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  1. Spargo works incredibly hard
  2. These commentators are unbelievable, they all want to hear their own voices.
  3. Ditto, absolutely stocked about our game tonight, we were hungry, determined and first to the ball. Go Dees!
  4. Good luck, we are taking a 7 month baby, at least she can’t walk. Take heaps of snacks, have lots of patience and enjoy the atmosphere, you will have a great time. ❤️💙
  5. Very impressed with Choco, he is very down to earth, positive and incredibly enthusiastic about football and wants nothing but success. Hopefully he can teach our boys to work together and achieve some much needed success.
  6. Picket you have made my day, absolutely love your reports they are unique and really well done. Thanks for making the effort and keeping us updated. Glad your retreat was successful!
  7. OMG how inconsistent can these umpires be?
  8. I know it’s a practice game, but where are our frees?
  9. Thanks Picket, love your training reports.
  10. Picket, your the best, love your training reports, they always put a smile on my dial.
  11. Melbourne lead by 11 points at half time
  12. Kobe is currently living with his dad in Melbourne
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