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  1. My deepest condolences to Mark, family and friends, this brought me to tears, we are in the middle of losing a family member, and life can be incredibly hard for loved ones left behind. So hard for his children. Please pass on our love to everyone involved.
  2. OMG these reports are sensational, how exciting to some info. Many thanks
  3. jules7


    Good luck sending positive vibes.
  4. OMG how I love your posts Chook!
  5. Me too! Clarry has so much potential, we can’t trade him!
  6. OMG Chook great to have you back, especially with news like this!
  7. These umpires definitely have their money on the Saints!
  8. I’m with you Dazzle, they are absolutely unwatchable. Why the (censored) do we support them?
  9. This club is so incredibly hard to follow. I’m over it!
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