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New MFC facility?

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1 hour ago, beelzebub said:

Good old artic park...very 18th century construct...

Funny..we had nore trains in the latter 18th c ūü§Ē

the only reason they didn't put a railway station to waverley park was purely political. the powers to be didn't want it to succeed

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8 hours ago, Demon Disciple said:

The problem with Waverly Park was that it had very bad public transport access, in particular train access.

The MCG and Etihad are both centrally located and also served well by public transport. Waverly Park was and still is a long way out from the CBD and when you got there it was bloody cold and wasn't the easiest to watch football at. Glad the AFL got rid of it (from a SE occupant).

I happened to (once) be a neighbour to someone with very distinct AFL Park concerns. He, even after a while begrudgingly conceded it was a lemon...not by design or such...but by circumstances out of the leagues control. Big end of town dropped their gonads.

It was also acknowledged it was too big. He didn't know why. ( I reckon someone simply fkuced up early on and it went unchallenged !! )

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8 hours ago, Sir Why You Little said:

The Waverly Scoreboards were so bad!!!!

What was so bad about it? One was pretty similar to most old scoreboards. The other was one the yellow and black tv. I always thought the tv, although not in colour, looked neat was had a futuristic look to it. 

Again, the car parks were the main drawback. But as I said, Dad always took us for a bite to eat and drink afertwards, giving us plenty of time to wait for it to calm down. Like I said before, leaving the G after a game and getting to the station is madness. I have been pushed, groped, rubbed up against, had my ass grabbed in the tight conditions, not to mention how unbearably cramped and hot it is on the train. I have opposition players ridicule me if we lost, drunk idiots trying to ask me for my number. All the great fun of leaving at Richmond. Which is why I try to go have a meal or drink before the mad rush home. And sometimes I have to work the next day, which makes me even later.

The fact is for people in places such as Dandenong, Cranbourne, Springvale (all booming populations), etc, it was a really convenient place to drive to. Most of the residents of the SE surburbs were sad to see it go. I for one was devestated. I’d gone there so much in my youth, it was almost like a playground to me.

I read John Cain was an MCC supporter and didn’t want the MCG losing matches. Let’s not forget how cricket and now soccer have forced the AFL of the G at several occasions. Had Waverley been upgraded, I doubt they’d be kicking us off the G for soccer. I mean take all AFL game of the G and see how long they can survive in occasional soccer internationals.

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Ahh  Waverly.  Great  ground,  no  harder  to  get  out  of  than  the  MCG,  if  you  are  allowed  to  park  there  now.

You  have  to  remember,  to  most  people  the  town  stops  at  Punt  rd,  how  dare  peasants  live  east  of  the  G  60klms  away.

As  to  all  the  trains  stoping  at  Richmond,  once  the  new  underground  is  finished  all  the  SE  trains  wont  go  through  Richmond  any  more.  All  the  people  out  east  will  have  to  change  at  Caufield  both  ways.  Can  you  imagine  the  crowding  after  a  big  game  on  the  frankson  platform.     

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