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  1. Kudos to the CFC or whoever came up with this. Really giving the AFL the bird
  2. Absolutely, he has worked his backside off to become a regular again. He’s our hard luck story, every GF side has one. Really seems like the whole squad is invested in this and despite his bad luck, Hunty would be stoked to have been a part of the year and the 20 odd games that got us here. Hope it drives him and he continues on again for 2022
  3. Credit to him, hasn’t had the year he hoped for but I don’t think even our most optimistic supporters would have anticipated the year we have had. I think his unfortunate timing with the injury was the only thing that stopped him being a big contributor this year. As others have mentioned, there is no chance we remain injury free again in 2022, this year has been extraordinary on that front. He will get chances, let’s hope he grabs them and our three KPF’s push each other to continue on in 2022
  4. Trades are not all one-sided affairs. Jordon and Sparrow would not be the first fringe players to leave a top team for opportunity elsewhere? I hope they both stay as I like them a lot
  5. This is a very optimistic timeframe
  6. I ordered a Demons Guernsey from New Balance as the Prelim was being played, still no sign of it. Tracking says 'shipping information received 14th September" This is only adding to my GF anxiety
  7. To be honest, the memory of playing on the day would mean more to me than any medal. I don't think it's the worst thing for a squad to receive a medal, but you can bet Nathan Jones would not want one
  8. I think Benny Brown might cement himself in Demon folklore with a 4-5 goal day out.
  9. If any club is looking to grab him for leadership, you would hope his advice is much more sound than his actions. Do as I say, not as I do type scenario
  10. Wasn’t his manager shopping him for a ridiculous price last year/early this year? That backfired
  11. No way he isn’t on an AFL list next year. He might not be have ever fully cemented himself, but he’s too good for the scrap heap
  12. May’s body is going to get more attention than it’s ever seen over the next 15 days. I think he gets up. Would be very hard to make any changes but Hunt/Hibbo could be a roll of the dice depending on matchups. Was a brilliant team performance and any player that missed following it would be very unlucky
  13. Remember when Isaac Smith chose Geelong over us?
  14. Big one, he’s a very good player. Assuming he lands at the crows, they could rebound quickly
  15. I have a feeling it won't be one way traffic. Waiting until after finals suggests it may be someone exiting
  16. Lot to unpack here! Would take a pretty game bunch of security guards to take on a whole bunch of drunken AFL footballers
  17. Surely that disclaimer is enough for no mud to stick, should this sketchy rumour not eventuate
  18. T-mac's form has also dropped off. Perhaps this year was the best possible outcome and both parties are being realistic about next year
  19. Do we think Brisbane bought the inlaws a house to keep him there?
  20. I think he probably becomes an upgrade on Langdon rather than Gus and can roll through the middle. He’d be well inside our top 10 players.
  21. Cerra waltzes in ahead of Harmes, Sparrow and Jordon with the potential to quickly surpass Viney. Anyone who thinks our midfield can’t get better is kidding themselves. If Clarry or Trac go down for a decent stretch we become pretty pedestrian, pretty quickly
  22. Given there has been very limited travel allowed interstate over the last 18 months and he has a job that allows him to easily shift back home, why the hell wouldn't he try? You can not really argue with his output at Brisbane, he's not a Dayne Beams style mercenary. Their draft capital is going to be very, very good after this and there are a couple of readymade starting mids available for trade, in Parker and Tom Mitchell, if they prefer
  23. Adelaide and probably Port would likely be calling Sparrow's manager every day. Is cementing himself in one of the best sides in the comp and is from SA, it doesn't get better for the SA teams. I hope he stays, really rate him
  24. It’s a great idea for us however, no one wants him
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