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  1. so Shae is potting everyone and like the report he's very lacking in any evidence or details. Its hard to judge when the only thing it seems mentioned is the chimp nickname which has been debated everywhere. I hate the pies and Eddie, but what on earth is he actually talking about ?
  2. I hope you're right. despite early success he was tried for a decent period at half back and we had to move him due to poor disposal. I can't see that magically changing. But like Tmac he is a poor field kick but a decent kick for goal though.
  3. I like Petracca up forward in the early game to give Harmes and Brayshaw licence time do what they do best. They are underrated as first choice midfielders. And Sparrow looks to be stepping up. I think we can win the inside 50s anyway.
  4. With Weideman and Brown out for the start of the season, I hope Goodwin shows some creativity and doesn't just bring in the next best two key forwards. With so many midfielders now, I would be starting Petracca forward with Jackson as key marking targets, with Fritsch a third tall. Trac can play key forward, rarely outmarked and he and Jackson would keep the defence guessing. Add in Pickett and perhaps a new draftee and its looks far more dynamic, with plenty of pace. I feel if we go with a standard traditional Tmac forward with Petty / Brown it plays into the opposition who will lo
  5. Interesting listen. Yes he seems a fan of Jackson and his ‘naivety’ in that he does things talls normally leave for the smalls to do. he’s hoping the kozzie picketts and Spargos step up this year and keep the newbies honest and hopes the new recruits don’t get a game early because of this. Mark Williams did ask the newbies to bring in their birth certificates and burnt them in front of them. interesting we looked at paddy McCartin but it was about being available to go early and paddy wouldn’t be. He talked up Daws ability in the ruck post comeback where north st
  6. yep thought the same. ordinary thing to say.
  7. wha ? We have 2 x Browns, Jackson, Tmac and Weideman. and Petty's played key forward.We must have close to the most key forwards in the league.
  8. you sure? funny how Isaac Smith and others find new homes when teams stop winning. if Hawks were top 4 he would have stayed.
  9. true, and its based on the assumption we will out run teams, with more outside run late in quarters. Wha ? and also our 3 newbies are consistently good performers at AFL level. Possible but not probable.
  10. Alan Richardson said he had been training extremely well.
  11. the article was conceptually very good identifying basically where our weaknesses are, but made the huge assumption these problems are now fixed with the 3 draftees we brought in, injecting pace and precise kicking. We are a longggg way off any of them becoming regular players. he's right if those players and Ben Brown fire then we wouldn't have too many glaring weaknesses. and if your Aunty had...
  12. 2018? When he played full forward and kicked 50 plus goals ?
  13. it is truly beyond me why they would have tmac training on the wing. it wont work.
  14. on what basis do you make this assessment ?. Almost all players with a decent career get a major injury they have to deal with. at what stage are they no longer worthwhile? would you have taken a 208 cm Max Gawn as a draftee after a knee reco, and knowing with hindsight he would have another one ? take an extreme example of a Bennell very badly injured and although he retired for other reasons he was in full training and playing footy. Hawks took on Brian Lake littered with injuries and he was critical to winning premierships for them. Tom Lynch with an injury cloud when he arrived at t
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