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  1. For anyone interested in the TT numbers, the watches give an indication. My best guesses based on which way they set them up; Nibbler at 3:10/km through 500m Sparrow at 3:12/km through 1.02km Tommo at 3:07/km through 0.99km Good going when carrying the frames they do
  2. Clarry’s ‘5kg overweight’ rig is nothing to be sneezed at
  3. Hope your windscreen wipers are locked down 😂 @WalkingCivilWar
  4. After the trade and draft period, I’d almost forgotten about the acquisition of McQualter. Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds over preseason and how much of a role he has. Has the potential be our most influential recruit in years
  5. Now that he’s found some footskills, will Goody actually pick them? More seriously, what was the brief for this years draft period? Does he think the game has shifted from the bigger bulls and is speed the next hot thing?
  6. I am fairly confident he will too. All of ANB, Chandler, Kozzie, Spargo, Sparrow, Billings and McAdam will want to have very, very good preseasons. Our forward half will be very dynamic if everyone is up and running
  7. I think the Curtin stuff is all smoke and mirrors. Even if he ‘only’ turns into a 3rd intercepting defender it’s a more important role than people remember come draft time. We gave up plenty for Lever and he’s very stop start with ball, prone to bizarre brain fades and yet still highly regarded.
  8. I must admit, I haven’t been that excited by him but when you factor in the highlights are from WAFL level, he seems pretty dynamic for a 17 year old at that level
  9. We could do with some La Flama Blanca personality
  10. Very clean and effective, two words I don’t remember using about a Melbourne Mid
  11. I’m happy to burn picks if it lands Reid, not so convinced if it’s for Zane D. Reid can play and would impact from Round 1, Zane won’t. Would much prefer 6 & 11 if this scenario plays out
  12. Gawn being shaded by Jacko will sting a little. 11-50 is definitely up for debate but you couldn’t really argue with the Top 10 - personally don’t think Viney is in that group but happy Dwayne thinks so
  13. I think most Melbourne supporters acknowledge Spargo would be so much more useful if he could find the ball 15-20 times, rather than 10. He has the skills we need. If Billings can do that plus generate a few shots himself, it’s a huge win. Helps that he’s a 6’1”-6’2” height too
  14. Pavlich was so good, shame he was in WA for his whole career. Probably missed out on a bit of deserved love
  15. If Billings had a good preseason, I’m not convinced he’d be wing depth. Good rocket for Lingers and Hunter
  16. I think Billings in, Harmes out has the potential to be a pretty good result for us.
  17. I'm really interested to see how he is received by Hawthorn supporters. Seems to have been well loved by Pies fans purely because he was so hated by everyone else. Should be fascinating
  18. Also, it has been mentioned multiple times but his partner is from Adelaide. Perhaps she wants to get home to family as well. If he's in a serious relationship that is considering the next stages, then being around/closer to both families makes it a lot harder to argue with.
  19. At the very least, he offers something a little different
  20. Surely Logan McDonald is the one there, Darcy and Jacko have them stacked for rucks
  21. Both are decent kicks at goal too, uncomplicated and reliable. Not many other clubs have 2 key forwards 23 or under who’d be first choice. If Petty holds up, we are sorted for a few years with Jeffo developing. As for mids though 👎🏼
  22. Apparently Curtin has grown to 197cm too. If that’s the case, he’d be a very, very handy acquisition at CHB for us.
  23. Butters value would be higher than Clarry, every day of the week. Butters will command huge offers next year
  24. I hope you mean which player, as in there’s 4-5 to choose from.
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