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  1. So Cam Luke (AFL Trade radio host) is saying that Richmond apparently want to offload Ben Lennon and a third rounder for Yarran...... What?
  2. "GWS Giants coach Leon Cameron says that Adam Treloar is no certainty to join Collingwood, despite the young midfielder nominating the Pies as his preferred destination." http://www.fansunite.com.au/2015/09/21/20359/trade-winds Change to swoop in potentially?
  3. Honestly think he'd cost more than pick 6 in a weak draft.
  4. I was saying more like Hartlett for pick 6, 2nd rounder and player (Someone average like Terlich), and Mitchell just as steak knives.
  5. Holy hell, Melbourne I don't ask for much, but please try to sign this guy.
  6. Wow really? I think he's decent steak knives. Maybe 3rd rounder instead?
  7. Pick 6 + 2nd Rounder + Insert Player for Hartlett and Kane Mitchell (In a perfect world)
  8. Must of misinterpreted what you were saying, my bad, sorry.
  9. Nah, no way. Fyfe will never ever play for Melbourne in our current situation, Hartlett on the other hand could be persuaded.
  10. Hamish Hartlett isn't even in the same boat as Nathan Fyfe.
  11. No I agree fully, but that's the only reason I can see him going to Geelong over us. We can offer him more cashola and honestly I believe we're in a current better position then Geelong, but hey, I'm not running the show.
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