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  1. Where is Nitschke when we need him. What a name for a footballer even if my spelling is wrong. I'd almost give up a first rounder for a Freud or Camus. Hell I'd even take a Conrad to guide us through the Darkness
  2. Assuming you do play each other once would you vary the order of matches each year. I favour a real draw out of a hat with each team having the right to fix the date for one or perhaps two matches allowing for blockbusters. Following the draw the AFL would then fix the actual time of the game for that weekend
  3. Spot on He's gone but he likes everyone to be his mate... not uncommon and he's probably well advised to avoid... you know what
  4. I'd be surprised if he doesn't have another two years to run
  5. If Tasmania comes in you get 18 rounds. Split three rounds (not rolling byes) and you have a 21 week season for TV purposes as well as giving players a rest. Home and away changes each year. You still get your blockbusters (or most of them) and we only have to go to Kardinia Park every second year
  6. You wonder if you will ever see player contracts with club level performance requirements. Missing out on the UEFA League commonly allows the megastars to walk as does relegation. Should a player such as Peter Wright have to stay around for a rebuild for example.
  7. Would be a conversation starter on the Rawalpindi Express
  8. I know this was discussed but I think it only applies to the AFL funded clubs such as GCS and GWS. If it applied league wide it would make a mockery of 3 or 5 year contracts. This is how players are contracted (minimum term etc) so it's only fair coaches get the same deal. Would be nice to know for sure
  9. Assuming a Rutten payout is within the soft cap it's really hard to sack a contracted coach. I assume he has a contract for 2023 as he was only appointed at the start of the 2021 season. Noble at North had a rolling 6 month contract so they only had to pay 6 months when he left. By covering with a "relief coach" for the last two or so months of the season the impact for North was not too bad
  10. Only way you see movement in this area is to remove the function from the AFL and at the same time decide how it is funded. Problem is that if it is a government type body it will be fighting other codes and both cricket and AFL are high cost per player sports compared to basketball,netball and even soccer ( 3 soccer fields to one AFL arena)
  11. Now there's something we haven't seen for a few years. Kochie's Showdown in Shanghai is dead (if it ever lived) Sheedy's LA dreaming may get some media time Which club(s) will be the bunny to play in New Zealand... (Saints an almost certainty) Having been pre-covid to Eden Park in Kolkata it could make a good venue (problem is most of the AFL season is unbearably hot in India) Will a Sheikh pay us to play Ah... dreams
  12. AFL Commission meets tonight. Three items on the agenda but as I understand it they are information items and not for decision at this stage: 1. Tasmanian Team 2. TV rights deal (won't be as much as they hoped) 3.The next AFL CEO ( tipped to be Andrew Dillon) Club presidents will meet later this month to hear the AFL recommendations. A big month for the future of the game
  13. Damning stat when we have some very good break away players.
  14. Because the coach has drilled into them... boundary line first especially on the other team's half of the ground
  15. The gameplan almost cost us the game despite Carlton rarely using the corridor. Handballs along the boundary line mean you're going slowly the long way round. We know it won't win us a flag and will fail against Richmond, Swans and Pies. Probably Geelong as well. It's not just about forward play but our defence pushes up prepared to leave attackers goal side. Looks good if the opposition are doing dump kicks from our forward line but if they can release the overlap we fail and the opposition can score easily. Too late to change the plan but I'm hoping for some strong centre clearances a la bang bang bang to take us home. Let's win next week and then see what the fresh September grass can deliver
  16. One poster suggested covid but it was not confirmed. Moniz Wakefield was also out but that apparently was due to a groin strain or similar IIRC
  17. Conditions at Casey were not great and we played a boundary line game mainly. Smith didn't do enough. Weideman contested very well and Bowey was solid (kicked his first VFL goal). Chandler and Bedford didn't play. Bowey for Spargo is a possibility Harmes was a solid contributor with lots of possessions without starring
  18. Can't see a result that favours us greatly but for the purpose of keeping top 2 possible....Go Swans Eagles fading in last night's game against Freo did us no favours
  19. Definitely missing... Chandler Bedford and AMW.. on a day such as this
  20. Have not got vision what was our kick out strategy with 50 seconds on the clock ?
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