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  1. Was thinking this too but you'd think the professionals would know what they are doing. Who knows
  2. For mine - IN: Weid, Sparrow, Harmes OUT: Tomlinson, Baker, Melksham McDonald to CHB Melksham stays if Fritta is rubbed out
  3. I trust TMac down back sooooo much more than I trust Petty like it isn't even funny
  4. Weed for Tomlinson Harmes for Melksham Chandler for Baker
  5. Think it sounds like there might be a few outs due to soreness
  6. Ben Brown | Debut https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/923031/ben-brown-debut?videoId=923031&modal=true&type=video
  7. If you watch Browns interview he says that Weid is playing VFL tonight
  8. Zero chance Harmes comes straight back in I think it’ll be Brown + Chandler/Sparrow
  9. anyone know anything in regards to training today?
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