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  1. Great deal. Essentially Ben Brown for Pick 31 as we give up 33 and downgrade 26 to 28. pretty much turned Preuss into Ben Brown!! well done JM
  2. Damn, we really only getting Ben Brown after finishing 9th in a highly lacklustre season...... :(
  3. Think this trade makes us premiership favourites for next season 🤩
  4. AFL House @AFL_House Trade paperwork lodged. The Brisbane Lions trade Round 3 (43) and its Future Round 4 2021 Selection to Melbourne for its Round 3 (53) and a Future Round 3 2021 Selection.
  5. https://twitter.com/AFL_House/status/1324586491201249280?s=20
  6. Man Phillips would been good. Still haven’t given up
  7. Reckon we’re definitely in for Phillips after listening to Mahoney
  8. If Brown and McKernan are the only players we are up to our eyeballs in I’ll be pretty disappointed
  9. I’d consider dealing Brayshaw or Oliver if it means we have the cap space and currency to bring someone of high quality in the door..
  10. Horribly unnecessary free to give away. What a moron
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