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  1. Do you honestly think if it was Danger or Hawkins he wouldn't be up at the tribunal??? I don't know you, so I don't want to say anything offensive, but to think that only because it is Toby Greene that this is going on is a crazy statement. Any player would be up at the tribunal right now for this - the hatred and vitriol might be different - but all players would be up for this action. If his name wasn't Toby Greene and was another lower ranked player he would get 6 weeks (such ANB and his suspension), so this might help him.
  2. I really like Toby Greene as a player - he is an out and out superstar and as a PLAYER i would love to have him in our side, BUT I would not want him near our current team for what he COULD do to the culture. In this case, I CANNOT, and I want to write it in double bolded CAPITALS, CANNOT fathom how anybody can possibly try to defend what he did. He bumped an umpire, walked straight at him when he had many chances to go around him, all while upset that a free was reversed when he elbowed an opponent in the throat (unsure when that has happened recently and the uproar of that???). He should get 6 weeks in my books. I would also love to see what sort of response from these so called experts and players would be saying if it was Zach Sproule or someone of his standard and experience!!! They would probably accept his punishment and want to set an example, but not when it is a gun player in a big final!
  3. Agree with all you said, I just can’t think of any smalls getting a bag on us. I think hunt and rivers have been severely underrated for their defensive work this year against the smalls. I would think we would bring in one of hunt or hibberd for GWS or Port - smith could play on Rohan against Geelong - however, Rohan does a bloody good job of stopping himself in finals anyway, so he might not need an opponent 😂 I actually think Fantasia is the tough one as he is a “cheat” who runs away from the ball like Cameron!
  4. Said it in another topic, he won’t be dropped. Sometimes we look for reasons to drop people or make changes. Yes, he wasn’t great, but the team and the forward unit was. He requires a good defender on him, it helps the others when he is in and defenders can’t peel off him as they would a smaller player. He stays in for me. Sparrow is the one who has surprised me and made it hard to play either of Jones or Melksham.
  5. Another post game question, considering how well Cameron did, and some commentary on the small forwards from Port could challenge us if we make it to a GF against them, how many small forwards have got a lot of goals against us this year? I can’t recall many, if any, other than last night. am I wrong? I think our smaller defenders have done really well all year. Cameron is just a freak and played a great game and read the ball well against someone who is inexperienced and flew for spoils when he should have just stayed with Cameron who snuck out the back.
  6. Great game, loved watching it with my young son who is loving the start of his football watching life! On a few things people have said - 1) petty “fake” grabbed at his hamstring as he had just deliberately ran over the boundary - trying to con the umpire in case he paid deliberate. Watch him walk away smiling as he looked toward a teammate. 2) Tmac won’t get dropped. He was average in possessions, but he flew and competed. But the main reason is, how well did the forward line function as a unit with those who played last nigh? 28 shots on goal and plenty of pressure and great play as a UNIT. If he does exactly the same in our next 2 games, but the team wins and someone else kicked the goals, who cares.
  7. I want the dogs to win, as I know we can beat them and they are down on form. And I HATE the bombers!!!! If we lose a final, that will be bad enough, but if we lost to the Bombers, I would be so so so so shattered and angry!
  8. That was actually good reading, fair and concise. I did attempt to watch the Scott press conference, but I only got 2 minutes into the 10 minute presser before I turned it off. I know he was talking “coach speak” and trying to deflect and be as positive as he could, but when he starts with a line about being in control of the game and questioning the umpires (yes he did mention our deliberate was strange, but that was one of many that wen their way), I turned off. They controlled the game for 15 minutes. For the rest of the game we were better than them and played our style. Does goody talk that annoyingly or am I biased and don’t notice cos he is our coach?
  9. What a superb second half fight back. Shows the value of winning clearances and contested ball! Their forwards looked to good for us when they were walking out the front of stoppages. our backs are great, but nobody stops a very strong forward line like theirs when the pressure isn’t in the midfield. A few disappointing players at times (smith and tmac for example), but, I think tmac is better for the run and smith showed signs. That being said, I am still not sold on smith. He can stay in an play, as long as the pressure is up on the middle and he just defends! Last night also shows how seriously people undervalue Viney. I was going to post mid week, but I prefer to just read on here normally, but all those who want him gone or say others are better, watch the pressure and effort and passion he showed. Look at his pressure acts. He is a very, very good player and some don’t value it. If he was doing what he does at another club most on here would say we should chase him! and finally, how would young Brad Close feel right now? Wonder what was said to him post game with his brain fade? Or Stanley, who actually played pretty well? Who stood 10 metres from Max at the end when he took the mark as he was going to protect the goal line! Just hope we bring the heat from the start next week, as our best is the best in the comp! And I don’t know if I will sleep for a week if we actually win the flag!
  10. Some insight into the team: Jones can’t be selected as he is still in melbourne, so he couldn’t meet the quarantine if needed, and he needs more game time before being picked. Melksham is in to play on Hurn - as Hurn normally goes on a small forward and just plays off to intercept. Melk will try to stay on him, or we use melk when Hurn leaves him alone. In regards to tactics, WC win when they chip it around and keep possession, so the wet might help us there, but we really need to not let them chip it around. Forward pressure like last week will help there. Also, they are really poor at ground balls, so we need to bring it to ground and not let them take lots of marks. Clearly with Nic Nat they are great at clearances and get lots of scores from that, so keeping that in check will help us big time. We can’t let them walk out the front of clearances!
  11. We will be playing this game on the Gold Coast, then we will fly direct to Perth and quarantine for 7 days before playing WC at Optus. We need to win both, please!
  12. Unsure of any trading or draft news unfortunately - that being said - I will see if I can find anything out (highly unlikely though, usually hear more news on this topic in previous years, but that’s when we are already out of the finals race!)
  13. I will start with the statement that I do NOT like Essendon and have never liked their supporters. They still talk and act as though they are important and a “big” club, despite doing nothing for so long. They are so arrogant! However, you can guarantee when the Bombers are involved in any AFL game, They will either WIN or they will lose and blame the umpires, there is no greater guarantee. I love how they complained about the ball up that went to Gawns side. It stayed in the circle, and if their ruck had attacked the ball he would have had the advantage of momentum, the umpire even told hi, he had to attack the ball. They complained as if it was a mistake and booed for ages. I also love how a decision goes against them and they boo for the next 3 minutes! Even though the ball has gone up and down the ground several times.
  14. Was told this is the most likely scenario. Was trying to get more but didn't want to push my luck. Hopefully my record stays correct later tonight (for my sake)
  15. Viney IN Weed OUT Playing with TMac, Fritsch and Jackson up forward. Essendon are playing well, and while we were disappointing against Collingwood, lets be a bit more calm and put it all in perspective. We are 11-2 and we are a bloody good team. If we lose the next couple of games, then I will start getting worried, but until that time, I have faith in our players and coaching committee, given what they have done so far this year. Some supporter rang up SEN yesterday and was going off about how bad the Weed has played (and rightly so) but he was going off about the selection committee and was really annoyed. The radio hosts started laughing when he got off and were wondering how upset the guy would be if we were down the bottom, not on TOP OF THE LADDER! We of course need to stop their better players, but can they stop Trac, Oliver, Viney and Gawn if we are on top? Can they stop TMac, Jacko and Fritsch if we win the clearances? They need to be worrying about us. Last time I was worried about a team spreading and out running us we made the dogs look second rate, lets hope we do it again.
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