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  1. Frankly my dear I couldn't give a damn what Maynard thinks about anything. I have a strong view about the reckless intent of that incident. I'm not going to discuss it any further.
  2. I'd say we'll be getting nothing for Agnus. Unlikely to get much for Angus as well. Maynard should be held responsible but of course wasn't.
  3. Chop Who’s off. I love the MFC but I’m never going to be chopping mine off for anything to do with it no matter how bad it gets. You can chop yours off. Have to be the most extreme response I think I’ve ever seen on here.
  4. You see I bl@@dy told youse all. Don't recruit any Western Stralians. Even from the middle of nowhere. Go home factor has struck already. Makes Jackson look like a career Demon. 😎
  5. I heard last year that they thought it was going to take McVee a couple more years before he'd move into the midfield. Something to do with still learning the game and having to keep things simple. Bowser has said in the past that he played as a forward as a junior.
  6. Kate Roffey very specifically and clearly dealt with Fishermans Bend at the AGM. They investigated it. The primary issue was that all of the land that would be relevant for the MFC is owned privately. There is no public land that is suitable for our purposes. Any prospect of buying the private land would be financially not possible. What are you missing. You keep flogging this and it has been covered by the Club. I know this is a forum and anyone can post whatever they like but please move on. She made it clear they had welcomed any proposals from anyone and had investigated them all including Port Melbourne. Port would only ever have room for the exisiting oval not another one and the club needs two which they can get at Caulfield. My own view is that Fishermens Bend is no where near where most of our supporters/members live and would be a pain in the [censored] to get to in terms of public transport. Caulfield is ideally placed for access and is in close proximity to what the club knows is the centre of our supporter/membership base. Most importantly at this point at least for a feasibility study, it is being backed by the multiple stakeholders who are required to approve and finance it. It's been settled on after years of work. Lets move on.
  7. Do my eyes deceive me or was that Fritter right in the middle of everyone having finished the 2ker. What a comeback if that’s right.
  8. They mentioned they had looked at every option including Port and Fisherman’s Bend. There were prohibitive issues with every one they looked at. Caulfield is brilliant logistically. It’s in the centre of the heartland. It’s accessible from 3 different train lines. It’s 10 minutes from the MCG. It has only become an option quite recently as the Govt has decided to open it up to wider community use than just the racecourse. There is ample room for two MCG size grounds. All the space for cutting edge sports facilities admin and supporters all in the one precinct. I real need in the area for the facilities so multiple stakeholders who will invest and have an interest in it happening rather than not happening. The timeframe will be something like 4 years if it all gets approved. A lot of work has gone on by many stakeholders to get to this feasibility stage. There is an in principal agreement to pursue this. Pert said that in response to Gary Hardeman asking if we could be gesumped again like Collingwood did at Olympic Park.
  9. Yep but the problem is they won’t decide anything before the hearing and it’s already been over a month which is longer than the ban should be and no hearing date has been set as far as we’re aware. So the 1 month ban is a joke.
  10. Actually if you look closely it looks like he wouldn't have been able to open his door. Maybe they were protecting the masses from him.
  11. The AFL system is so broken. There is a provision for only a one month ban if the player undertakes an education program. So the ban should be finished already but if what you say is correct, they haven’t even set a date for the hearing and apparently don’t even have an accredited education program in place. So it will be way more than a month at this point when it should have already been over.
  12. Thanks @Lucifers Hero for all your ongoing hard work. I'm sure I speak for a lot more than just myself in saying It's much appreciated.
  13. Not that we'll ever know but wonder if this was Jaguar not being prepared to pay more than Hertz or them just deciding to not sponsor Dees anymore. Hope it's the former. I would imagine the cost of sponsorship is a lot more now than it was when they first came on board.
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