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  1. I watched the replay today. One thing i can tell you - dont pick your nose after kicking a goal in the GF.
  2. just received an email from the club pres, Kate Roffey, asking for the return of the existing board members. Also of note is that a postal ballot costs $150k
  3. Maybe the Dogs defence needs to read this. 3 of Frittas 6 goals came from playing behind. (Now putting on my original K Tel Tin Foil Hat, if one considers the space time continuum, does the classification of playing from behind be contingent on which way you are running? Anyway dogs were swallowed in a black hole). Fwd line needs space to run into, and delivery needs to be to your advantage.
  4. This is a deep philosophical question that has come down the seasons in many forms. (If you make a prediction for the flag/b&f/ norm etc to your wife and she doesnt hear you, are you still wrong?) I think we should go back to the earliest answer recorded; Yes, God saw it. (Snr or Jnr).
  5. I've got so rattled spelling JJs name I am going to sit in a darkened room.
  6. Sure did, and i dont have a problem with that provided there was no other lion matching camerons effort. He kicked 5 and we won by 34 points. The Dees didnt lose their nerve when Charlie was hot; we stuck to our game plan.
  7. How about my rule 10. Never attempt to say 'Up country mongrel punt' on air. (Thankyou Tim Lane)
  8. What got me was how articulate Tom was. Can anyone remember the early days of TV when an interview would go like Yes Mr Williamson No Mr Williamson Full Back mr Williamson....
  9. How about will hoskin - elliott.... And remember when they had a Rupert (Betheras?)
  10. I know the humidity has steamed my brain and the ash from the volcano has created a strange light but.... "a player who ducks their head prior to being legally tackled" Prior means before so as after you are legally tackled, drop one shoulder and get it around the neck and a free kick or duck your head, get it around the neck which is not a legal tackle and get a free kick And what is the definition of Duck ( no quacking please). What about squatting or falling like Hunter did to Spargo in the GF. Ah the English language... What time does the bar open.....
  11. My dvd player is getting an absolute flogging (like vs GCS). And did you know that the Ch 7 commentators never say Dees have hit the front? What an opportunity wasted. And how is this for BT nonsense - The reason why the crowd has so many Dees/Dogs supporters is because they followed these teams b4 the Eagles entered the comp. (Um that was 35 years ago) Nothing to do with memberships been shared across the country or handouts of team colours.
  12. I dont have room for any more merch...
  13. To a certain extent. My cousin used to regularly take his younger sister into the rooms after a game. Dressed in footy gear and with her long locks hidden under a beanie in they would go.....never stopped....
  14. I went with a great tigers mate too and watched Mark? Lee punch Peter Moore in the back of the head at every marking contest but... Half way through the 3rd I looked down and saw 4 tinnies had come adrift from the bogans in front of us. Every now and then I pushed them closer and closer with my feet. Late in the 4th it was obvious that they had been forgotten so I casually bent down and put them in my mates bag. As he packed up to go he looked in and I could see his brain ticking over. (Please dont say anything). On leaving the ground he said 'Dont you ever do that again'. Tasted divine.
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