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  1. and then we will be The Hammer of the Lions
  2. For a moment i thought it was going to be: Mr Magoo, you've done it again
  3. When I am in dire straits I prefer money for nothing (poetic licence invoked)
  4. @kev martin how is the coffee truck performing? Hit the spot?
  5. From a demons and genuine footy fans perspective, I think this has much merit, as I dont think Jobe could coach backpackers to the airport.
  6. Contracted Adelaide defender Fischer McAsey has been touted to join Carlton at season's end, with the Blues looking to bolster their key defensive stocks. McAsey, an East Brighton product, is currently signed to the Crows until the end of next year after turning his back on reported interest from Victorian clubs early into last season to re-sign on a two-year deal. Keen suitors in the 21-year-old would be tempted to ask the question of McAsey given his current placing in Matthew Nicks' pecking order, having not featured at senior level since 2020. Pick 6 in 2019 and at 198cm. Must be a real bust if he cant get a game with the Crows
  7. Fortune favors the bold. (Definitely not the bald ok)
  8. Never doubted them for a second. (Don't ask me about minutes)
  9. 6. Brayshaw 5. Melksham 4. Petty 3 Hunt 2 Gawn 1. Kozzie
  10. And imagine if those who were responsible were still in charge. Adelaide need to be scrubbed clean, which will not happen until Tex leaves.
  11. Half cranky, half nervous, half resigned to fate Go Dees by 22 points
  12. Max King is straight out of a Shakespearian Tragedy. Still kicked 40+ goals though. (if you want your son to be a good kick dont name them Max)
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