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  1. Right i have my codes 2x gfg prority 1s 2x priority 2s Had a couple of messages, dm me if anyone else interested. Will draw at random unless a compelling case for giving to someone
  2. Should we have received our barcodes if we had a GFG by now? I have nothing. I live in London so am happy to hand my 2 tickets over to longstanding demonlanders that can make it.
  3. Good luck one and all. Go get 'em boys.
  4. I live near London and have an interstate plus GF guarantee as well as Overseas membership (so i can access the Watch AFL app and watch all the games)
  5. Erm we just did and won by 98 (NINETY EIGHT) points.
  6. It's (unfortunately) well known that Burgo is heading to Adelaide.
  7. We are favourites for the flag. No denying that ($4.50 favourites) What does this mean? 1. We are the team most likely to win the flag 2. It is 3 and a half times more likely we DONT win the flag than DO Keep building demons. P.s. i like what goody said in his presser. Embrace the favouritism. Deal with the pressure. We'll have to deal with it come September if we want to win the thing anyway.
  8. I actually really enjoyed the game. Yes we did not play that well, but I loved Clarry trying to will us over the line. 16pts up with 5 mins to go we shouldn't be losing from there despite 2 putrid umpire calls. Its all well and good saying "we shouldnt lose to a bottom 4 side", but they played very well, pressure rating >200. If they played like that every week they wouldn't be a bottom 4 side. They lifted and had a red hot crack. Credit to Adelaide. Salem was a massive out The biggest issue for me was our forward pressure. Kozzie, ANB, and Spargo have been asked to do A LOT of work this year - i'm amazed they havent been rotated at some point - their work rate sets up out whole game plan, and part of the reason our defence looked off IMO. We slipped and fumbled all night. Fristch burning trac and then scuffing the snap was criminal. Every moment matters. We win the game if he gives the handball. Back to work and onto two tough games.
  9. Kiran and Nita have loved the pod this year with so many great guests. Thanks for your work. Cheers.
  10. Our setup without/behind the ball is the best in the competition.
  11. Thanks all Some difficulties in play. Im living in the UK now so different timezones mean i need to arrange a call time, need to make enquiries about GF guarantee etc with COVID etc makes online renewal difficult plus they didnt send me out membership packs last year which I need to correct. Appears noone is manning the emails so ill stay up late next week and phone membership! Will get there in the end. Go Dees
  12. I have emailed the club 3 times asking for someone to call me about renewing membership, GF guarantee and pledge per win for me and my father. I also want to sign my first set of twins up as member and have a second set of twins due in April that I want to sign up if possible. Not heard anything from the club, makes me want to give up ??
  13. Daniher kicks 100 for Bris. Brown never gets on the park for the MFC. Lock it in.
  14. Big Mac Check your emails...my watch afl voucher code appeared today. Signed up for international digital last monday. Cheers
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