line where he is a liability
  23. My 2 word analysis Oliver - sore back Had to carry the rest of them
  24. I get what you are saying and what I wrote wasn't an exact science. I just hope the players picked play their role. I don't wish injury on anyone, even Collingwood.
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