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  1. I am sorry what is so bizzare about what I wrote. What happens if its true .......
  2. There ceritanly is some one in her ear .........have you guessed it .....
  3. Really. What is wrong with you people. I see this alot jacko this jacko that. if only you knew!! you cant all be that supid clearly
  4. I read this alot on this forum that jacko got roos, how do you know this, oh did jacko tell you. What happens if your actually wrong..
  5. Very sad to see a woman who claims to support women, be the puppet of a group of white priviledge men,who think that their money and colour gives them a right to terorize the people trying to do a their job. This article is full of falsehoods designed to cause distress and disruption. It is highly defanitrory and her sources ( which she basically reveals ) in all her articles about melbourne, if you read closely you will see a pattern. nothing in this article is true at all. What is true is that she has shown her cards, that is, her premise as a sport journalist is based on pushing the agenda for a small group of white privilegde men, who think they are entitled to impose themselves into footy clubs for their own egos, whilst sitting in portsea and sorento. Shame on you Caro, this group of men and yoursself are not melbourne. There a 40,000 plus members that are just as important , rich or not, no matter wehere they come from, we are all important. Footy is not for just a small group of white men, who are you are matey with, it belongs to everyone.
  6. All the flogs like you should hide under a rock not a lot of real supporters here - huge win for club huge for Goodwin yes he is not perfect but give him a break imo opinion everyone has an opinion see Tony Cochranes comments - biggest issue with this Club is what Roosy talked about - negative supporters who drag Club down you are the biggest impediment to this Club breaking the drought
  7. Really Gawn Jones and Rivers are upgrades you can debate other 3 but Even Brown might have a night out or kick a couple and our defensive structure did look a bit better at times with Omac so a bit harsh to bag all 6 changes IMO
  8. Nup lights have only just been upgraded preseason game v Geelong was afternoon pretty sure this is first ever proper night game at Alice
  9. I agree Dazzle people forget how bad our list was in 2014 and we now have a list capable of challenging - I don’t understand how the mods can let a thread with this title run deplorable
  10. Agree I think more likely it’ll be Freo in Alice but will have to wait and see
  11. Watched it as a woman found it ordinary - called him a glass jaw tried to say oh he should have run it past goody and the players first. Hutchy who I’m generally not a fan of said - Why? He’s the Boss and no one can argue about what he said or was that Lloyd? How ridiculous I generally like Caro but she did not any make sense and seems to have an axe to grind - she send something about her mates who have put money Into Club in the past have been excluded from having a say ? Go figure anyway she laid her cards on table not worth watching
  12. No I wish Jackson was good for a period but I think he stayed too long and was a great self promoter. I hate Collingwood but Pert gets bagged on here and I think he is a good CEO. Is that you PJ?
  13. Seriously our media Dept production is so much better under Pert give credit where credit is due - he has a media background and has come out of a media machine. He delivered facilities at Collingwood and I think he will do same for us / I don’t understand why people seem to not rate him?
  14. Yep I think he did Jackson stayed too long is overrated just ask people at Essendon at same time
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