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  1. You mean apart from Lever, May, Langdon, Hibberd, Melksham, Brown and Dunstan? That’s 6 out of our last match 22 and one of the next in line who have to come to us from other clubs. And 4 players (Oliver, Trac, Viney and Brayshaw) have signed ultra long deals in the face of serious bids from elsewhere in the last three years. Bit of a stretch to say nobody wants to play for us.
  2. Of course The reporting doesn’t sound like that’s what they are up for doing, although of course that’s possibly just an early negotiating position. But if they start with 20 and something else, we’d be mad to cop that.
  3. If we managed to stooge two top 10 picks then gave up one for Grundy I’d just about cry.
  4. Well WCE can F off if they’re not coughing up pick 2!
  5. We’ve had since May to think of something, to be fair
  6. You’d think Tomlinson Bedford and Chandler are all a chance of walking and that’s just for starters
  7. Disregarding that time when he was best on ground in one of course
  8. At least May is a decent kick and would usually make it. But why Maxy is trying to hit that kick is absolutely beyond me
  9. He really was. One of only a handful who stood out. The inboard kick to Hunt who was 1 on 3 really cost us though - it feels like we keep asking them to be bolder but when they are, there’s too much of that sort of stuff costing us goals.
  10. I don’t think it’s fair to say Geelong own us given that two of the last three times we’ve beaten them, once by 80 odd in a prelim
  11. It was a shocker. But May could have said hey Buddy, I’ve had about 16 intercept marks on you, get a kick
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