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  1. Agree. We don’t need to pay anymore than 600k. That should be our price. A good presentation, great money on offer, a chance to join a dynasty. Ball is in your court kinda approach. Be a part of something special and get paid well, but slightly under what you’d get at Carlton, where you currently have no coach, a shaky board, and a lot of work to do before you ever play finals.
  2. I’d rather play the Bullies. Gawn will smash English in the ruck, and we have better midfield connection at present - than when we played them. Also, Allir Alir smashed us down back for Port last time - won’t miss that. I was hoping the Bullies won tonight. We will beat them. They are going to have to rely on their midfield kicking goals. And it’s unlikely they will continue to do that.
  3. Petracca is starting to realize if he takes the game on no one can stop him. It takes 2-3 players. Lucky we have Oliver and Petracca, and they appear to be improving players. Both are trending upwards as they realize their immense talent.
  4. I think Viney will only get better. He’s been injured a lot. If he could remain on the park more he’ll start hitting more targets and lowering his eyes. If he does that he is going to be a better player. He shown early in his career that he can adapt and change his game. A facet of his game that he needs to develop is to steady himself at times and lowers his eyes. He’ll get there. Good game tonight. He is capable of that.
  5. Judging by that interview, and others I’ve listened to since retirement, Watts appears to be a little bit lost at present. He is realizing that he needs to mature and grow. Clearly he’s thought about life after football, and doesn’t know what his future looks like. No disgrace in that either. I think he’d make a good PE teacher, or in future a sports agent. He is very humble. You can tell he’s a bit down himself. There is no need to be. You were a hell of a talent, the coaching staff just didn’t utilize you correctly.
  6. He should have a long career in media. Speaks extremely well. Cannot remember a player speaking so well.
  7. Fritsch and Brown have a good understanding at present, especially when Brown is an idle target taking up defenders and Fritsch comes over the top with a clean run at it (while opposition defenders are stagnant defending Brown). Working well that. Not even sure if it’s a set play but it’s happening a lot and Fritsch is the beneficially. I suspect none of it would happen without Tmac being a mobile target and spreading the forward line out, and taking that extra defender out. He is the perfect bloke (when fit) to play the mobile forward role. Weideman more plays deep so I can’t see him coming in anytime soon. It would mess things up.
  8. That Geelong win last week is the best thing that could’ve happened to us. Just given us that extra added belief in everything we do. We’ll be hard to knock off now. We have our tail up, playing with confidence, buying in completely, healthy list, fresh list, and a hungry group of absolute quality.
  9. I’ve always doubted Goodwin, but the bloke knows his weaknesses and improves on them at all costs. He is humble yet quietly confident, he is always trying to improve, yet still holds great belief in himself. He builds relationships and has players singing his praises constantly. He is the reason many have signed. However he goes about things he has won my respect. We finally play like a football team. First time in at least 30 years we’ve done that consistently. Much of it is down to Goodwin.
  10. Cerra is an excellent user of the football. He improves a big weakness for us, as that third mid who can execute. Jordon may eventually be it, I doubt a late first in 2022 fits our timeline. We need that midfielder next year. Offloading Gus would be good as he is a turnover merchant. If we can move him on for something that opposite - someone who improves our efficiency, it would be a massive get.
  11. Cerra is the type of player we should be targeting. But we have no real trade bait. I’d offer up Brayshaw, but that wouldn’t nearly be enough. Jackson or Rivers would be off the table. Not sure we have any real possibilities aside from Gus, and possibly Weid.
  12. I think Weideman has all the talent required to become a great. However, his mental game prevents this from occurring. It will always be the case. He just isn’t cut out to dominate. Yet he has all the physical attributes and talent to do so. I’d offload him.
  13. Out: coach killer (Brayshaw), TMAC In: Jordan, Weideman
  14. We need a really good user of the footy. Someone like Kelly, Merrett, Amon. Sydney have a few. Dawson comes to mind. I personally don’t mind Polec on a wing, he is a hard runner, had X factor, and probably wants out. Wouldn’t cost a great deal if North could pay some of his contract and is a level up from Brayshaw. Ed Richard would’ve been another. We are at the stage now where we have the quality in our list already. The only area I’d be willing to fork out cash would be for another midfielder.
  15. Brayshaw, Harmes and Viney are a reason we aren’t much chop. They just hack it on the boot. Where it goes they don’t care.
  16. Our third midfielder needs to be the equal of Oliver and Tracc
  17. I don’t think we’ll have a stack of dollars to throw around recruitment wise. If we could get North to pay half of Polecs contract - he’d fill a need for us on the other wing. Currently we only have Langdon as a winger, another is needed. Polec is a quality player down on form and confidence. He is the type who could immediately come in and make a difference.
  18. I’m glad it’s got close. If we are a quality side let’s now see it. If we are a finals contender let’s see what we got now.
  19. Social media has just shown society for what it is, just a bunch of selfish c words.
  20. Classic. Umps give it their best. Great win
  21. Bullies are a loved side. Bont is a loved player. We aren’t a loved side and we don’t need the umpires. Bulldogs aren’t that great anyway. I think we are the team to beat.
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