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  1. Bugg?? Best game yet. He was in their face.. Pointed to the stands whilst running into goal after taking a speccy.. yeah didn't notice him at all.. maybe watch the game next time..
  2. Modest? "Gees that's a tad harsh Bill" Kicked the winner against GWS and was a foot off sealing one of our greatest come backs..
  3. You can even take it all the way back to that Nightmare against the Cats in 2011.. That's when the club was bought to it knees.. But enough doom and gloom! Richmond bringing Deledio back in after no Game time at all in 2016 makes me smirk.. Send Viney straight to him and Garry Ablett rd1 2015 the [censored] out of him!!
  4. The Bulldogs list was miles ahead of ours.. Granted it's early.. But maybe we'll see the same resurgence they did, this year? To do that though, we need to belt the bad teams! Like they did, aka us at Etihad last year..
  5. It does when your list was so fragile and to be honest, pathetic.. Neeld hammers our club and the bulk of the players lost confidence , and for some even ruined their careers.. Only the best of our worst era are still on the list with probably more than half gone from 2013/12.. dawes was a lock back in 2014 for a start.. Now most on here would rather he isn't even an emergency.. Just remember how bad we were.. For 2 years!
  6. You have rocks in your head and don't watch the games of think Kent will be dropped.. Sorry to be so blunt.. Kent is a lock in the 22 as long as he is fit!
  7. Hope he tries to fend off Gawn.. And is subsequently ends up dislocating his shoulder!
  8. Put 10 on him at 151-1 at the start of the year!! Wish I took the place bet as well!!
  9. I tried watching the first quarter but the camera work is garbage.. The "cameraman" zooms in way to far and reacts to slow to when the ball is kicked.. Frames up the player on the wrong side.. Just yuk!
  10. M jones the better one?? What the hell? Matt Jones turned over his first 5 kicks! Wasn't his best effort! That was tysons best game since rd 1 last year!
  11. I sat through the entire 2014 tribunal season as a AV tech (I played the videos and made the phone calls) I think he'll be given a week and be able to take an early plea down to a fine.. It was wreck less and intentional, but mcmillian wasn't hurt.. Could be defended as a brain fade.. And I would imagine Vince has a fairly clean record?
  12. Out. Vince (likely suspension) Wagner In. Brayshaw & Garlett. lets not jump the gun with Petracca.. Let's save him for those muppets who wear the yellow and black!!!
  13. Just quietly.. Carey's percentage is 511.43 % THAT IS MASSIVE!!
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