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This smells like 1987


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I think we should be proud of the excellent job Jackson Bartlett Roos and all the coaches have done over the past three years.

We now have a brilliant young team laden with talent that will now give us pleasure for many years to come, thank god those dark days are over, it was a hard slog.

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On 15 August 2016 at 5:01 PM, Diamond_Jim said:

Nothing can be like '87.

23 years in the wilderness ..........almost a whole city barracking for you..........having the wind for three quarters at Waverley and then that unbelievable end to the dream. After the siren the crowd was hushed. People wandered the car park trying to understand what had happened that day. It was very special.

No it's not '87 but it is a very good feeling.

I was 10 at the time and remember parts of the game at Footscray and the prelim vividly. The old man was a made Dees man. 

 Waverley the wind following us at the end of each qtr and then dropping towards the end of the third, then stay staying with the Hawks for the last. It sure seemed like it. I dreamed, we all dreamed, then the terrible missed shots on goal followed by that moment.

The devastated, hushed ending was almost unbearable. The old man was a big man and was terribly unhappy at the end, it was unfortunate for the Hawks mate of his we travelled up from Geelong with. The radio went on to listen to the post match and not a word was spoken until we dropped his mate off at his door.

"Goodnight..." He said with happiness in his voice. GFY was the response. Ahhhh I miss the old fella.

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22 hours ago, Ricky P said:

Didn't some Collingwood supporters spit on Bobby Skilton after that game in 76?

Wouldn't surprise - I recall going to a St.Kilda v Collingwood practice game at Victoria Park in 1974 and recall the younger (and some older) filth supporters lining up on both sides of the umpires race and spitting on them thru the wire mesh at 1/2 time -

(and yes, it was only a practice game...)

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7 hours ago, Ricky P said:

There's no schedule. We'll make finals when we're good enough to make finals.

Indicating concern about the negative ramifications of making the finals is peak MFCSS. At some stage we all have to stop assuming the worst is about to happen. I'd invite you to take to that step now. It's very liberating!

I don't think it's MFCSS by any stretch of the imagination. Essentially what I said was reiterated by Roos at his presser today. Regardless of what happens in the next few weeks, we can't lose sight of where we are at. Finals or no, we are a middle of the table team with a high ceiling if we stick at it. If we make finals, that fact does not change and shouldn't provide a false floor for our development. 

I think schedules are things that are okay to make faster than predicted. No one at the club (supporters like ourselves or impartial observers are another matter) should ever put a ceiling on the players as to what they can achieve. I believe that premiership schedules are very handy as a tool of measurement if a team is not even close to reaching it's potential (it's the reason why Neeldy got sacked) so corrective action can be taken. They are also useful for teams who are looking to the long term who are aware that miracles won't occur overnight (that thinking allowed Bomber Thompson to ultimately keep his job and deliver a flag to the Cats) and whether they should stick the course.

10 hours ago, Mr Steve said:

Hawthorn won a flag ahead of schedule, look at the devastation that has caused their club. The Hawks might never recover from that 2008 flag. Best we miss out this year. 

If you seriously think we are in flag territory then you might want to watch footage of this year again.

I would love it if it were true and if a miracle did happen, I would be happier than most. However, realistically, it's not happening.


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22 hours ago, PaulRB said:

Having followed and loved the journey into two GF appearances thus far, I agree, it's MUCH better than a spoon.

However, both times we got there on a burst of inspired footy and found ourselves massively out of our class up against a genuinely champion team, in their prime. From that I've learnt to discern and hope that next time we find ourselves in a GF its us who is the genuinely champion team.

Fingers crossed. Third time a treat... and all that.

Well there's no genuine champion teams this year so we have that going in our favour ;)

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Finals are a new season- Anything can happen

The players must focus on beating the blues and then the  Cats

Coaches must concentrate on getting the players from the squad to understand the significance of these matches and then re focus on the final experience.

Every player must be given the chance to experience the final. The exhilaration of participating and the anguish of defeat. This must be a total squad experience and they must hunger for sucess and drive each other to that end.

They must watch the victors and their joy (and arrogance) and be told that they too can enjoy the short and long term idolatry that comes with being a premiership player.

They must not be rewarded for this years progress and success for the job is not completed. They must be made aware that Essendon etc games have denied them this year and there must be no such lapses next year. They must be made aware that they are in a privileged position, they have  support and they have the expectations of many on them But they also have the capacity for greater reward (The last two weeks show that) they must be made aware they are on the doorstep of greatness and they must break that door down. 

Now they must play for the future by winning the next two matches.   

They can be reminded of the anticipation that the day at Footscray gave every supporter and player and they can be reminded of the despair of many of those same people at Waverley.

They can get some of the players and supporters to the club to speak with the players about the passions that they are responsible for.

Its going to be a bloody exciting time for the next few weeks setting up the next few years.

Had a brief contact with Dees supporter (md234) on the number plate (just passing through town) and complimented him on his public display of commitment. As two disparate and seperate individuals we were united with the thoughts (and) promise that the next two weeks brings. Let hope it happens

Any way just a slow shoe day so must get on with the mundanities of life.



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