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  1. Mark my words. Unless Goodwin makes significant changes to the team line up and sparks some sort of passion in them. Weds Night will be an absolute MASSACRE!! I’m talking a 15 goal loss.
  2. If TMac isn’t put to CHB get him out! (listening to the presser he is staying forward so) OUT TMAC C Wagner Spargo TSmith Lockhart Garlett Lewis would want to never play that bad again or see ya later! What bathwater did Goodwin feed these players over summer??
  3. This is the start of a new Era. All embarrassing Hoodoos have now been broken. Sydney was the last team we hd not beaten for 9 years. We have also now won on everyone ground in the last 5 years except for Hobart.
  4. Kolodjashni won’t play rd1. Fritsch will be in that team.
  5. Mmm I was apart from the obvious. Hoping his statement would backfire after we beat Hawthorn..
  6. In order. Peak 1. Coming out and humiliating Geelong on the big stage and beating them when it counted to win our first final in 12 years. In game moment was Jones goal Which he kicked right in front of me. 2. Beating Hawthorn in the Semi. In game moment, Jack Viney’s bulldozing play (that gave the “Worpedo” a free lesson on how to actually play) to Set up Brayshaw’s mark that put it past Hawthorns reach. 3. Beating West Coast in Weat Coast to make the finals. Wasn’t able to watch the game, had to listen on the radio while working. In game moment looking back was, the stoppage Jones tapped the ball with his foot to get it out to Brayshaw that started the paly down the wing which led to Melksham putting us back in front.
  7. ??‍♂️ Why not just kick him in the gonads as well while we’re at it? Jones isn’t a fringe player. He is heart & soul.
  8. Who was the Greens MP that said there’s more chance of us winning a flag than this happening? I really wanted to ask him how nervous he was before the Prelim.
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