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  1. What they are saying at Royal Parade - has anyone mentioned if they have some George Harris chop sticks or a wobble board?
  2. I'm always happy to play an interstate team at the G on mothers day. Had some great wins...
  3. I know winners are grinners but the team looks happy when they play. That must come from the coach.
  4. TBH I don't think passing a comment in this forum could be classified as kicking up a stink. I was just pointing out that it pays to be a late joiner. Mind you if I remember correctly $50 or whatever in the MCC reserve would hardly touch the sides, and you have to be there to spend it so it might be a good earner for the MCC. So we have won 8 straight and we have to pay people to join.
  5. So I shouldn't take up my membership with my MCC renewal but wait 6+ months for a special offer?
  6. When I heard that Shai Bolton had broken his wrist I was going to say 'done a Harmes' but the circumstances might be slightly different.
  7. Got so much of the ball must be exhausted. Drop him.
  8. Yes, good first game back for Harmes, but he does owe the club.
  9. Don't mind Jobe Watson but not as a commentator. When he was asked a special comments question he said Yes. Called the Weid Weitering. Who was the nub who called Nev lewis Jetta?
  10. Should get 10 year olds to call the game. They will know all the players by sight and their stats off the top of their head. Special comments can be handled by retired footballers.
  11. I hope someone clocks Fritta and he kicks another 6.
  12. I was only 8 at the time and the family and friends had series tickets for the front row, top deck, old Olympic stand, up against the mesh of the MCC reserve fence. I remember the commentators expected us to win easily. My only strong memory of the game is the relief and joy when we all jumped in the air at the final siren.
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