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  1. Fortnight been saying we can’t play as well as Geelong final again …
  2. We can afford graciousness to the Dogs - Bont’s classy speech. Saints too. Feel like reserving spite for GF drubbing of scumbag or interstate club
  3. Three goals in 50 seconds before 3Q time is good football
  4. Not one of us is any longer a “Demon tragic”
  5. Should push for long extension given the concessions last 2 years
  6. I want us to own Optus for all time - only club to ever win a Premiership there
  7. stop in one fell swoop - free kick to BBB in the goal square
  8. Charlie Spargo to torch it - three goals in three minutes 🤞
  9. Was at the MCG game too Tilly. Wooden spooners beat reigning Premiers
  10. Hopefully our boys have something more worthwhile to wear later this week. Not even a fan of interstate players being eligible. Brownlow should be for Victorian clubs only.
  11. Toumpas was widely viewed across AFL as top prospect
  12. …and the Saints review McCartin over Trac
  13. Wouldn’t have got 3 votes in big hometown Prelim. Other than GF - only thing that matters in footy and all I care about
  14. Sorry to burst your bubble. Trac and Clarrie joint runners up. Max gets the 3 versus Geelong and wins by one -last vote of the night
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