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  1. @La Dee-vina Comedia I agree with your list, however I don't believe Baker finds a new home and am doubtful Hunt does either. Also think we are in serious danger of losing Clayton should we not become serious finals contenders this year. For everyone's sake, I hope this is the year where it clicks Nathan Jones (ret) Neville Jetta (ret) Michael Hibberd (ret) Kade Chandler (delisted) Austin Bradtke (delisted) Aaron Nietschke (delisted) Jayden Hunt (delisted/traded) Oskar Baker (delisted) Mitch Brown (ret/delisted)
  2. 5 or 6 bad games or 18 months? He didn't do much in 2019 either
  3. Absolutely, you would think his management have been asking the question over the past 2 years. If there was interest, he would have gone. I'll just add, this is all an opinion based on how I think things would have played out, rather than any facts.
  4. It would be easy for a player like Hunt to be pretty disgruntled, every year they seem to find a new role for him and then lose patience immediately when it doesn't work. Particularly when someone like Melksham gets games on zero output.
  5. We nearly had more supporters at training, in Casey, than an MCG home game, well done all.
  6. I appreciate the effort to get along @Tough Kent I don't think T-mac is the answer for us, but applaud him for his endeavor to trim down and put his best foot forward.
  7. I agree with Kossie being a bit speculative. He will never be a 20+ possession winner, but he really needs to make his limited touches count. Defensive pressure won't always be enough
  8. He's the only Melbourne player I would confidently agree
  9. Even if he is raw, I'd love to see him get a shot opposite Langdon this year. His size and running power could create some serious headaches
  10. Any reports on how Ben Brown looks at training or how he is fitting in with the group? North Melbourne supporters seem pretty happy to slag him off every chance they get, so would be good to shove it in their faces!
  11. Following on from this, I think a ‘game plan’ is reliant on strong leadership and direction from a couple of key players, rather than the whole group intending to play deliberately for 120 minutes. The Lions, Hawks and current Tigers side have/had a few very smart operators on field who control what goes on - when to attack, when to press defensively, when to grind it out. I’ve said a few times before that we don’t have enough on field generals directing traffic. I’m not the biggest Goodwin fan, but it must be infuriating having to hold the players hands all game to get a result
  12. The thing is, his bulk/fitness isn’t his only concern with making it back into the side. There’s a lot of things stacked against him now - new talls, decision making, skills etc
  13. Good to see that a little help has been sought for Weid. Hope he gains the confidence to back himself in 100% of the time, he’s a good and dangerous player when he puts his mind to it
  14. I thought everyone here had MFCSS, appears there is a fairly large contingent who are extremely optimistic
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