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  1. Maybe, unlike Ross Lyon, he actually finds the time to work on it. It's all good and well to say people need to get better, but Williams must have the ability to teach them how
  2. I noticed on the weekend that he very, very rarely gets beaten in a contest. That is worth it's weight in gold when you look at how many times Lever or May simply out position their opponent. He makes every contest a 50/50 at worst and I believe a lot of his positioning in marking contests create spillages to the dangerous spots we want to be hitting. Whilst he is not ripping marks in just yet, he is certainly doing his job up forward.
  3. He will sell a lot of jumpers too, he is exactly what the kids aspire to be.
  4. As Petracca said post match, they have finally realised that individual brilliance is not consistent or sustainable enough to win flags. They seem to all be working towards the same common goal for the first time in years, which can only be a result of Chocco and Yze
  5. I was one of the people a little suspect on how soon Kozzie would have an impact. Extremely happy to put my hand up and acknowledge I was wrong - he's now keeping his feet, nailing chances and creating some real headaches for opposition teams. His work in traffic is first class
  6. I think the May for Petty or Hibbo change is the only one, but Melksham continued where he left off last year, trying too hard to do the impossible, rather than just play the percentages. He’s infuriating to watch, particularly when the team has really started to click and play for each other
  7. The game and preparation has come a long way over the years, but there's still areas for improvement.
  8. I've got a question about this for Ross; If you spent 15 minutes each training session doing proper goal kicking practice, would you benefit more from better conversion with the shots you already get or would the 15 minutes doing other [censored] that equates to perhaps one more shot on goal be more beneficial? I would think if you get 20 shots on goal each game and that is ultimately the defining factor in who wins or loses, it is the highest priority item for any coach. Wonder how many shots at the sticks an NRL or NFL kicker has each week? How many penalty kicks would s
  9. Imagine if you loaned out a player that helped said side make finals over your own. For instance a ruckman or KPP
  10. Instead Essendon paid Daniher to rehab for the Lions the following year, genius from Dodoro
  11. Imagine if they had a big supporter base to deal with!
  12. I don't think a shootout bodes well for us against the Saints
  13. I don’t know that this midfield group will ever really figure out the balance to enable a serious tilt at the flag. No one in there seems to sense the moment and stem the tide of an opposition run. We don’t bat deep enough and we have 6-7 of the same or very similar player rolling through. We desperately need a Jack McCrae/Scott Pendlebury/Lachie Whitfield type to open games up with precise kicks to advantage. I fear we might lose out with the rule changes also (again)
  14. We are stuck with Viney for 5 years
  15. I reckon ANB had one of the better games I've seen him play on the weekend. Looked clean and didn't get in the way like normal. Charlie is a ripper, lots of football nous and he is creative with his possessions. If he could go from 10-15 to 15-20 touches a game, he would become one of our most influential players
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