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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Could you put me on the list as Jontee - back / 4-6 weeks
  2. Well Peter Moore has stated that he would have preferred to have been a one club player; doesnt mean he didn't like the Dees though I suppose
  3. 6. TMc 5. Max 4. Chandler 3. Langdon 2. May 1. Lever That was a struggle.....
  4. We look tired; BBB, Petty Billings nothing
  5. Don't you start. 😁 Just saying Billings isnt a goal kicker ( though didnt he kick 4? against us early in his career?) Chin on fire, so to speak, and Kolt to score is what i would like.
  6. I hope that isn't why we recruited him as he kicks 2 goals every 3 games (Clarrie kicks a goal every 3 games where as Trac is trending towards a goal a game)
  7. I'm hoping for one for my birthday
  8. Jontee


    Improper noun then?
  9. I reckon that might be closer to it as how could both coaches not vote for Max
  10. Trac 5 x 2 McVee and Soligo - either 4 & 1, 3& 2 Max 4 Lever & May either 3, 2&1
  11. If the Dees don't beat Tigers/Saints by 10 goals we will not make the finals. A shocking game.
  12. Impossible but I think Libba has got slower
  13. I was talking to an Essendon supporter after the Dees/Hawks game. He said Essendon were still talking about the glory days of the 80's and that generation has too much influence. Sheedy is on the board.....reckons it was his direct call not to pick Selwood.
  14. Yep it was noticeable but I think its a bit much calling it short steps. One of the tougher players I have seen at the Dees. Go Clarrie.
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