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  1. https://twitter.com/RalphyHeraldSun/status/1579945414169853953?s=20&t=iWI3wM1BsJp92jvb-jpXZw
  2. He's heart and soul, this would be very bad
  3. I'm definitely rolling the dice with McDonald for Melksham and i'm even considering Bowey in for Salem who has been terrible
  4. if you are going to say we lost last night because we're badly coach then you can go too. Sydney's pressure was amazing and forced us into errors. That is what pressure and finals do to you. They sustained their pressure for longer than we did. Also really not sure how me swapping Melksham for McDonald can be viewed as me "blaming Melksham".
  5. I was there mate. We need that extra tall up forward. Who else you taking out for McDonald? Melksham missed two crucial ones anyway. Jog on
  6. My prediction is that they roll the dice with McDonald in: McDonald out: Melksham would love to get Bowey in but won't happen Harmes won't get rubbed out
  7. Select Sydney Members as there are still lots of good seats
  8. Hopefully the fast deck at Marvel means a free flowing and high scoring game. If Saints score about 70 we are home
  9. I think Viney will play on Neale
  10. Wouldn't be thrilled if this actually happened.
  11. Probably need to win both now to make the top 4 unless results go our way
  12. Gut feel is Harmes 1000% comes in but no idea who for. Gus was great in the middle tonight so hopefully he stays there. Brown for Weid the obvious one
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