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  1. 85 into 1986 sore a big shift in attitude... within the club. A turning of the tide, with Jordan's youngsters starting to rise/mature, in the Melbourne team. Adding the mature recruits to them, saw a good result, but the recruiting dropped away somewhat, at the grass-root levels. Nup... he's talking about running players, who carry the ball, and use it.
  2. What about the saying 'Hard as a Cats head'... how many here use that term. That is a term used to deliberately denigrate a warm blooded mammal, and is encouraging the cruelty to Cats, and that its, an OK sport. I had to stop a young friend years back, from deliberately running down a cat... he steered off line to try to get it. So I grabbed the wheel in a vice like grip... he had to stop the car, and could not move-on, until the issue was settled. This was somebody's beloved pet... maybe an older lonely Australian, or maybe a child.? So lets not be biased here.
  3. Tell that to a ravaged Koala. DG. Or a Sheep or Calf with its innards hanging out... In they're normal state, Dogs are vicious.animals. Many people and children have been ripped open by them. This is what that saying, represents.
  4. Getting too in your face, isn't OK. That IS being abusive. But yelling some abuse at the field from 40 Mtrs away, isn't so personal... so not as intently hurtful. People have to stop being so aggressive, up in the persons space. I think this is the difference, to respect with some reason, and being totally disrespectful, at a humanity level. .
  5. We have to stop falling for the old "pea and thimble" con. Not Re Curnow, but generally we miss the harder edged players, who play tight on the edge. These character types, are quite often the match-winners in our physical game of footy.
  6. Definitely not. Mr Ewing. It would be a slow tracking of our list growth, and slow our future progress. We are back in the rushing pack, atmo... and we lack the speed and the skilled players. And still we lack, that A-lite player. or two. Oli and Brayshaw have plateaued, and do not deliver the ball well enough for our forwards to be real weapons. We need A-graders in the run and carry areas. Our flanks are our biggest weakness's, hb, centrline, and hf's... and the pockets... ie: running players... & not just running players, but a couple of the best around. We need to top-up with a couple of top guns... top 15 type running players.
  7. 88 era, we copped one of the best clubs/teams of all time to be up against... and they had the mongrel wood on us, and made us their mental biatches. Mid to late 90's we were extremely talented front runners. Not disciplined enough, and not strong enough defensively minded, to shut down and suffocate our strong opponents. 2000_ same, same. Skilled front runners, shown up by tough mongrel footballers with the spirit to Win at all costs... lambs to slaughterhouse. We have to get to being a team of hard nuts, who can kick and run... with footy nous, and and irrepressible spirit. Our Club's modern off-field public culture, continually undermines our efforts to become this. That morality is a PC thing, and it harms the Demons. .
  8. Preferrably not from in-house. We should be resisting falling back into the in-house trap all the time, because its a kind thing to do... this is one of our failings, that being kind equals winning. In footy, it does not. So look outside the club for skills coaches.
  9. Nah we don't want pick1.. but won't argue with 2nd, 3rd, or 4th pick. ... and wouldn't argue, If say, we traded a Pick 2... for a couple of 1st Rnd picks.
  10. Viney, Petracca, AVB........ hmmn.???
  11. can he kick and run, full stop.!
  12. The closet to him, of what we had last year, was imo, TMc. We've missed TMc playing as a tall mid/hff.
  13. Adam Goodes and wife Natalie Croker welcome daughter Adelaide https://www.smh.com.au/sport/afl/adam-goodes-and-wife-natalie-croker-welcome-daughter-adelaide-20190614-p51xs9.html Congratulatins to Goodse'y and wife Natalie, on the birth of their first born... Adelaide Goodes. Ms Croker gave birth on Wednesday and are incredibly happy, Goodes' management said, with mother and daughter both healthy and doing well. Former Sydney Swans AFL footballer Adam Goodes and wife Natalie Croker are new parents.Credit:AAP The couple announced their pregnancy in February and have been married since 2016. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/afl/adam-goodes-and-wife-natalie-croker-welcome-daughter-adelaide-20190614-p51xs9.html
  14. Yes, I recall vaguely... and we are back into the same situation now, with 'China' trying to make inroads into Antarctica now... and IIRC, they have squatted, on some of our territory down there.??? Maybe we should send Greg Hunt, and Abbott as an Envoy, down there to smoke out those rascally Chinee, and send them off with some buckshot on their tails. That would learn 'Em. .
