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  1. I completely agree Kev. Another kpf would take pressure off JVR but ultimately if the delivery forward continues to be rubbish, then having Petty there won't make much difference. I think Tracc's burst out of the centre and McVees beautiful pass to Fritta were the only two clean entries into our forward line all night that I can recall. There seems to be no clear system. The only change I could see was that instead of long bombs, occasionally there were low hard kicks delivered in. But.... Still to a pack of players. We have to try something different with what we have up forward. Adapt or die
  2. Did you steal that from Simon or Greg's desk?
  3. It's a bit flattering. Sydney's kicking was woeful for a quarter or more. We look like we're going backwards. The B graders are working us out now.
  4. Bad luck there Windsor. He's been pretty good.
  5. Take a look at the bump. It was a ridiculous suspension. The only head high contact was their heads clashing. https://www.afl.com.au/video/1032134/pickett-in-hot-water-after-ferocious-bump-on-cripps?videoId=1032134&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1694774264001
  6. Blakey, Grundy, Warner, Papley have killed us
  7. I see they've really improved the goal review vision
  8. What a rubbish free. He dropped it cold.
  9. Melbourne needed that and so did Tracc
  10. It was accidental , wasn't aware there was a player there.
  11. We'll have to wait on BT's diagnosis
  12. So brave by Jake. He's played a really good game back there. So tough.
  13. Paps just elbowed Windsor in the head to break that tackle. No free
  14. Totally agree, as usual we're competing and defending well and can win this and then the same old thing. Gotta ask about selection decisions again and our forward set up. Fritsch seems to have the confidence of a 16 year old boy in a brothel. Schache did not chase his opponent at one point We also aren't physical enough. A number of times we didn't put body on opponents to protect their team mates who had possession. Salem seems to be the only player right now who has consistently clean foot skills.
  15. That's not exactly correct. We now seem to be kicking more in hard and low to a big pack. Funny it seems to bring the same result.
  16. We would have to be number one in the comp for sub one metre handballs.
  17. I think we'll win this but geez we're still absolutely shizen going forward
  18. He's in a big pack we keep bombing to.
  19. I've found that most fox broadcast I watch have brain and mouth synch issues. I've had the volume right down until the last 5 mins.
  20. I'll never forget that little interview Gus gave to Gary Lyon in the rooms after the 2021 flag win. Where he acknowledged everyone so beautifully. This is for everyone! It was probably the highlight of the day for me. When the win really hit home. Glad he'll be working at the club into the future.
  21. If only they could wear their black and white jumpers....
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