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  1. I just want a forward line that doesnt try and mark over each other, looking at west coast at the moment and they try to keep a 5m radius from each other in the 50m area.. it seems more efficient than bombing it to 10 players!!!!!
  2. No way, a sub should not be a debut for a kid
  3. Not his best position but i would like to see him run through the 300 banner, after that if Bakers banging down the door its game on.
  4. My first choice team if everyone was fit.. FB: Bowey, May, Lever HB: Salem, T Mac, Rivers C: Langdon, Oliver, Jones HF: Laurie, Weideman, Fritsch FF: Spargo, Brown, Pickett FOL: Gawn, Petracca, Viney INT: Brayshaw, Jackson, Harmes, Hibberd
  5. Well we do bomb it into the 50 without looking most of the time, we could play marks up with the comp lol
  6. Richmond has the umpires in there softcap surely
  7. Hows this for a line up.. FB: Hibberd May Lever HB: Salem Tomlinson Lockart C; Langdon Oliver Bedford HF: Harmes Weideman Melksham FF: Pickett Preuss Viney Foll: Gawn Petracca Brayshaw Int: Hannan Spargo Rivers Bennell
  8. FB: Jetta May Lever HB: Hibberd O. McDonald Lockhart Centre: Tomlinson Viney Langdon HF: bennell Brown salam FF: Pickett T.Mcdonald Fritsch Foll: Gawn Oliver Petracca Int: Jones Harmes Hannan Brayshaw
  9. The guys names is 'cam' lol not me. But thanks, he's a zippy small forward with really good kicking
  10. I know one thing, Adelaide played against Geelong and realised how they lost, they got sucked in to contest like bees to a honeypot... sound familiar??
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