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  1. Had a chat with him this morning at our local cafe, seemed fairly philosophical about the whole thing and was in pretty good spirits. Just gutted for him. Fantastic bloke and was just settling in beautifully.
  2. Surely you jest Nash! He's not going anywhere other than on the team bus to Etihad.
  3. Live a little mate. Don’t be such a downer
  4. What an absolute clown. There's just no excuse for this kind of nonsense.
  5. What a load of bunk. I'm on a base salary and a bonus that is almost entirely linked to company performance. Tell the me the difference - I'd love to hear it.
  6. This, 100%. People complaining about Frawley 'mailing it in' have obviously never decided to move jobs. They're obviously still sitting around the company they joined when they were 18, miserable about the fact that the company continues to underperform the industry, but too loyal to leave for more money and some success. They're obviously not grown up enough to realise that a job is a job and they can always see the mates they've 'left behind' on the weekends like the rest of us. Assuming that they even like the people they are working with, which is a big assumption in any organisation, foot
  7. Mate you need to get a life. Get some perspective.
  8. Of course you’re allowed your perspective. I just think it’s wildly wrong. Frost is, was and will be a dreadful footballer.
  9. What nonsense. Frost was always limited, and we could hardly ship him fast enough when the offer for him came. And he was injured for a good portion of the couple of years that OMac played most of his games so it's just not valid to say Oscar was getting games ahead of him. And even if he was, it was because he's a better player than Frost. He probably did what he was told, for a start. But to suggest we should have put more games into him rather than Oscar is ridiculous.
  10. You've obviously not improved from your prior incarnations, and I'm not going to debate with you further. I've established in fifteen seconds that you're talking utter [censored], and am not going to bother to be drawn further.
  11. At risk of invoking with the old adage about arguing with fools, who exactly would you have played instead of Oscar in all these games he was ‘gifted’? Name names he should have been behind, but played in front of.
  12. Sorry, but if you're saying that it's 'near unprecedented' for players to be delisted under 25 years, you have absolutely zero credibility. I'll give you a crack at clarifying, because that's surely not what you actually meant. And if you did, between the rest of us I think we could probably come up with 20 names just from our own club this has happened to. Corey Wagner, this year, for a start.
  13. Well that’s a pretty dumb statement, given we got a trade for Watts.
  14. Nobody questions winning the Hogan trade, it’s giving up a Max King type for May that got people fired up
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