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  1. Viney and Bedford for Melksham and Dunstan, Dunstan to be the sub
  2. We could sign him for 800k a season and look back in 3 years and laugh at how cheaply we got him
  3. Tom McDonald you selfish [censored]
  4. In an ideal world, no injuries... does Brayshaw go back to the wing when Salem returns, or stay at half back where another defender is dropped instead? who'd be most vulnerable? Keen to hear thoughts
  5. He'll be 31 in December and has had 2 or 3 knee reco's at 208cm, think the knee will be giving him issues on and off more regularly as he gets older. Something we'll potentially have to get used to
  6. Best defensive game i've seen us play so not sure why they would drop i.e a Tomlinson to rush Petty back in, as good as he was last year
  7. Why are we suggesting to just drop players for the sake of it, we're 4-0 and have just come off a premiership?????? Haven't lost a game since July last year no need to drop anyone until guys like BBB, Salem, Petty and Hibberd are ready
  8. IN: Lever, Rivers, Hibberd OUT: Bedford, Tomo, Salem JJ sub
  9. Given where the list is at I reckon we just go best available no matter what position
  10. Hunt is gonna have more of an impact as a FWD/DEF if one was to go down injured. JJ is going to have more of an impact if a mid went down. Simply comes down to what Goody values more. Don't think you could argue one is more 'deserving' than the other. I think given how highly they value continuity it will be JJ.
  11. The horns I think means slow the game down/slow play
  12. Absolutely zero chance there will be a change unless somehow May doesn't get up. Put it in the book. Hunt is not coming in
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