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  1. Was thinking of this game and also the 1988 game yesterday. Both over by quarter time. Have never watched them in full. Amazing that the 2000 Essendon team never won another GF. They were... unfortunately for us... awesome. Time for better memories. PS if we win I think there would be demand for a replay with multiple soundtracks. Imagine Gawn describing what he was thinking etc or Goodwin doing analysis
  2. Imagine if the Dallas Cowboys tried that
  3. If he isn't in the senior team he's an expensive Casey player. Would miss him but probably makes sense if he's back up at best.
  4. this is starting to read like a normal nervous gameday thread. Relax people and enjoy the game. Reallity is that in the GF we wont be as good as last night and nor will Bulldogs have a run like tonight
  5. Dogs are snarling Had forgotten how bad Port's gameplan was... looks like Geelong but worse
  6. 1. Gawn 2.Petracca 3. Viney 4 .Oliver 5. Harmes 6. Brown
  7. where have they been hiding that well done Dees
  8. England v India Fifth Test just called off due to support staff member for the Indian team testing positive. The official result may show who runs cricket.
  9. Hoping for a rerun of the 2000 PF against North Go Dees
  10. absolutely correct but what politician wants to be seen as adding to the risk even if the risk is miniscule. Many Malaysians work in Singapore due to better wages. When coming back from Singpaore to Malaysia they have to hotel quarantine for 14 days which most can't afford. This is depite Singapore having 50 odd cases a day and Malaysia having twenty thousand. The world has gone mad. Apparently none of the recent Afghani arrivals have tested positive
  11. would you pay $700k for TMac? He's not going anywhere unless he takes a 2 x $500k deal
  12. that's quite fair given that the MCG numbers are around 20k for each club
  13. must say I was wondering much the same. From what I hear GF tickets in Perth will be like hen's teeth no matter who plays.
  14. I think the issue will be one of money and contract. On his performance this year it would be a big move by the club to offer him more than 2 years with a strong performance based component. There are other clubs who will have no trouble offering three years on more guaranteed money. For a player of Weid's age these are his money years but he might be content with one year at melbourne in an attempt to build up his 2023 price. The one unknown is T Macs late season form slump. Could that be an influencer. The only thing I do know is that at the very best we will be offered a late second rounder for him.
  15. Watching the replay T Mac did very little and he must be under consideration. Logically the replacement is Melksham or for those who are contrarian thinkers perhaps Weid or Mitch Brown (if fit). Cannot forget that Goodwin dropped Fritsch for our last PF after a win.
  16. Daniher has arguably been the most disappointing player of the finals series. Naughton hasn't done much either so far.
  17. Third quarter lost it for the Lions They dominated but very little on the scoreboard
  18. Yep today was the first day of the NCAA season. Baseball playoffs in early October and then NFL All with full stadiums and not a mask to be seen. Not sure what will be happening for indoor sports like basketball and ice hockey
  19. Of all the teams in the 8 you have to agree that as an opponent you couldn't ask for a better outcome. If it were Essendon Sydney or GWS they would have been on a hot streak riding an emotional wave. Dogs, Port and Brisbane are all strong on their day with Brisbane because of injuries the weakest. I'll take Geelong any day in a PF. Go Dees
  20. The reported crowd last night was just over 44k. Certainly didn't look like that many but if there were I'm impressed by the Perth public's support
  21. Ford factory at Campbellfield have Pfizer openings for next week for under 60's. Good luck
  22. Bulldogs go in without a recognised ruckman again. Brisbane for mine
  23. I thought Brown hit up marking on the HFF together with the way he played with Fritsch was pivotal to the win. Rivers (other than his first quarter blemish) was a great reader of the ball and provided repeat thrusts from half back. and someone has to miss out. TBH after Oliver and Petracca you could lay a blanket over another 10 or more players.
  24. Rarely can I claim an early discovery but in this instance.......... Well done Mr Fritsch !!!
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