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  1. Fantastic pick up and gave his all. Awesome to watch especially in his B&F year. As many have said, a key driver behind our transformation from basket case to legit contender
  2. Loves the sound of his voice (which ironically is freaking annoying) way too much. I’ve switched off. Kane Cornes is better and that’s a pretty low bar to set
  3. Absolute gun. Plays like Dusty with his fend offs, toughness and kicking skills. Big reason for our improvement in recent times
  4. Smart idea letting Lobb run around unopposed in F50. No one went near him for half a minute
  5. It's probably not a popular idea, but I'd seriously consider including Hogan in a trade for Gaff (assuming WC matched any offer as a restricted free agent). Hogan is a jet who every club would love to have and I don't want to lose. But seeing us get chopped up by Hawthorn & Collingwood then losing to the bloody Saints at the 'G highlights our glaring, recurrent deficiencies on the outside. Even when we smashed the doggies at Etihad we were made to look slow and second rate in that area, which makes me slightly worried about this weekend (I still think we'll get up given they're pretty undermanned). It seems like currently we're relying on the below few to provide outside run and ball use: Neal-Bullen - tries harder than anyone but is really a B/C grader. His turnovers in the forward half can kill momentum Harmes (increasingly outside) - playing well, but still lacks a bit of polish. Do rate though Fritsch - classy, but more half forward Salem - classy, but more half back Stretch - played decently last week, but is he gonna make it? Our fortunes this year have proved that winning contested ball and relying on grunt/effort/"bullying" opposition around the ball isn't gonna get us to a flag. We still haven't made finals and look set to miss again, which is annoying because we have such a good list still. When we lose, we look absolutely nowhere near it in terms of speed and spread - any team is capable of showing us up in this area on their day. And the lack of quality ball use contributes to the horrendous going inside 50 efficiency seen this year. Our outside issues are always exacerbated at the G given its size; the "pinball" crash and bash style on a smaller ground suits us better now, and we're a serious team at Etihad. But we've gotta align our game plan and personnel to our home ground and the ground where finals are played, when we finally do make it. I think we really need to re-assess and restructure to move forward, it's not just "choking" or mental weakness that's holding us back at the moment. Given the above list consists mainly of fringe players or flankers, we surely need to prioritise either developing or getting in a quality player who can play 100%/majority of the game in the midfield. Gaff is probably one of the fittest players in the comp and racks up huge numbers on the wing. Don't know his efficiency stats, but seems to rarely turn it over. Type of player aside, he's a past best and fairest winner & All Australian, and on track to make it again this year, sitting equal 3rd in Brownlow betting @ $9 (with Gawn). He's out of contract, Victorian and a Dees supporter growing up (which probably counts for nothing). With Hogan there's always been the "go home" worry and currently he's only contracted for one more year (I think?). Right now he'd be at premium trade value - 23 and having his best season yet, until recently I reckon was on track for All Australian this year himself. With Kennedy nearing the end you'd think WC especially would be very keen. From our point of view, we'd have to back Tommy Mac to stay fit and Weidemann developing/Smith/someone else filling 2nd key forward post. Think this is less important than having the right midfield mix though, and less important in the game generally than it used to be anyway. Am I overplaying our weaknesses/should we persist with who we have? Is Gaff overrated? Polec would be another one who'd be great to get, but seeing as he's actually from Adelaide can't see him leaving Port. Gotta give up quality to get quality. If we traded Hogan and got Gaff + a lower pick/player it would be a win imo** **Just realised probably don't even need to trade players if restricted FA, so if so ignore Hogan comments! Regardless, crux of the post is I support getting Gaff!
  6. I agree with the growing sentiment that the Lewis/Vince combination is coming to an end. I think there’s definitely only space for one of them moving forward. Lewis in my view has better skills, and potentially organises those around him a little better (experience). On the other hand, I think he’s becoming softer by the week (probably get shouted down for it, but I don’t reckon he puts his body on the line as much as he should anymore, and certainly not like he used to), while Vince’s physicality with a big bump here and there can lift the team. That said if I had to pick, it’d be Lewis, just. As for who would occupy Vince’s spot, I’m not sure if it’s been suggested elsewhere but to me Nathan Jones appears to be a great candidate. Why? - he still has his speed, and would have the ability to break the lines and actually provide some true dash/rebound off half back, something sorely lacking with both Lewis/Vince in the side and Hunt injured/at Casey - kicking skills are decent, probably not as capable as Vince as pulling off creative kicks that would open up the ground, but less susceptible to the goal conceding howler which seems to be a 1 per game occurrence with Vince this year - our midfield is stocked now with seriously good contested ball players - players have gone past him in the same role. If we’ve got Oliver, Viney and now Brayshaw dominating the contested ball inside, surely we can take resources from that part of the ground. Only gotta look at the Port game to realise that alone isn’t gonna win the game. I don’t see taking Jones out of there as upsetting the balance, whilst on the other hand really injecting some life off half back which has been recognised as an area of weakness even outside the club too - he’s now 30 (31 start of next year). He’s still going fairly strong but he’s not gonna be around forever. I see it as the perfect way to transition him into the twilight of his career and extend it a little longer than otherwise, if continuing to be played as a battering ram. He’s been remarkably durable over the journey but last year we saw him miss a large chunk, could become a more frequent occurrence I see him playing a Jared McVeigh type role, slightly different in that he’s a little less polished, but harder at it. And a little like Boyd (Matthew) with the dogs, long career in the middle, goes back to be a cool head in the backline while the new young bulls dominate the midfield. Granted there’d be a query on how well he could defend one on one, but I don’t see why he couldn’t learn, especially given how competitive he is.. And given the way defences work these days, probably wouldn’t find himself one on one very often anyway. Would love to hear thoughts on whether others would like to see this and whether they reckon Goodwin would ever consider it.
