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  1. Yep turned into May and Fritsch. superb trading.
  2. excellent summary. I'd describe a lot of his grand final as 'blink and you will miss it', and only on a second viewing do you see when the ball was up for grabs, he was as influential as anyone. It was well set up by the end of the season as we used the athleticism of Clarry and Petracca break away. Like the forward line it clicked at the right time. Agree with an earlier call he was top 5 across the finals series after being our best in 2018. So I don't know why people bother to bag him when he returns from injury and doesn't dominate.
  3. yeah it interesting I just don't seem them there and there abouts. Cotchin looks gone, reiwoldt surprised me last year but his time is close, lost some key players as mentioned. I just dont see it. Outside of us, I see the dogs with a huge talent base now, they will bring another elite junior in Darcy as well as Ugle Hagan to develop and the natural progression of an out and out gun in Smith and I'd be thinking they are our biggest competition next year. but you never know. It might 'click like it did for us with teams like Brisbane or Sydney.
  4. Brown finding form at the end was the fairytale dream we could see as a possibility but so often doesnt happen. The stars aligned perfectly. He had a great finals series, the Brisbane game was imposing to start off the new 'finals' season and he stood up on the big stage for the rest of the finals. Now the exciting part is our biggest doubt this year, the forward line, has come together nicely so we look strong all over the ground. I can easily see him injury free kicking 50 plus next year and having the occasional day out to win an easy game or two.
  5. agreed. lets not forget 3 goals in the qualifying and 3 in the preliminary. He was a key reason throughout the year for our improvement. Had to go home for him mums funeral for quite a while and came back in super nick for round 1 which was an excellent sign. Got himself super fit was a key reason our vast for improvement in the first half of the year. the skys the limit, if he gets a big tank watch out.
  6. Thats my beef with the doggies. Macrae dives low into his opponents body and gets head highs all the time. Hunter survives on conning the umpire and got a goal from a free that was so obviously contrived. It was my biggest fear going into the grand final. The doggies still played for them but this occasion unlike last time, the umps didn't get sucked into it as much.
  7. surprised how composed he was in the heat of finals. actually looked a step above at times in reaction and speed of hand. Watching the Brisbane game he was lightning quick early and so clean under pressure. Early against the cats he was sublime, sides stepping, reading the play and delivering lace out from the backline. Such a great find. Geez we had two big roles to replace in Thomlinson and Hunt, with unproven back ups behind them, and Petty and Bowey have come good without being proven at the highest level. extraordinary really.
  8. given we are injury free, which is unlikely he might struggle but everyone needs to be in top form. I can easily see him in round one.
  9. his improvements in skills are outstanding. I think hes one of our best decision makers in heavy traffic too. handballing to space especially. he has a great feel for the game.
  10. Absolutely outstanding season both as a player and a leader. As well as a great finals series, in our best in the first two games and a decent grand final. For Petty , Rivers and Bowey to come in and do so well is a testament to how he gets them positioned right and recovering quickly if things don't go our way. When May got injured he stepped up beautifully. As a leader when Rivers gave away a free early in the prelim, he was f1thy and the mics picked up Lever saying we need you focussed on the next one. You can see him doing that a lot during the game. we lacked that for so long. One thing I do see watching our finals is people probably underestimate how quick he is. I think hes got genuine toe which helps. To get him and Petty for two first rounders has been paid back in spades..
  11. To be fair Carlton are much like Melbourne a few years back when Hibberd and Melksham joined, then Lever and May.
  12. looking at his stats he seems more than a depth player. I can see Jordan, Sparrow improving as well as a rejuvenated Dunstan increasing our midfield strength. Does anyone know if he can play wing at all?. I'd like to see some back up there as well. We've been incredibly fortunate with our key midfielders. only Viney has really been a major injury worry.
  13. this sums it up for me. This premiership feels so well deserved for supporters. As Jonesy said it was just years of [censored]. and now its sheer joy.
  14. agreed. Hawthorn have won so many premierships without an A grade ruck, toiges and Brisbane as well. Yes West Coast with Cox and Dees with Max, but the common thread is extremely good midfields. I thought Jackson was our ace before the game, but thats because of the lack of match ups. a bit like Fritsch. Doggies rucks were just hanging in there.
  15. Max was pivotal to allow Fritsch his 6 goals. Max's prelim had a huge impact as he drew players away for Fritsch to gets some freedom.
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