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  1. Anything to oblige a fan. Whats jeffos height, weight and how tall is he? Do you think he looks taller in imperial or metric measurements?
  2. My premiership mug gives me a smile everytime I look at it.
  3. Hope it isnt just a case of a mature body in an under age comp?
  4. 24 goals is some bragging rights. Didnt frittas brother kick 20?
  5. How many goals do we think Jeffo will kick in the last quarter of the GF?
  6. Nothing changes. I was so nervous in the last had to turn it off. Well done Dees.
  7. Apparently my membership pack has been shipped.
  8. Does this mean I have to do 33% more booing? At my age I dont think I have the puff.
  9. You will have to try harder, you got it right.
  10. I'm warming to it, slightly....
  11. when in Austria I reckon tbh I prefer chocolate cake
  12. So every team has a premiership window? Or rather the club will be at its peak in the year range specified, which may lift one or two clubs to ninth...
  13. Mug punter here - any tips for the cup?
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