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  1. sometimes in a big finals punching it forward or grabbing it and kicking as sometimes Max does is very effective. better to get some ascendancy than win most of the taps with no ascendancy. and surely they've had time to be unpredictable. you'd like to think the first quarter with Gawn, Petracca, Oliver, Viney we can win the clearances. the centre clearances are more vital with the 6-6-6 rule and thats what they will be panicking about. we smashed Geelong when we won the centre clearance.
  2. my bugbear from commentators when we are winning. ' its just their day today', like it was more the planets just happen to align then good well planned footy.
  3. goodwin did mention they will adjust for those stoppages. frees were 25-11 doggies way that night. and hopwefully that does not happen again. I found it extraordinary and we still had the same scoring shots. I believe if its dry and umpires are fairly even for both side, we will beat them easily. Ben Brown is a weapon now and Petty is playing so well. If wet they are in with a big chance but still think we will be better.
  4. excellent news. I thing clubs talk a lot about processes and hard work, but talent spotting and 'feel' for the game is so important. Carlton for instance have had similar picks etc and while they recruited some top high picks they missed this whole middle tier of talent. at first when he arrived and got Oliver and Petracca we then kept recruiting mids and were too one sided with contested beasts, but the last couple of years (2019 especially) we finally got some balance. I think prime examples are Petty and Jackson. When we got Petty we were full with talls especially tall backs but he said for our second pick he thought he was too good to pass up. and again with Jackson he went for pure talent rather than needs which was a classy half back available at pick 3. I think its important to pick blokes on superior talent and let coaches re-work the game plan.
  5. mixed feelings for me. . I said a few weeks ago the dogs just have an u unusual leg up with umpires. a plus 70 in frees for during the home and away season then +8 then +9 in the first 2 finals. the last winning by 1 point. I think they are lucky to get this far. yes they played well tonight but normally the gate is shut. they can count themselves very lucky. let justice prevail and do them fairly and properly.
  6. I expect the cats to win comfortably unless Hogan kicks a bag, and I cant split the lions v dogs. I can see the dogs getting momentum but I can also see the lions bouncing back against a doggies defence which can be suspect, then get McStay back to play Port and take it to them. but as people have said lets hope they are grinding affairs and in the prelim we have the physical advantage.
  7. not many small forwards have taken us to task this year. I believe a big part has been Hunt who has played more defensively. either directly taking his opponent or indirectly helping out with speed and athleticism.
  8. Andrews was on Fritsch for a fair period.
  9. agree. I watched the Fagan presser, he was surprisingly relaxed. maybe too relaxed. with Mcstay has just answered yeah we could have done with that extra tall with the down the line play. very humble in defeat.
  10. protection. and why wouldn't you. they just couldnt fit Lever on.
  11. Jury is still out for mine with two metre Peter. I think he's a natural lead up to the ball type player but in general play has the Natanui's about him i.e cant get the ball, doesn't read it well. some players have a purple patch, much like the Weid has had.
  12. I honestly feel that was a factor and agree its something we don't do enough. Petty has a good read of the game for a young player to appeal.
  13. good question. Ive watched every game and replays and here are my reasons in order: Less 'bees to a honeypot' wtih some additional outside run. Go look at our big game losses that year to pies in the queens birthday and the preliminary final. Our opponents spread and we got burnt badly. We are much better defensively, both in personnel with May and Lever and team defence (although team defence was above average back then) the folk group from 2019 - Jackson Rivers and Pickett. not only really good recruits but balance us out and added a strength to our greatest weakness in the small forward area. midfield improving their output and connection. a lot less standing under Gawn but mixing it up and sacrificing roles for the team. also spreading more. more recently Big Ben Brown who keeps hitting the scoreboard.
  14. Well Bailey scored 4 goals. and Hunt helped keep their smalls quiet.
  15. what i don't understand is during any game you will hear an umpire say he 'ducked' or use wording that says the player contributed to the tackle. Which is good umpiring then you see someone like Selwood drop his knees, then the tackler go for the waist and then Selwood slides his opponents arms up to his shoulders. all in one motion. Its obvious from the moon whats going on, but the umpire will call high tackle. its insane. Selwoods frees for/against ratio is off the charts, as was Cyril Rioli a consistent ducker, diver. how important is it? well both those players have plenty of premierships and awards. thing is I believe its easy to police. but how fair to our players have to play? not exaggerate an in the back ? Max Gawn gets bullocked 20 metres off the ball constantly to keep him away from marking contests. he's the opposite, no gesticulating, just soldiers on.
  16. Fritsch kicked 47 goals, the most of any mid / small forward. why are people surprised?. I'd have him AA team on a flank, name me 3 or 4 smaller types who are ahead of him ?
  17. its definitely psychological for Clayton. he cant kick them dead in front. If he pretends hes passing to a seat in the 10th row he would snag more goals.
  18. rolled over ? It was decided by the AFL, a made up rule on the fly which so often happens.
  19. Agreed, hes looking very reliable, marking has improved out of sight, great judgement and good kicking hitting targets. This has allowed us to release May moreso to use his kicking. another v good game.
  20. I thought his defensive pressure first half was lamentable. Didn't predict this day out. He actually got a free directly in front as well which fell in Petraccas lap to advantage for a goal.
  21. Luke tappscott as well. Was almost BOG first game against the swans.
  22. not wanting to pot him but he's been poor and fumbly recently. particularly poor in the Essendon game then again against the giants. but he has shown he can turn it around. He just needs his confidence back and to handle the pill more cleanly.
  23. Take out the ladder position why did they deserve it ? Despite the hawks getting a golden run with the umpires (3rd quarter especially) we had more disposals, inside 50s, more scoring shots, more clearances, contested possessions.. But they did win the frees 22-15. Hawks were competitive but that doesn't mean they should have won. thats a stretch. we didn't take out chances. Thats why they were able to draw.
  24. and what were you saying a week ago ?
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