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  1. I am on board with resting players, however I lean towards it being more mental than physical. At this point of the season we can probably get away with mid week resting. Over the course of a year, fitness drops off as recovery is the priority midweek. Definitely need to ramp up training to prepare for finals
  2. I commented on that one in the gameday thread. It is a pet hate of mine - players just drop the ball and get rewarded for holding the man against or in the back in this instance. Hayward definitely locked Jake's arm in and pulled him forward on top of himself Lever did exceptionally well to remain as calm as he did.
  3. I get excited when he is involved because he is a very, very smart operator. He is always positioning himself in ways that are setting up others and his creativity and execution is first class
  4. That dropping the ball thing is atrocious
  5. He’s turned into the ANB of years gone by, always present but never doing anything useful
  6. I believe Sparrow has gone past Harmes, would be disappointed if Harmes comes in
  7. Not strictly related to the website but club merch is bloody ordinary. I haven't looked at club merch in years and thought I could tip some cash in with a purchase, surely there is plenty more in the same boat
  8. I agree. Harmes should not be in the conversation after 1 VFL Hitout. I reckon Sparrow is far more useful and team orientated
  9. If Weid leaves it would be a disaster. Understand the need to play for the now but I doubt anyone believes T-Mac holds this form/stays injury free for the whole year. He simply has to come in over the next week or two.
  10. Without any knowledge, there is a good chance he is a bit banged up - he doesn't shirk a contest, that's for sure
  11. Jones and Melk playing VFL and Rivers out according to @Dannyz mail, so there could be more changes to come along with Brown. I'd like to see Bedford or Chandler get a guernsey. Harmes could not have injured himself at a worse time, he will (should) be pushing [censored] uphill to get back into the side.
  12. I (and the club) never would have expected Weid and Brown to succumb to injuries before we begun. The T-Mac wing role was probably a last straw type deal. I doubt the club ever considered this scenario occurring but it really is a conundrum. For the latter half of the year, I believe Weid and Ben Brown are more important than T-Mac, however I commend him for making it difficult to get them in. He’s had a great start. Still believe we need to roll guys through in the middle third of the year so we have every base covered for a proper tilt at finals and going deep in them I worry
  13. With the first proper test completed, think it’s not a bad idea to start rolling some guys in/out over the next 4 weeks. We need to be confident 25-30 blokes can play a role and the only way we can is by exposure. Jones and a few young ones are the starting point, possibly Maxy too
  14. Fritta doesn’t strike me as the Jack Viney, keep going until you drop dead, type. I don’t think he can nurse a hand injury with his game style
  15. Would have been interesting hearing the chat between coaches and Weid. I reckon they would have been telling him since day one, we need you to dominate a game in the VFL. He finally does it and gets told it's not enough right now.
  16. So Collingwood and Richmond don’t? Think we would be better served by having a partnership with a pub/bar in proximity of the ‘G for before and after functions.
  17. I think Dusty could be the difference here, he loves a big occasion and his 250th is fairly significant. Love him or loathe him, he is a very, very good footballer. If nothing else, it's a good chance for our guys to experience finals like atmosphere and learn from it
  18. Do any of the other elite training facilities have social club/members area? Are Richmond fans allowed into Punt Road to drink before and after games? Do Collingwood fans enter into the Gosch's setup for the same?
  19. He may not be better first up but he will be in the long run. Unfortunately, someone has to go out and the wing is fairly sorted for now, so where else does T-Mac go? The performance ceiling is higher with the Weid/BBB combo than T-Mac/BBB or T-Mac/M.Brown
  20. I am not saying he's been bad but I want Weid and Brown in the side more than T-Mac, particularly for the latter half of the year. I don't believe T-Mac will be in the side once BBB, Weid and Fritsch are all playing so let's rip the bandaid off and start building some cohesion for a tilt at finals
  21. It would be difficult to drop a number of blokes who played their role, but if we want to get serious, the sooner we get our preferred line up in, the better. We want to be winning games in September and this 5-0 start has given us a great chance to feature. In: Weid, Brown, May, Fritsch Out: T-Mac, M.Brown, Petty, Melksham Each of those ins is better than the out, so it makes sense. On Gus & Gawny podcast, Ben Gibson was seeming quite skeptical about May & Fritsch being right.
  22. Reckon by the end of the year our side could look quite different with a few of these young guys rolling through. I hope he comes in and cements a spot, he looks very lively when on. We won’t be short on excitement over the next couple of years, hope it translates to wins!
  23. Maybe, unlike Ross Lyon, he actually finds the time to work on it. It's all good and well to say people need to get better, but Williams must have the ability to teach them how
  24. I noticed on the weekend that he very, very rarely gets beaten in a contest. That is worth it's weight in gold when you look at how many times Lever or May simply out position their opponent. He makes every contest a 50/50 at worst and I believe a lot of his positioning in marking contests create spillages to the dangerous spots we want to be hitting. Whilst he is not ripping marks in just yet, he is certainly doing his job up forward.
  25. He will sell a lot of jumpers too, he is exactly what the kids aspire to be.
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