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  1. how did we convince ourselves that we missed Viney
  2. No rain at the moment and forecast looks dry for the next few hours. Ben Brown late in??
  3. Sparrow will only be unlucky given the availability of Viney, Harmes and Jordan we need an extra tall and we have one too many inside mids unfortunately
  4. Heard there might already be a few VAFA teams circling for 2022
  5. AFL crowds for Round 14 are expected to start at 50 per cent capacity in Melbourne then take about a month to build to 85 per cent capacity. The league could have as many as three of its five Round 14 games in Melbourne, including Hawthorn’s home game against Essendon at the MCG. The league will need to lodge a detailed plan with the Victorian Government’s Public Events Framework to be granted permission for crowds next week. All of the Round 14 games in Melbourne present varying challenges for the AFL and State Government.
  6. Says a lot how M Brown would get selected over B Brown should TMac miss...
  7. Pretty sure if you haven't been to any exposure sights and you've had a negative covid test, you don't have to self-isolate when you get there
  8. Watching this is giving me PTSD of we needed Freo to beat the Dogs to make the 8 last year
  9. Great quarter but in all past years the Lions would lift and run over us here by 4 goals let’s see if we’re different
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