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  1. Was there too. only kicked 2 goals in the last quarter. Both in time on. Chopper Lovell and Sean Wight. Got up by 9 points.
  2. Think I saw a side with out top 8 OUT - Max and Clarrie/Trac/Viney 2 forwards BBB/Fritta, 2 defenders May/Lever with Casey ring ins Smith, Weid, Hunt, Melkshem, Chandler, Jordan, plus Tomlinson and Dunstan - still looked ok. Can weridee or someone do the team?
  3. Dark as, recall Neita kicking 5 in a quarter that Eagles game
  4. I have seen us win at every VFL opposition home ground in Victoria. Yet to see a Premiership live ♥️💙 🏆
  5. Thanks, also to your goose teamate who thumped it out
  6. Max can play a blinder 4 quarters next time, not just one 🏆💙❤️
  7. A year or two later North led them by 69 points and they still got up. scoring was easier then
  8. Probably not allowed Thought he was Mike from Breaking Bad
  9. Collectively gotta edit such memories and MFCSS out of mind - replace them with production line images of Trac, Clarrie and Viney bursting from the centre
  10. Cats by a point after the bell. Cats by 84 in big final. Not fussed
  11. Think there was early 80s game Princes Park,54 points up approaching half time. was at the Essendon game. Bang. Bang. Bang. All over now 🏆♥️💙
  12. Clarrie - almost mythical can imagine Da Vinci or Michaelangelo Caesar Arrival Queen of Sheeba
  13. So many great images from our season. Max at the Cattery Langdon’s smile Trac’s stare Fritta’s jumper tug Kossie after a snap Goodie and Max centre stage at Optus Team celebration I rate this most iconic - I recall the instant 57 years despair morphed into spine tingling disbelief
  14. ANB or Viney would cop 8 weeks for that
  15. My life changed from this moment. The Viney crash actually.
  16. For a break I’m watching one of my favourite three pre covid games. 2000 QF win v Carlton. Green, Bruce and Yze in the last Q. My other 2 favourites are in 1994 Final when Ox had a day out v Carlton. And 1988 Prelim at VFL Park when we stopped Carlton going back to back. Now there’s consequences and penalties for cheating, Carlton have had no success
  17. Fear this will wreak havoc across our “golden era” Suns will probably pinch one MFCSS
  18. Today is 95 days since GF Now only 75 days until next game Lets beat Bulldogs by 75 points 🏆
  19. Someone takes my parking spot - think of Trac turning and delivering The last lofat milk gone - recall TMac’s shepherd I get cut off and sigh - remember Oliver’s run and goal, or Kozzie spooking someone and Spargo’s goal or Jackson’s hand pass or Harmes’ gather and kick to Fritta … Life is good 🏆
  20. Yeah, Col kicked 2 goals in a minute against Druggies. At night in the rain. Rare win in depths of our despair
  21. Saw my GP (Demon man) today. Asked how I was; “never felt better since halfway thru third quarter” Knew what I meant.
  22. Aren’t they dutybound under OHS rules to notify AFL medicos and MFC medicos they are sending potentially sick players out there. They only had a minor final - we had a Grand Final to play. What if Trac and Fritter got infected with cat flu?
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