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  1. Connors guarding his reputation? Surely not!
  2. Scarlett would potentially fill the gap that Leppitsch would have. But I hope he doesn’t.
  3. Malcolm Blight at St Kilda vibes.
  4. That first game against GWS, the G was echoing with “Crikey, Jordie McKenzie’s really improved over preseason!”
  5. Surely they’re playing it at the Redback or Shepherds Bush Walkabout. Even a Slug & Lettuce.
  6. Hamling left Geelong after not being able to get a game ahead of Scarlett, Lonergan, Mackie, Taylor, etc. to go to Bulldogs for opportunity, but finding himself on the fringes behind Morris, Adams, Wood, Cordy, Roughead, et al, sneaking into the finals side as a result of injuries. In spite of his talent, heading to Freo only prolonged a career that was sure to dissipate if he stayed at the Bulldogs.
  7. CCJ through the PSD, I’d have thought. Nice little freebie for North who need the support.
  8. I love reading FoxFooty’s AFL Draft Power Rankings Top 20 intro: ”There’s a ‘fab four’ followed by a peloton of four to six players. Then you could almost throw a blanket over the next 40, such is the evenness of talent across the class.” Standard fare to get supporters of clubs without good draft hands interested, but music to my ears nonetheless. Jason Taylor & Tim Lamb - get to work panning for gold.
  9. Wouldn’t be surprised. Couldn’t see Josh Mahoney getting the role through. He’s a shrewd operator, but also has a bit of the Adrian Andersons about him.
  10. Are these things that much of a distraction though? Wouldn’t have thought so.
  11. Moves like he’s forgotten his boots & had to borrow Jordan Lewis’ concrete ones
  12. I find it incredible that Bowey wasn’t more highly rated pre-draft. I know he’s not of great stature, but he has excellent skills, excellent balance, excellent decision making and poise. He knows what he’s doing with the footy before he gets it in his hands. Like all the greats, he’s incredibly clean with the footy and his disposals are usually so quick, clean and decisive that the opposition has scant opportunity to stop it. I’m delirious that we’ve unearthed another gem and can’t wait to see how his career progresses. I really don’t think the Sam Mitchell comparison was hyperbole.
  13. Making inquiries about Ron Barassi’s availability too.
  14. Oops. Not sure why I thought T-Mac was out of contract. Maybe because Weid is. Anyway, Hibberd & Melksham should be coming out of contract soonish I’d think, and would be due for pay cuts.
  15. Compensation-wise, I think a combination of Weid & next year’s 1st rounder in a multi-team trade for Cerra could come close to it. Cap-wise, Jones would be on a solid wage, and T-Mac is coming out of contract and will not being re-signed on the same outrageous salary. It could be done. The biggest trouble for me is figuring out where we’d play him? Can’t have too much class though. Might send someone like Harmes out of the 22.
  16. Brayshaw is not looking for a move, if one is made it has come from the coaching/list management team. And highly highly unlikely to happen.
  17. Which stupid question was that?
  18. A bit of a stretch to call him a journo, but I reckon David King, on & off, has been our biggest promoter.
  19. I know the stats didn’t back it up, but the gut feel was just that he wasn’t that good. As you said, GWS Kelly likewise. Has put in some bloody soft efforts at times tonight. Give me a Langdon and a weak side Brayshaw any day.
  20. Can someone give me some sort of summary so I don’t have to read through all of DB’s waffle? Hurts my brain.
  21. Bump. I think his time at West Coast so far makes it hard to argue I was wrong.
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