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  1. Absolutely and how the hell has not even been Victorian of the year?
  2. If that doesn’t touch your heart, then you’re a lost cause.
  3. Be very surprised if he Sparrow goes for that, but if he does then Hipwood will have to go too for his off the ball bump on Gawn in the first minute.
  4. We were far from flag favourites in 1987, just scraping into the finals in the last H&A game. This is the best we’ve looked in my lifetime. There were glimpses in the 90’s, but nowhere as consistent as we’re seeing this season. Of course a long way to go, it only takes a bit of bad luck with injuries and it could all head south again. Luck is a big factor in winning flags, we just need a bit to get us over the line.
  5. Think it would be a mistake to rush Viney in for such a tough game against probably the quickest ball movers in the comp, even if he’s injury free. After missing weeks with a foot injury, have to assume he’s been unable to do much running at training during his injury time.
  6. Really? Just more media fluff. Put some silverware on the shelf first, then we can discuss.
  7. Think the media is over playing who’s missing from Richmond’s side. Besides nearly all teams almost never have their best 22 available, Richmond had 5 of their best 22 missing tonight (Melbourne missed 3 last week). Of those 5 Cotchin is injury prone and well past his best. Prestia is also often injured and the return of 20 minute quarters might find him out. Shane Edwards still has good footy in him, but he turns 33 this year. Bolton is a star, so that’s definitely hurting them. Lambert is a solid backman, but no star. Brisbane had a few out tonight, but that doesn’t get much attent
  8. The 2 biggest reasons for improvement this year are we are now competent in field kicking skills and our ability to clear the ball from congestion. It’s as simple as that, forget all the other fluff.
  9. It’s amazing how your expectations of the team change. Wasn’t worried about losing last night at any point, whereas in prior years I would have spent the entire game waiting for the Swan’s to run over the top. Nothing lasts forever, so need to enjoy this moment.
  10. I always enjoy your thread Joeboy, but think you’ve stuffed up this week. You’ve criticised 13 players, more than 50% of the team, yet we just beat a current top 4 team. That doesn’t add up.
  11. Based on his exposed form and assuming no major change, if a club was stupid enough to offer a top 10 draft pick surely we’d have to take it.
  12. We’re a better team with that change, so can’t complain.
  13. Look I hate it as much as anyone. I came from a single parent family, made my way through government schools (only one other Melbourne supporter in my age group) , but was able to have a career in professional services and it always amazed me how many lawyers, consultants and accountants were Melbourne supporters. So like it or not, I totally understand the label we’ve copped, because there is some truth to it
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