  15. Everything back then was based more from a humanity angle... politics had a stronger edge of human heart-felt decisions... instead of about getting one up on something, Gain... Rock Music was about issues, about Mandela, or raising money and awareness of the down trodden... the Beatles did, Pink Floyd did, U2 did, Bob Geldof, even Elton did. There was an honor in our leaders mostly. One didn't have to look too far, to find an honorable leader, who stood for the right things, for justice, for fairness, for the underprivileged, and for endangered animals, and Environments in decline..... For the Longer term, and not just the one day after this day. People were moved by such higher moral callings, because they were not so selfish, as today's mentality. I think the difference is/was we all played in the dirt as children, the majority did, and we had a lower more earthy connection to the natural world and so to one another as we had less as youngsters. So to be given something was, more special... than, imo, today's. I think when things are gotten thru life, too easily, then they lose value in the persons perspective, and it becomes less important, to the players of the day. Same in footy. the players like watts... maybe Tracca... and the leaders don't work and struggle their way up the AFL chain, to the top... they are head hunted from within a select private schooled 'bunch'............ again gotten too easily. The spoilt make poor leaders... and poor team players as well. These are truly, 'the entitled'. .
  16. Leaning back during the kicking stride, causes the leg to swing across the body to target line. If this is a habit, the player often adjusts the line of run-up, to that like a rugby league kicker, kicking for goal... approaching the ball from an offset angle. This can also help get some extra distance. Leaning back is the worst thing to do, upsetting ball drop... and the action of the leg through the target line. Petracca's action is a mess. And will never get better, as long as he leans back on the kick. He has to go to school on his licking... and at the same time, learn to kick with his non preferred foot, on the run. Maybe do this first, as this might Aid his goal kicking ability on his natural side.
  17. All the leaders of the world are telling the people what they can and cannot do... and that 'entitlements' are finished. But they forgot to tell they're own BIG Business sectors, the same story lines. All they want to do, is cut cut cut, and leave the masses with nothing to spend. Guess what happens when no-ones spending.? No one is selling either. Unless they happen to export... Iron, Copper, Aluminium, Gas... Minerals and Primary produce. Yes, we have No, bananas Joe.
  18. I'd be a fan of sending Fritta back to Casey, to loosen-u... and enjoy his game again... to free him up, in mind somewhat. He looks burdened, and a bit stale, tired. This would help us to get more games into Lockhart, and others, on rotational clusters of games. Just for the kids who need more exposure to the big league... to help them adjust. IMO, our biggest weakness is the depth of maturity... So many young players, who haven't yet bridged the devide, between VFL and AFL. they need games of exposure to get there. Rest our walking wounded, and expose some lazy others, to the hard work they avoid. Make them put up. Via they're own responsibilities... without injured stars to hide behind. Pull Viney and TMc out... Hannan because of his chronic knees,... so save his knees with less workload. Put Petracca into the centre. run him hard. resting on the bench. Play Preuss, and run him hard as well. and send Preuss over to the States again, end of September... and again, December/January... fast track him. Get Fritta, Hunt, ANB, Keilty, Stretch, Spargo, Sparrow, Bedford, Chandler, Jordan, Dunkley, & Nietschke, into the Gym full time, from late August. Into the weights, and Boxing.
  19. No way I would let Keilty go... he's a keeper for mine, for at least another two seasons, to help him deevelop. I think he has a natural mind for the AFL. Maybe just needs a bit more time, for 'growth'... & believe he belongs at the level. he's young, well, just turned 24Yrs. so a depth thing. ... so with this, I would look to keep Keilty for 2 rookie seasons... and tSmith for one further season. maybe put Keilty on the senior list for 1Yr... and relist tSmith as rookie. However we can do it, to maintain the depth. Unless there are other mature tall-forwards out there, ready to go, and ready for recruiting.
  20. Faaaantastic, unconscious, eye-hand co-ordination... pure subconscious reflex, at her focus spot. ... see how she stutters in her throw, the last twitch change of direction, at the camera itself. ... focus on your target behind the goals... and ForGet about those bloody big sticks.... focus, kick, and follow thru inline with your target. ... thats all. That would help 85% of it. .
  21. Yep, call time. I wouldn't trust him in a GF.
  22. That's what priests are for. To think on behalf of the flock, and to give advice... so people don't think on they're own, and all start pulling in differing directions. God forbid... No serious talk to one-another, or mayhem may breakout. anger, outrage, even some fornication. Keep unto yourself, and confess at least once a week. Then only the priest him-self knows all the happenings, or thoughts of... in-silence. What a recipe for destruction, non-learning, and a mono-culture..... just ask your alter-boy next door. It seems our Multi-National directors all sing from that Hymn book... and take a gold watch... million$--dollar$ payout at retirement time, (hush money) ... they say, $ilence i$ Golden. They all seem to shake, on that score. I believe the AFL also have a similar in-house, secret handshake .
  23. When 'competition' started to get serious, about-itself, 'LN'.
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