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  1. He is a genuine footballer, and has the opportunity to cement a spot as a small forward in out best 22. To get 12 senior games in last season was a ripping feat, and he could take it one step further and push for a whole season if his form and fitness is up to it.
  2. This new contact was hard earned and we'll deserved. Couldn't be happier for him!
  3. Well played Carlton, although I suspect paying newnes more than the saints could offer could impact what Carlton can now offer Jack Martin. Interesting times ahead.
  4. With JKH and Stretch now being removed from the list, that's another 2 spots that need to be filled. Must be close to signing a DFA or two.
  5. Harley Bennell if he is still available. And yes, at pick 97 I'm deadly serious.
  6. I went with B- for the trade period. I thought we should have been more aggressive in shopping pick #3 with GWS for their pick #6 and something else. Whispers were their #6 pick and next year's first rounder. I don't mind that to slide back a few spots.
  7. We have the list space, we only have two draft selections for the whole draft (#3 & #8) and several list spots to fill. Not sure about cap situation but Martin doesn't strike me as top dollar type. Handy player to have, especially for free.
  8. Bluntest set of steak knives in history......
  9. They have played finals once in the past 5 seasons and haven't win a final since 2014. It's similar to what Melbourne and Carlton faced before/during long stints in the wilderness. Players get cold feet after being starved of success. Another middling season of going nowhere will likely force some good players out next trade period. Seems as though a full rebuild is on the cards.
  10. Nope, would rather bend over gws stating we will bid on Green at 3 and force them to move up by trading pick 6 and a future first round pick. We could send some later picks to help then retain some points to bid on Tom Green after they select another top talent at 3. If we bid on Green at 3 and they match they lose out. GWS having pick 3 allows them to get two top 7 players because they can still match a bid for Green after pick 3.
  11. Elliot was never coming here. It's pretty obvious his preference is Collingwood and the Melbourne and Brisbane noise is just there to drive up his deal at Collingwood. If the pies get cold feet he has Brisbanes offer, but odds are him staying in the barcode jumper for another 3 seasons.
  12. Was at the helm during some dark years. Can't have been an easy task. Hopefully he can look back at his time as captain with some fondness.
  13. Gil putting the Gold into Gold Coast. What an embarrassment of riches they have to play with at the draft.
  14. Just another joke in a long line of jokes about the club. Let's face it, if Gold Coast hadn't entered the competition the Demons would be the laughingstock of the AFL.
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