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  1. Haven’t tracked him much! Let’s hope so
  2. Rivers is the wildcard. He’s a long term midfielder I reckon so we’d be needing to look at someone to replace him down back.
  3. Massive mistake, I agree. Sparrow isn’t fringe, he’s clearly best 22. And had some outstanding moments last night - the kick to Fritsch on the goal line was perfect, and the goal he kicked from 50, off a step, to put us three goals up was absolutely huge. It’s not his first big goal from that distance (think Brisbane on the run, last quarter). Plus, he’s a regular at my local cafe with Jimmy Jordon and the two of them look about 14 years old. They’ll be even better when they grow up.
  4. If he sticks his mitts up like last week and drags them down the Dogs don’t have a defender that can go with him
  5. We talk about Viney being ‘built’ for finals. Honestly, this has been the point of our list build. Viney, along with: Gawn, Petracca, Pickett, Jackson, Spargo, ANB, Harmes, Lever, Bowey, Hibberd, Sparrow, Salem These are guys who on the evidence so far just step it up in massive games. They’ve got Bailey Smith, Bont, Naughton and funnily enough Mitch Hannan
  6. It’s a bit of a no brainer really, sad as that is.
  7. I loved this. He had a second or two of literally standing still with the ball on the 50
  8. Sorry, you’re not serious are you?
  9. One kick smothered coming out of the back half, and that’s it. Going to be a superstar
  10. Wouldn’t get a game. Who would you drop for him?
  11. Fox showed footage of Razor and Danger laughing and joking and fist bumping before last night’s game, and I thought here we go
  12. That’s the one. Brayshaw shanked it on his left out of bounds on the vacant members wing, and Razor didn’t pay deliberate and they ‘low fives’ each other. Hilarious
  13. I hadn’t read the intervening 10 pages or so, but sure, be a [censored] about it
  14. Agreed. Perhaps let’s let him do that in the pre season rather than a prelim, is my thinking
  15. Remember the day Brayshaw gave Razor a high five against the Dogs? That’s how you should touch an umpire
  16. I counted 4 goals where he was directly or very closely responsible
  17. To be fair that doesn’t make it correct
  18. By the length of the straight. It’s not even a question.
  19. That Clarry whine about Spargo was disgusting
  20. The HTB on Petty was absolutely disgraceful
  21. Agreed. Got sucked into the contest way too often and found five Hawks sitting off the back
  22. Any chance of occasionally taking the 2018 approach and just belting an awful team? I’m not asking just much, just the odd win against a bottom four side will do.
  23. Not care, as long as I’m allowed out my house afterwards.
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