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  1. Short highlights package. The lowlights would run a lot longer... Tries his guts out which is great, but we could do with an upgrade. In relation to him finding the ball at critical moments, I wouldn’t discount this being by the design of the opposition, in full knowledge of the likely outcome.
  2. Mushrooms. Par for the course with this group. If you think they treat the supporter base with contempt, you should hear how they talk about Casey.
  3. A Feasibility Report does represent a sizeable financial commitment towards the report itself, so you’d have to hope there’s some proper confidence it will proceed. However I doubt they’ll expect the cost estimates we’ll receive (let alone the actual costs). The club will be basing their own estimates on the cost of Casey which will be outdated & not appropriate. For a similar facility at Caulfield my guess would be in the range of $100-120m.
  4. Melksham, Hibberd, May, Lever, Tomlinson, Preuss, Brown, Langdon, Dunstan, Grundy, McAdam, Fullarton...
  5. All I’m hearing is excuses...
  6. He was head of the Athletics VIC board, but was certainly acting in Collingwood’s best interests with his decisions. Had AV pay for the rebuild then quickly relocate once the new home was complete. Nothing suss there.
  7. Noted by who? Herself? What big projects? It’s all a furphy.
  8. Point being? His pressure acts, 1%ers, effort, gut running, etc. border on elite, but you’re mad if you think he shows composure with the footy in hand. If he could consistently execute under pressure he’d be AA.
  9. I think more important, is that unlike our mate Nibbler, KT has demonstrated the ability to absorb pressure and make sound decisions under both physical and perceived pressure.
  10. I call BS. Once Oliver was selected there were precious few if any calling it a mistake or asking “who is Oliver?”
  11. I know this will sound like sacrilege, but when I first saw some of him, I couldn’t help but feel he likes to hit opponents in a similar way to Viney
  12. Funny, I reckon after we drafted him Windsor looked stronger in the contest even in the reel that had been up prior. He also looks taller, faster and more agile than I recall. Hard to understand how he wasn’t in the conversation for pick 1!
  13. Travis Cloke is the Talent “Parthway” Head Coach at ER, so could have been doing his bit for Derek Hine. Would have maybe slipped JT some intel after knowing each other before Neeld dragged him across from the dark side. Sorry did I just drop a name & curse this draft crop?
  14. Maybe someone was trying to stash him!
  15. Because it’s more than just ticking a box as having enough of the requisite “smalls”
  16. The idea that North (Clarkson) are keen on Curtin gives me hope that Duursma will slip through to 4 and we can get 4 from Hawthorn, however I think if that plays out they might elect to keep 4 anyway. So many variables, but I think they are all pipedreams. Windsor & Tholstrup appears to be the likely outcome, and one we should be happy with.
  17. Sauce was a speculative pick though, if we’re serious. I think Windsor shows some promising ability to work in a phone box too. Good recruit time, damaging disposal, seems to relish hunting an opponent. There’s a bit more to like.
  18. Funny that in one of our best draft hauls in recent history, the media immediately criticised us for having “reached” on both Jackson & Pickett.
  19. x1 in fact. That’s going back a long way in any case.
  20. Yeah, can’t remember too many in recent-ish years. Chayce Jones? Jesse Lonergan? Jackson Thurlow? Kade & Jake Kolodjashnij? Mitch Robinson??
  21. Probably Freo’s then F1 which looked like it could be in the teens, with scant chance of it being close to top 10.
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