  7. Would we get anything at all for him trading? A 3rd round pick would be a great result if someone (Richmond?) would chop it. Playing nippy teams like the saints shows he's just not up to it as a modern footballer. Slow, no weapons etc. Wouldn't get a game at most clubs so shouldn't be in our plans, as rough as it sounds. Play ANB instead, no idea why he hasn't been given a run
  8. Jones no doubt had a stinker today but has still had a decent season. That said, Viney is a better player and leader and is ready to go, so no reason they shouldn't hand it over next year.
  9. ughhhhhhhhhh absolute disgrace. refuse to man up on the same players that kill us every time. legit team of brick heads
  10. dawes - please explain value? just about the worst player in the AFL atm
  11. Don't think I've posted all season but felt compelled to - just in total disbelief at how dreadful we were today. They continue making the exact same mistakes throughout the game, week by week. They don't learn from anything, so there's no consolation in these losses. Surely we broke a record today for number of holding the balls against, so many players just have zero awareness. Constant fumbling and hospital handballs. Tackles not sticking. Just wanted to throw a brick through my TV. Lumumba and Dawes are straight up [censored], hard to believe they were premiership players, totally shown up in a shite team. Tyson for some unknown reason has gone backwards at a rate of knots this year, no awareness, too casual, regular butcher of the ball. Garland can go, don't see his value as he's a loose defender but doesn't provide rebound like he used to. Have no idea what goes on in the box but surely some blame has to go to Roos. We regularly let teams get run ons which ultimately determine the game, while seemingly plodding through the game the same way. Irrelevant in the scheme of things, but the umpiring was a far king joke. Just a horrible spectacle all up and I'm just thankful I didn't go
  12. agree with the concept, he's exactly the sort of player we need. not like we've got a team of superstars we're struggling to keep, we surely have the money to throw around. that said, $10 mil is too much.. I reckon 5 years $5 million with dunn/TMac/Georgiou etc. stepping up and Hogan to come in, frawley leaving wouldn't be the end of the world. we could potentially get a first round pick for him and use his money (which would probably be overs anyway) on dangerfield
  13. lol jones no chance I'd be sad to see ablett rubbed out, clearly the best player in the comp and seems a top bloke. totally deserves the brownlow
  14. 1. 8/10. Good possession, tackle numbers etc. but could contribute some more outside impact 2. Clearly yes, I imagine he would be leading the B & F atm
  15. in: Kent out: Byrnes play Kent as the sub and give Salem a full game. the rest of the team is fine
  16. hahaha, this is spot on he is one of the smuggest, know-it-all germs I've seen, and keeps getting worse he genuinely does hate us too, what a [censored] trying to disagree with viney's suspension when literally the whole football community is tearing their hair out over it
  17. Thought today's game was fairly hard to judge. Given Gold Coast's first half dominance, we should have been blown out of the water. But we were given reprieve after reprieve, and eventually turned the tide. We played the second half primarily on our terms, and had many chances through gettable and crucial set shots (Dawes, Frawley, Howe). We won't get that lucky again so we really needed to pinch it - until round 18 the only winnable games I can see are the Dogs and Richmond. Positives were we didn't drop our heads and an 8 point loss is certainly a vast improvement on many of last years efforts, including the corresponding game v the Suns. Despite their missed opportunities, the Dawes/Frawley combination looks promising and at least gives us a chance to win games.
  18. viney - very solid game howe - good second half. leave up forward, will be a handful with the opposition focused on Dawes + Frawley. watts - deserves all criticism. don't know what can be done with him. just so soft. his "leads" are just jogs, looks like he doesn't want the ball at all. JKH - worth persisting with. needs to get involved in the play more. will be better with less static, stop start footy from the team. much rather him than Byrnes spencer - taps are useless. 3 disposals for the game + wasn't overly physical. unfortunately all we've got for now, but practically useless. frawley - dropped chest marks. he and dawes (through poor kicking) taking their chances probably would have seen us get over the line.
  19. We look every bit as terrible as the last couple of seasons. Nautanui is going to have a field day
  20. OUT: Fitzpatrick (inj.), McDonald (inj.?), Toumpas IN: Gawn, Clisby, Viney (if fit) If Viney isn't available, then Kent. Seems to be a forgotten player ATM. Gawn needs to come in to help Spencer against Cox and Nautanui, and provide a tall target up forward (not much of a forward yet, but hopefully he can at least make a contest). Toumpas many will disagree with but he gets pushed off the ball far too easily. A nice kick but a liability at the moment. I think he needs to bulk up and gain confidence in the VFL. As some have said unfortunately we can't drop Pedersen due to lack of other options. How he missed that open goal is beyond me, summed up his game. We desperately need one of our quality KPFs back, it's going to be a constant struggle to win games with this spud as our forward target.
  21. N.Jones - sensational all game Watts - an encouraging game Dunn - has really improved Toumpas - too small ATM Frawley - casual and sloppy Grimes - an average player McDonald - decent until injured Tyson - a promising debut Howe - very very disappointing Bail - a VFL player Vince - a great pick up Spencer - does useless taps M.Jones - didn't notice him Pedersen - an absolute spud Fitzpatrick - needed more from Byrnes - wasn't our worst Cross - surprisingly very quiet Georgiou - good body work Michie - an average game JKH - will be better Terlich - involved in play Trengove - slow and ineffective
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