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  1. not wanting to pot him but he's been poor and fumbly recently. particularly poor in the Essendon game then again against the giants. but he has shown he can turn it around. He just needs his confidence back and to handle the pill more cleanly.
  2. Take out the ladder position why did they deserve it ? Despite the hawks getting a golden run with the umpires (3rd quarter especially) we had more disposals, inside 50s, more scoring shots, more clearances, contested possessions.. But they did win the frees 22-15. Hawks were competitive but that doesn't mean they should have won. thats a stretch. we didn't take out chances. Thats why they were able to draw.
  3. and what were you saying a week ago ?
  4. wha ? Hawks topped up constantly and didn't 'celebrate' the draft like Clarko says. he has hung onto Burgoyne for instance when his stats this year are very underwhleming, keeping a youngster out. blokes like Smith wanted longer term deals.
  5. Not sure why everyone is defending Hunt. He’s been good playing back this year but he simply had a very poor game. His awareness was awful. He’s been good but let’s call it correctly, it was a balls up when we had control in the last quarter.
  6. Yep Petty was poor today, not clean too many mistakes. Reads it very well but caused dangerous turnovers too often. Hunt could not have played worse in the last quarter. Have no idea what he was thinking.
  7. I'd like clarity on that. If you are coming from the same direction as the payer with the ball, how do you man the mark ? is he meant to just leave the area ? Im unsure what the rule is. If he can man the mark then I thought it was harsh.
  8. disagree, forward running teams like Essendon play into our hands. They can play on at their own peril. Pies were extremely patient against us, which is not Essendons MO.
  9. Hes developing nicely, but curious to write this after his worst game for the year. He was beaten badly against the pies.
  10. so out of 2 teams we had half the bottom 15 players. thats hardly a damning stat.
  11. Agree. We bring the pressure, and we can beat anyone. I think we prefer Marvel as you can close them down more easily. put Harmes or Brayshaw on Macrae but just go head to head otherwise. Our rucks are stronger and our defensive pressure can be elite, better than Richmonds who beat them a month ago. Its going to be a great contest. Hopefully our tall forwards can click together, which we cant seem to do yet.
  12. Expecting perfection in our highest pressured game all year CHECK
  13. Our best forward and highest goal kicker who had one quiet game last week ? I think he’d have to have quite a few crap games to be dropped.
  14. we have to make these home games a couldron, and make it very difficult to beat us. If May can curtail McKay who is the in form forward of the comp then we should win comfortably. If he doesn't, well we will still probably win.
  15. This. There was a play where they were closing in on us and Jackson handballed to max then came back to Jackson then out of danger. Remarkably good by two ruckmen.
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