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  1. I see Turner has aged 5 years over the last few weeks, and Smith has become younger, so he has been re-signed on that basis.
  2. Wrist slashing time from all the posters above. god help us. What will you all say if we get up ?
  3. This young guy looks like a younger Rick Lever
  4. is this confirmed, can't find anything yet on the MFC website
  5. Can't believe the absolute negativity on this site, jake was an absolute star in the nab 2019 future stars game before GF, everyone on here is so negative about anything the MFC do.
  6. I'd like all those posters that denigrate Josh Mahoney, to take note that this man knows what he's doing.
  7. Charlie Cameron’s first year at crows, 7 goals, pickett’s first year at MFC 7goals.
  8. So quick hand to foot, long time since I've seen this type of player, he will be a krakouer !
  9. Many thanks for your efforts over the season, thanks KC
  10. Very glad this kid has come to us, we won’t be disappointed
  11. Can not believe the absolute incapabilities of the MFC to live stream an event. Zurich will want some answers
  12. To all those who wanted spargo rested, a pox on your house. To all those who didn't want Melksham 2 years ago, a pox on your house. To all those who thinks Oscar should be in the twos, a pox on your house. To all those who thinks ANB wasn't worth being in the firsts, a pox on your house. To all those who believe this club was no good, A POX ON YOUR HOUSE. GO DEES
  13. Thought we could put him on Casey’s rookie list, but a big no from me !
  14. You would have to hope we get none of the Sydney v hawks umpires for our first final, it appears it’s all about the third ( green ) team on the park
  15. I believe hogan has no confidence, should be dropped or rested, Garlett lets us down time and again, jkh is pushed off the ball to easily. Hunt was not a patch on last year, someone has told him not to run any more. In : melky, hibbo and hannan, not sure on hunt. Pedo to ffwd
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