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  1. That Clarry whine about Spargo was disgusting
  2. The HTB on Petty was absolutely disgraceful
  3. Agreed. Got sucked into the contest way too often and found five Hawks sitting off the back
  4. Any chance of occasionally taking the 2018 approach and just belting an awful team? I’m not asking just much, just the odd win against a bottom four side will do.
  5. Not care, as long as I’m allowed out my house afterwards.
  6. Tomlinson is much more versatile and it’s a ripping problem to have to put him wherever the hell we like that we think he can fill a need. having said that, not sure I agree Petty is better quite yet.
  7. Barrett and Lloyd on Monday showed vision of Max leaving a throw in in our forward pocket and running 100 metres to take Dixon so May was free to roam and pick off the ball coming out. They pointed out how good his leadership is, and it did occur to me that’s probably why May looks so wide open and alone when on TV you can’t see that going on behind the ball. EDIT: with apologies to Titan, who already pointed this out and noted the right segment!!
  8. I was playing golf with a mate at Leongatha when I was about 11 or 12 and Garry Lyon, Glenn Lovett and another player I can’t remember now pulled up at the tee to play after us. We were a bit star struck and Lyon pulled clubs out of both our bags and had a swing with them. He struck me as a bit of a k n o b but Lovett was lovely. ANB, Tom McDonald, Tomlinson, Sparrow and Jordon are all pretty regular at my local cafe. Dom Tyson and JKH used to come in a lot too. JKH lived in the street and didn’t know how to cook so ate there LOTS. Nice kid. Tomlinson is always up for a chat and is a ripping bloke. TMac usually has one or both of his kids so has his hands full but always has a big grin and is really friendly. The younger kids like Sparrow and Jordon remind me how old I am and how young they are. In person they look like they should still be in high school...
  9. From his Fox Footy work, Dal Santo actually seems like a really nice, reasonable bloke.
  10. Want to revisit this now??
  11. I can’t be bothered reading the whole debate but whoever is saying Salem is either lazy or a liability clearly hasn’t seen much football. He is absolutely excellent, and one of our most important players.
  12. Sorry but this is a very silly thread.
  13. Did you know that swearing actually reduces the feeling of pain and increases pain tolerance? Give him a break, it’s not like he wasn’t doing them.
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