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  1. For a change of pace I watched the prelim final. We came 1 point short of tripling their score. 1 thing in common with GF was Goody crying on the boundary line.
  2. Nah half volley (looks like a mark to me)
  3. Thanks for the stats on the bottom 6. No real surprises except for Rivers and Sparrow. Amazing how you can play a great game and not get much of it.
  4. matches up well against Caleb Daniels......most of the time
  5. I thought that was Macrae but them Dogs players are not my strong suit. Lost interest when Ted retired....
  6. Sure has though any kid at the local primary who is good at sport can be offered or is encouraged to apply for a sports scholarship at the local grammar school.
  7. Angus had a great finals series. Who would have thought he would kick the goal to put us in front.
  8. I don't want to turn into an arrogant sh1te so would it be possible to produce a highlights reel for the doggies defence? I have a spare 15 secs in my life....
  9. Firstly there should be a Forum trading period - any poster who cannot spell a premiership players name gets traded to GCS. Hibbert really? Its Hibbard, hubbard hippo ah fruit cake. You know who i mean. I think we need key position - lucky for may to get through with a torn hammie
  10. No. After what I had drunk (to calm the nerves) storming was not an option. I did let out my best plaintive Aw C'mon Dees. I will confess to saying to the Mrs when Angus was having that shot on goal 'Get ready to catch this'.
  11. Even I could see that Fritta had AFL potential. Sounds like just an excuse. If he was hidden it was in plain sight. Perhaps he had some baggage. Can i say that I was amazed that a player of this caliber was still available so late in the draft (usually means you have picked a stinker).
  12. Relief. Gratitude. And with modern media there are so many ways to relive the moment.
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