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  1. can people stop this key forward narrative like every year we have had the chance to pick a Cameron, Curnow on the market. They are like hens teeth and people are up in arms we can't get one.
  2. Well Hunter was in the 23 permanently prior to injury so thats an interesting call. Jefferson is still an uknown although he's just not getting enought of it. Nobody was talking up Howes even right up to round 1. Nobody. And he's showing that potential now.
  3. interesting. who were the players / incidents ?
  4. or..."You recon all the balls are the same pressure today?" oh you havent touched it 35 times like me. sorry"
  5. he is a good kick normally. Give him some time. Go watch Pettys first game at AFL level, worst kicking you'll ever see. Terrible game too. Let them get some experience and confidence.
  6. well without a high pick what would we accept ?
  7. I think we have a beauty here. great game sense, not overawed, has genuine wheels and knows how to use it (e.g his goal from 50). and probs just as important looks a great decision maker. I thought his coolness under pressure which the commentators pointed out in the last quarter makes him special. Didn't blaze away and made good decisions under enormous pressure. He looks a beauty. The nomination will come. don't worry.
  8. yes the Lewis crowd pump up was embarrasing, he acted like he'd put them in front. they were about 5 goals down.
  9. what did we think of the backline without Lever and May second half ? I thought they were superb with last minute spoils by Howes, Tmac then Trac saving 3 shots on goal. Our defence is really humming so good signs.
  10. he was excellent. Dirty Chol tried to kick him in the head like the May push kick, and he competed well. He gave Max and excellent chop out today.
  11. he said the doctors don't think its too serious. they do pretty emphatic tests for ACL these days.
  12. except for the last 6 years against them.
  13. thats my point, its a rort. His dad is paid by an AFL team so that why his son was up there. he would be living and breathing AFL footy as a kid. the essense of Academy selection is spending the time and $ invested into youngsters who would otherwise be lost to other codes. And even then its ultimately AFL funded. same goes for Kalani. It's a bigger rort then the COLA salary cap which was rightfully taken away (only because of the Buddy trade mind you - whatever hits the papaers matters.
  14. Seriously? They have sooo much talent even from a host of first rounders this year, the under 16 national team is peppered with elite talent tied to the gold coast, so they will get yet another massive draft haul in a year or two. seriously how much can they get? It isn't right. I remember Blakey had two teams he could go (North and Lions?) as F/S to but the swans somehow end up with an elite player. My goodness.
  15. yes his highlights were great, the run down tackle saving a probable goal, a couple very handy dish offs in close. 16 possies in 3/4 and used it well. Windsor, Howes and Billings certain to stay in.
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