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  1. Reminds me a lot of Petty. I'd be very happy with a Petty Stewart hybrid.
  2. Except Port have already given away their first rounder next year so at this point have nothing to offer.
  3. One has to assume that the Club has done everything it could to get him to extend his contract before entering what is now the final year of his contract. I'm sure they would have preferred to have avoided another Jackson like circus but here we are again. Can't help feeling he's gone.
  4. I'm no mathematician but I have heard of the law of averages and based on that law surely we are due to finally draft a successful key position forward. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe we've ever drafted a key forward that's gone on to have a career. Lyon and Schwarz didn't come in through the draft. Neiter was recruited as a back and started his career back before going forward out of necessity when Lyon retired. Robbo was brilliant but not a key forward. I didn't realise Neiter like Robbo was from Tassie. T Mac was recruited as a back. The only key forwards I can think of that MFC have drafted are not in order Newton, Molan Cook, Weideman and now Jefferson. My genius mathematical brain tells me statistically we are clearly due for Jefferson to be a Coleman medal winning success.
  5. Wow! A training report from Goschs. How long has it been. Thanks @Slartibartfast and any others that can make it to training over the coming summer. Reports always gratefully received from those of us who can't make it.
  6. I know it's laughable to make any comments off photos but....... his kicking action in that photo looks like someone who knows how to kick a footy. While he might look skinny from my point of view he also looks pretty cut for an 18 yr old. Skin folds already look pretty good. He doesn't look like he's coming in from a zero base like some other Rookie B's I've seen.
  7. I've never fully understood who actually does the player and pick trading. I think most of us gave Mahoney the credit for it in his time at MFC but is that right was it Tim Lamb doing the negotiating even then. In fact is it Tim Lamb doing it now. I assume JT and team go out and find the talent and then it's over to TL and team to negotiate. Anyone know how it works.
  8. A Talking Heads song comes to mind in response to this post.
  9. Does anyone know how this is going to work when they disagree. Who's decision is followed.
  10. I see this Board bashing just won't go away and there continues to be quite a lot of misinformation being spread around on here. To be clear, after the Court case the Club offered to distribute Lawrence's propaganda without him getting anyone's emails. He made the decision to still demand getting them even though he didn't need to. Secondly a lot of people on here like you think that because the Judge ruled Lawrence could get the emails that was a correct decision and the Club should never have defended it. Obviously the Club had legal advice that it didn't have the legal right to distribute the emails and had to defend the case. Do you want a Board that doesn't follow legal advice. Supreme Court decisions are constantly appealed and overturned especially where clauses are invented by Judges that don't exist. I would be very confident this decision would have been overturned on appeal but there wasn't time for it and it would have involved Thirdly many on here have continued to slam the Board for the process it followed for the Constitution amendments. I'm genuinely interested to hear what workable alternative they suggest should have been followed to give each of those 1000 submissions equal fair democratic coverage given you think Lawrence's submissions should have been sent to every member. Surely the only fair democratic thing to do would have been to distribute all of them. Or are you all actually closet elitists who think only Lawrence's should have been distributed because he was wealthy enough to sue the Club. Assuming they did distribute all those 1000 submissions what process do you think should have been followed to get a workable Constitution. Get the members to vote on everyone of them? How do you exclude any? How would we all be feeling about the Board if that was their process and we were buried in 1000 submissions? I'm so over this but I feel compelled to respond because I just want this Club to succeed and history shows a stable Board is essential to a healthy Club and a destabilised Club buried in nasty politics fails. If this Board was doing a bad job put a ticket together and vote it out. I think right now this Board has made a series of critical decisions which have put the Club in the best position it's ever been in financially and with memberships and solid with football.
  11. Out of interest are you one of Peter Lawrence's Deemocracy group.
  12. Jeez Picket you must be exhausted from all the warpaths you must have been on over the years if stuffing up picks is your criteria.
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