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  1. I’ve always been of the belief that Jack Watts would be the icing on the cake for our current side - regardless of what you think of him as a player. Lukosius is of the same ilk and I would be over the moon if he came to us. We are still light on for elite kicking skills, particularly from a tall. He kicked more goals than any of our guys last year, is a couple of centimetres taller than JVR and is 23.
  2. Sam Edmund is saying Jack Lukosius may be gettable, I’d take that over Smith every day of the week
  3. Our forwards would love guessing where his kicks are going, he doesn’t even know
  4. I feel down the track, JUH becomes exactly like Jeremy Cameron. Just does as he pleases and burns opponents at will
  5. I was pretty impressed with him tbh, was in the right spots and some of his work with his hands was very good. I don’t think he was quite ready but part of me wonders if the debut was orchestrated to throw some spark into a clearly tired side. On the game itself, I don’t think I’ve seen us chase tail like that in a long time. We could not get near it all night
  6. The lions came with a clear plan and executed to perfection. It’s refreshing to see coaches can ask for a different method and make it work, even if it was at our expense.
  7. If it was Oliver’s decision to play, he’s cost us badly
  8. I think Clarry will come home with a tailwind, feel like we’ll end with 3 in the top 15
  9. Windsor > Hunter If JB goes out for Hunter, i’d be filthy
  10. I never thought I’d see the day where ANB was unanimously voted BOG
  11. Trac not bad for someone who wasn’t that influential, hey Sam Mitchell.
  12. Agree with everyone else, Tomlinson could not have done much more.
  13. I really like JUH as a player and think he will be a star, just don’t think he’s right for us. We would get more benefit from a bigger body who has a bigger presence with pack marking ala McKay, Larkey, Lewis
  14. Jake Melksham might not necessarily understand loading, so don’t dismiss the theory just yet. Majority of AFL players are not sports scientists, in fact most are far from it.
  15. Given the system we play with, I don’t think many players would choose MFC as a destination currently. The type of players we would benefit from (creativity and flair) don’t fit the preferred method of play.
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