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  1. what i liked about our 2018 drafting is we chose players with X factor, a real point of difference. The type you need to win premierships. i.e Jackson and Kozzie. We just cant afford to lose both. It's so hard though when teams are throwing ridicuolous amounts money at them. and iff there is one team in the AFL that is obsessed with 'flashy' players its Port.
  2. I'm not sure I'm buying this revisionism. We came out and won the first 10 games in convincing fashion. I'ts not like we didn't hit the ground running. We were clearly the best side in the comp till the half way mark. A more likely argument would be we went too hard early and were phyicially spent by the end of the year compared to other sides. and that might be just one factor.
  3. good points there. One big improvement I think could be overlooked is if Thomlinson can get back to his form pre-injury, which was absolute A grade. Last year he had no acceleration but signs are hes getting better. That is high quality depth to add to our backline. Also I think they biggest improvement will come if we have our 3 talls in TMAC, BB and JVR playing most of the year. it felt like most of last year we have 1 tall, one one leg. The next improvement would then be probably Hunter who we didnt have last year. Grundy might be an improvment of Jackson but not as much as Hunter might provide compared to JJ.
  4. I think Casey this year could be more of a breeding ground for us than last year. The spine will be pretty new which is exciting and and a host of second and third year players like Howes, Laurie, JVR, Woewoedin will be expected to push hard for selection.
  5. yep. He certainly has earned his chance and was knocking the door down this year but its a big step up. I just dont quite see the X factor that maybe others do.
  6. Chandler has yet to prove he is good enough at AFL level.
  7. his hit rate is fantastic and hes the best in the business.
  8. fair points but Taylor only had a few chances at the really high picks early on and nailed Petracca, Brayshaw, Oliver and missed with the Weid. Then nailed Jackson with a pick 3 and pickett pick 12. if he misses a couple maybe even 1 of those we dont have a premiership.
  9. so true I remember us getting Scully Trengove, Grimes, Taspcott all who impressed at AFL level early. Mates loved Grimes, great interceptor and leader of the backline. he was excellent Tapscott was close to BOG first game in a hard fought round 1 against Sydney. I would never have thought none would go on to have really good careers. Gysberts another who racked up big numbers very early on at AFL level then lost all confidence later.
  10. such a great player and extremely professional.
  11. interesting. He had Jackson and Pickett wrong (especially pickett rated at 30) but overall what eventauted was the cream is at the top. Its pretty decent.
  12. Agreed. I think people are underestimating him because he isn't as flashy as some players. He had his first year at AFL level last year averaging 14 disposals. This year he averaged 20 and polled well in the B and F. He may not have the highest ceiling but thats extremely good improvement. He and Sparrow are developing nicely.
  13. Glad he isn't Mitch. I thank god Mitch Hannan was playing for the doggies in the grand final. With the doggies 19 points up and stifling all our moves late in the third quarter, Hannnan got a dubious free 55m out. with the elastic band about to break Macrae runs past (chased by a hapless Gawny) to take the handpass and what would be a sure shot on goal or hitting someone up. I thought we are in serious trouble here. The handpass is terrible, lands at his feet and ends up in a stoppage. We were about to go 25 points down with even less time to go. What might have been.
  14. Im trying to understand how this can be ? I cant think of an industry that puts in more support for the aboriginal people. Where every club seems to have a number of first nation players playing. With dedicated people to help with the transition. Was it St Kilda who didnt have the appropriate support for him ? they seem to have had a number of successful aboriginal players over the journey.
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