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  1. The 2 week strain is really showing when this becomes a topic for discussion. .
  2. Agree there’s a risk in playing Jones, especially if he’s called on early, but just think they will take that risk.
  3. C’mon let’s all acknowledge the fact that Oliver is just as slick with his throwing as anyone in the whole AFL. Yes he gets pinged occasionally, but he gets away with plenty.
  4. Goody’s view on Viney’s courage & effort was summed up as “he’s half mad”. Gus and Gawny just acknowledged Goody’s comment, an indication of how the playing group respects Jack Viney, unlike plenty on here.
  5. Pretty confident Jordon is the medi-sub
  6. Absolutely, no excuse for shouldering an ump at a quarter break. shame because he would have caused problems for Cats.
  7. I’m not watching that rubbish, I lived through it.
  8. I haven’t got back to watch the replay, so this is purely from memory, which has probably been damaged by the celebratory post games drink-a-thon, but a very late free for holding the ball against ANB, when he had no prior opportunity, seemed the moment the quarter turned against us. There was also one against BBB in the second that I thought had to be a push in the back, but was also a very dodgy holding the ball. That quarter nothing went right,. The bounce of the ball, strange frees against us, obvious missed frees against them, flukey goals…. But poor defence at the front of the square also contributed.
  9. What a great night, one we won’t forget for the rest of our lives. So rapped to do that to the Cats. Watching Billy Brownless this morning still stunned at the result is just another pleasure. Wondering if we’ll get an apology from the AFL for the missed deliberate by Selwood (the AFL king of knee dropping when tackled) and then the clearly not intentional by Gus seconds later? If these 2 calls were by the same umpire, he should be asked to close the door on his way out
  10. Have you been watching the standard of umpiring?? Free kicks against has to be one of the most irrelevant stats in assessing a players performance.
  11. Biases accepted, though I haven’t been a fan of Harmes recent games, last night he was excellent, way more influential on the end result than Nic Nat
  12. Totally agree. The coaches, and to some extent the senior players, are responsible for allowing players to continuously try to play above their capabilities. Jack Viney needs to understand he is not Petracca, he can’t break tackles or try fancy evasive moves, he needs to focus on giving the ball off at the first opportunity. Either he’s not being told that, or worse, is he is being told that but can’t change his ways. If the latter he has to be dropped until he gets it. Harmes is very similar to Jack, trying to play way above his skill level. How many times does he have to fail to fend off a tackler before the penny drops that he just can’t get away with that at AFL level Both need time at Casey to get back to basics and play within their capabilities.
  13. No, but good for you if that’s how you chose to spend your Sunday. I did though see his games against Collingwood, Brisbane, Bulldogs, Crows...
  14. Not only can Weiderman not hold a mark, or kick straight, when the ball hits the deck he’s totally exposed and shows no desire to chase and tackle. There is no way we want him as a defender, he would get toweled up by any half decent forward
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