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  1. Thanks Radar....I was looking for Run With...as when your champ is out of sorts play him on the opposition s best and he will be where the ball is...unfortunately in front of the opposition goal
  2. "Seeing Gawn and Jackson tear it up for Melbourne today gives me the chills thinking about next week" Chills? are we playing in NZ?
  3. No way. Last time we had a crack he said 'I am NOT going to the Dees'. With that attitude Gaff can go stick his head up a dead bears posterior. (And he is incredibly slow).
  4. I am now thinking that it was a 'cunning plan' by the cats NOT to entice Jack to Geelong. His delivery is so poor he could get a job in Vaccine Rollout. But 100% for courage and the ability to win the ball.
  5. Who were the 4 'guns' on the bench?
  6. I loved Toms pleasant chat with a Port supporter on the boundary line and the way he had a crack back at Boak. He is playing happy football.
  7. Does sitting behind Gary Hardeman in a fund raiser screening of They're a Weird Mob count? (At the Classic in Elsternwick I think) I met Garry Lyon at a book signing (would you believe) and I asked if Chris lamb was going to make it....his non response was very telling. I used to go into the rooms after the game and remember Graham Osborne speaking to me - Get out of the way son.
  8. Dont tell me he is back out of retirement!!!!!????
  9. Who was the umpire who didnt pay the mark to Jimmy Stynes in the goal square in the dying secs and we lost. The following day the umpire announced his retirement. Or did I just nightmare that....
  10. Have they said 'We have a massive chip on our shoulder' and 'We choked in the last 10 minutes'
  11. Make sure you tell all your Essendon mates that the umpiring was terrible and they wus robbed. ?
  12. Averages 0.8 goals and 9 disposals per game, and at 30 his best is behind him. Will probably never get to see him.
  13. Rival clubs circling? If I had a club I would be circling too. If it was up to Demons supporters goodwill he would be kicking 5 a game. I want him to do well but.......
  14. Razor Ray has put himself on the ball for the Hawks....he is everywhere....
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