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  1. Yes, that would resonate based on what I saw. Free flowing and quick movement between the arcs with short kicks, overlapping handballs and quick decision making to move Fwd.
  2. Jefferson looked to be in the B Fwd team. Schache looked consistent with observations across the pre-season. I thought he was a good presence in the Fwd line and is the logical KPF in line behind Petty. Re. Oliver, I'd hope they make him earn an Opening Round spot rather than being a walk-up, but in terms of match-fitness I'm sure players have taken the field in worse conditions throughout the year so I'm sure he'll be ready with 4 weeks to go.
  3. Didn't spot him, but that doesn't mean he wasn't out there!
  4. Didn't spot him. Assume I would have spotted the new hair style if he was out there?
  5. Disclaimer: Saw on the socials they were down at Gosch’s Paddock so headed down for a quick look. Little to no presence of other track watchers and no current live thread, so as a first time contributor, giving what the people need! It won’t be as expansive and comprehensive as what we’re used to… but it’s something. Conditions: Hot and windy (no explanation needed). Training Format: Tailored match sim; line grouping skills; running.. and lots of it. Observations: Tailored Match Sim: Offense orientated simulation. Focus on transitioning the from defensive wing to forward 50. A team forwards appeared to play on the A backs, with Midfielders having cross representation of personnel. General observations – We still bias to target kicking into the pockets. Attempted to lower the eyes on several occasions to get into the corridor, but the defensive group were strong at intercepting and pushing the rebound. Goal kicking was accurate in windy conditions. Oliver – completed his 2km Time Trial pre-session and was fully integrated with the main group for match-sims (so yes, first session back with the group). Was on a modified running session program separate to the others. Had plenty of the ball in match sims. Was great to see close to the start of the season. Schache - appeared to be the A forwards, along with Fritsch and Van Rooyen. Assume he’s in the starting line up whilst Petty is out. Was a key target on the long kicks into the F50. Pickett – so active and such a livewire in the FWD line. Was the most dominant and damaging player. Billings – genuinely looks to add class synergy in D50 and F50 connection. VanRooyen – not quite as big as May (direct opponent), but is the closest thing we have to a big bustling forward. His development this year will be so important. Tomlinson – looked very settled in the A defense team. Played a lock down defensive role on Schache. Viney and Trac looked very silky in the midfield, as did Sparrow. Other observations on the mids were challenging… I’m bamboozled by the detail you guys can provide on the mids at training. They all look the same to the untrained eye. Line grouping skills: Only observation was that Windsor and Langdon were with the defenders. Perhaps Windsor is the emerging winger for Prac Games if Hunter remains out? Running: Various running drills, split into running groups that have been well documented on previous threads. To my surprise, Kolt was in the second group, albeit on a modified program - clearly has some speed and tank to build on in coming pre-seasons. Started to feel nauseated watching the efforts in the conditions so decided to call it a day there. Anticipated and frequently asked questions: Petty was not partaking in training – stuck to the side with a ball in hand. Salem was on the track and fully training in at least the match sims and line grouping skills. Hunter & Fullarton were on a modified running programs sticking to the boundary line. Fullarton was doing some larger kms so looks to be recovering well. Don’t have a comprehensive list of non-trainers, so would only be guessing - which I want to avoid! That is all I have. Enjoy!
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