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  1. Played 22 in 2014 Robbie Gray also struggled to get on the park for a while there but as we know his last couple years have been sensational
  2. We traded him so he could begin training with the Hawks earlier than if he was a DFA iirc
  3. That's a pretty big statement. I'm fairly confident he will play on with port. Of course he wants a short term contract, he's just turned 21 and would be well aware that by the time he turns 23/24 he could command a giant pay check. Which is precisely why Port want to lock him in long term. There's still a year to go on his contract, Ollie and Port will likely meet in the middle at some point during the year and he will re-sign.
  4. There were also rumours posted here that Zak Jones told Collingwood to get 'effed after what happened to his father
  5. This also tells me that you like making rash conclusions
  6. Not sure I really subscribe to the notion that only certain 'builds' can be 'bulked up' imo anyone can if they put in the hard work. I also doubt that their metabolisms were different, but even if they were, they have access to doctors/trainers/nutritionists etc 24/7 and I'm sure they could have figured out a diet to fit their needs.
  7. He said 'moderate' for a reason A moderate chance does not equal impossible
  8. I agree with you but since when was Bugg a forward option?
  9. Note that I am basing this on nothing other than what I've read but I don't think we should expect Curnow to become a midfielder at all. Recruit him as a forward, and if it turns out he can play midfield then that's a bonus.
  10. Considering Zac Smith also left the club, GC must really not rate Gorringe
  11. Yes, but what happens if both Gawn and Spencer go down? Ideally the ruck department goes deeper than 2 players
  12. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-10-29/suns-ruckman-daniel-gorringe-delisted
  13. On the 4th of July you said "Cant take him with pick 4, thats a big stretch I think." On the 17th of September, you made it clear that you had revised your opinion when you stated "I wouldn't complain with Toumpas and Wines or Stringer either." Why do you continue to argue this?
  14. Reminds me of a young Jonno Brown
  15. Yes we would definitely take him at 3. Brisbane won't give us that opportunity though
  16. I really can't explain it any better than rpfc did Yes, I recognise that the system may not sound perfect, but it's a big step in the right direction Have a look at some of the trades GWS, Sydney and Brissie made in order to get their picks, and you'll see that they've given up a fair bit to get into the draft positions they're in now Last year we bid pick 2 for Heeney, and they got him for pick 18. In the same situation this year, they would have had to pay roughly pick 5 for him, which is obviously a much fairer system than before
  17. I'm interested in Sam Menegola Seems to have worked on his offensive game immensely
  18. Weitering is just too good, and the blues also need key defenders They should be able to pick up a key forward with any one of picks 8,11 or 19 anyway
  19. They would have spoken about it, but at the time it wouldn't have had too much meaning given we only knew about pick 10 at the time. I don't think upgrading to pick 7 was planned at that stage, so who GC took at pick 6 wouldn't really have been too much of a worry (as they could go at pick 7/8/9 anyway, before they got to our pick)
  20. Just a minor thing, but Smith won't take one of their spots. He will be on his own list (as he is a category B rookie).
  21. Bombers still need someone to pair with Daniher so I'd expect them to take a forward
  22. apologies, misread your post
  23. Shallow does not equal poor top end talent
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