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  1. Seems very strange that North would want to get rid of Ben Brown, yet bring T-Mac in? Surely Brown is a better bet for guaranteed goals? Must be a reason
  2. I’m with you there. Fritsch and Weid have probably combined for the same amount of goals as Gunston this year. We still need to find another 30-40 goal forward to add onto what ever Fritsch and Weid contribute, here he is. He’s capable on the deck too, his roving goal on the weekend was a beauty for someone 193cm. Also, the additional contests created means more opportunities for Kossie to get involved. Above all else, he can be the general for the forward half and give our guys some on field directive for positioning, timing and technique
  3. I think Zach Merret would be a nice compliment to Trac and Oliver, he’s a very different player and could play that traditional centre man role, ala Craig Bradley.
  4. Agree, he would compete and it’s not like Max has given us any great advantage in 2020
  5. He’s definitely somewhere between a KPF and a flanker, just happens to have a big body to go with his incredible tank. If Fritsch could kick he’d be a 40+ and he’s not even close to a KPF, so goals don’t necessarily dictate position
  6. A significantly better version of Fritsch, who is better than Melksham. So we are upgrading Fritsch and Melksham by bringing him in, seems a no brainer
  7. Seems like it may end up being a parting of ways. From what posters have said, the coaches wanted him to find the extra 10% effort and trust his body but Harley just couldn’t do it. Not sure he will come back from here and it’s an easy out for the club
  8. I’m sure this decision of the McDonald’s didn’t come today, hence why we’ve seen little of them. Good result for both parties Would hope we can move to a more agile taller forward line. Gunston would be number one target for me and Mihocek close second. One of those two and a silky small would make us a very different team next year Would be great to see the back of Melksham
  9. This is pretty bizarre coaching if true? North has a seemingly endless supply of bigger bodied mids, why on earth would having Polec run with him help anyone?
  10. Fairly brutal from North. At least they finally have the stones to start again properly
  11. I think this probably tells us more about why he should not be considered for leadership than anything else. It’s hard to watch a club champion’s career come to an end, but he has offered very little for the last 2 seasons and was probably given 2020 as a show of gratitude for his efforts. He’s been the leader of the club for a long time, but probably was never questioned because we didn’t have any challengers or there was bigger issues to solve. Already you can see that May and Lever are more proactive as leaders and it shows how behind we were as a club in this area. For what
  12. With all the reductions coming in list sizes and soft cap, I’m not sure there is a place for him next year, even off field.
  13. Except we don’t have the 4-5 classy experienced guys, which is what Gunston would be. He’s a serious upgrade on all those older blokes and keeps one of those listed above (Melksham) out of the side, so it’s win-win
  14. I reckon they will let him go, just depends who is going to want to spend up and take him? I’d rather keep Whitfield, Taranto, Williams and Kelly over Cameron Geelong has been mentioned but would their ground suit him?
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