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  1. Yet when rumouring about trades in and out, we must consider the game planning, the talents we have and the opportunities that these possibilities may hold; otherwise, the trading is a waste of Far Ken's time.
  2. I just see Spargs, given a fairer shake of the sav by others in the team, as mighty similar (but a little slower) than a young bloke we once had tearing other teams apart - particularly up forward - Tricky Ricky we used to call him and the ginger beanpole did everything he could to get him into the play and off for a couple of mind-bending passes, receives and goals.
  3. D4life actually raises a terrific point about Spargs getting space by himself to receive and deliver (or line-'em-up) yet is being ignored by nearly all of his teammates. The 'long bomb' has significantly weakened our team and so many of our players still keep attempting to kick 'that one' that reaches a forward target successfully. Seldom, rarely, almost never occurs. Spargs may well have kicked 20-30 goals in the 2022 season if the game plan had 'permitted' it to occur. This has to change. Jordan's effectiveness overall is commendable and his kicking to Spargs remains a vital cog in the wheel of deliberation. He can see the more frequent potential, knowing Spargs' is just about our best 'deliverer' and 'feeder of forwards'. It's game plan stuff, once again ... it is stuff that should be better rehearsed and exploited.
  4. Not sure that I agree with the entire list of player suggestions, above, but the Premiership did get away from us (as we have proven to be static and presumptuous whilst still being highly dependent on the few). However, some of these players needed to be brought into the team of reducible capacities, without doubt. The writing was on the wall for us; we failed to see that the game plan was dated and well scrutinised, the wellness of players proving to be an enormously significant reason for more mediocre execution and ability to resist - after Round 10 - cascading losses across 100 minutes of footy. Rotation was indeed the most obvious need - it is no longer a 'lesson', it should be 'doctrine'.
  5. The game plan does require some tinkering, but a little more than '...a bit of...', as we blood newbies and young 'uns into the fold that will give us more: speed and endurance, and game day alternatives with less reliance on what was once known as the 'best 22'. Clearly, we need to stop exhausting our troopers, as this increases physical risks and injuries amongst those who are prone - already proven throughout season 22. We must aim to develop - preferably within - a 'best 26-30', with gaps filled by youth or several recruits who have capacities that we will require to negate and out-play opponents that have currently taken our top rung on the cocky-perch. We are capable of being where we want to be in season '23 instead of being a team of excellent players bearing and demonstrating the costs and dependencies associated with lowering numbers of selectable players due to the limitations of our now well interpreted modus operandi. It is really up to the coaches, Club leadership and innovation to get us to that finish line - all within and across the next twelve months.
  6. Went out with my new chainsaw and cut some great firewood. Resisted everything about the game. Now to find out the score.
  7. The outrage of Scott after a loss - and such an important game, at that - is what I am patiently waiting for as an end-of-season pick-me-up.
  8. Members might be better served if they were polled on the Grundy deal - and supporters if so requesting. We sit here with a thousand recommendations of varying influence and opinion (which is healthy) but have little 'input' to the decisions that are sometimes made. Some decision in the past season have been breath-taking; the old '...paddling the river in a barbed-wire canoe...' has been a regular occurrence. Having watched our VFL side begin to peak, playing a game that became stronger and more unstoppable towards their finals series - and eventually reaching a crescendo at the right time due to advances in teamwork and execution - it was evident, early, that there were overdue infiltrations of youthful talent across the field of play that should have been inserted into the big-time (albeit in small numbers) and thus, receiving support and encouragement in the AFL side and its game plan to really strengthen our opportunities despite fielding injured players and reputational individuals sadly out of good form. I honestly feel that recruiting Grundy invokes a holding of breath for most Demon supporters, just like some of the decisions made to play tired or injured personnel, singular game plan capacities and continuously pursued but unspecific 'learnings' for next week.
  9. Absolutely! Just one, well supported with existing talent - and an improved game plan or two.
  10. Time to think about another Irishman; a mobile, tough medium tall. Then we will take pressure off our draft outcomes. Return airfare to a couple of our recruiters, please.
  11. Big bombs in - must stop. It destroys our strengths and is extremely uncertain. Predictability for our opponents must cease.
  12. We'd be stronger developing from within - and the recruits well-suited to our intended game plan and forward connection(s). We don't really need two physically tiring rucks; we do need potential, refreshments and outstanding coaching, the latter particularly on game day.
  13. It must be frustrating to be a professional footballer, for some, these days.
  14. Looks seriously like those who 'manage' the overall system of the AFL need to look over their shoulders at every moment; these kinds of discrepancies seem to exist in every moment of modern football where merit, advantage and kind heartedness are theirs to selectively sprinkle. Carna far king Dees!
  15. Clarrie is so good/effective that he is 'expected' to dominate games with performance excellence. This expectation does not draw the Brownlow votes to which he is entitled - and the same for Petracca. I am extremely proud of the two of them polling so highly in this atmosphere, both smashing high scores across the season - this silent outcome (ie: not winning the Brownlow count) draws critical votes against them both, appearing to rob Peter to pay Paul. It also has the effect of conceding by umpires that should a more conservative game appear for either of them where they still would warrant 2 or 1 vote(s) for performance quality, yet receive no votes in such games because they have not met with 'expected' game performance (ie: absolute and solely the best afield). This makes us all wonder whether the Brownlow method is bullet-proof, legitimate and fair; as we all realise, umpires are the first to make error and favour two elements all modern footballing outcomes. Hush, hush; we scored incredibly well despite the eventual disagreements on the singular outcome. Their combined scoring is a poor man's reckoning of immense proportions unrivalled by any other club in the League.
  16. I can now confirm an update on that - the Filth lost to the Swans and are now out, as well. It may well mean that the Swans will topple Geelong in the Granny.
  17. Weightman eventually killed Cowboy Neale's career, didn't it?
  18. Do you reckon it would help if we became 2nd tenants at Kardinia Park? We could train the house down then, knocking to absolute sheet out of the mongrels in navy and white jumpers.
  19. Longevity, reliability to resist longer-term injuries, actual physical fitness and endurance, diverse rucking skills, and other criteria. Possibly better to have a more youthful and developing ruck addition than a 33 year old Grundy who is at the sunset of his footy career, and that youth would need to demonstrate current abilities in advance of those of the Weed. Money could and should be directed to forward line investments. Both a ruck - and a forward - are out there, somewhere, and the money otherwise expended on Grundy would be very handy to find such footballers.
  20. A brief but honest appraisal by Max expressing his thoughts and feelings about missing out on progressing further in the finals this year. I am glad at this point that he did not elaborate on any specific 'onfield' criticisms or other related issues. He appears to be set on righting the wrongs of the season as these affect Members and supporters, so that is a real positive; in particular, his leadership is going to be called upon to a massive degree and frequency in the next season - so musing on the what, why, how and applied methods will take a while - probably until the first bounce in 2023. We are in for an interesting 'off-season' of remediation and reset. Looking forward to the decisions about to be made.
  21. Maybe players get excluded if they wear the red'nblue?
  22. It is a considerable shame, that performance. He could well have given match-winning input to our overall effort. He is still contracted (and was in that game, of course) but did not appear to be capable of accepting the responsibility of wearing the jumper with pride, providing the inputs and outputs that were anticipated, absolutely required and so very necessary for an improved overall team result. Some un-blooded Casey or AFL bench-warmer did not get that opportunity, as a consequence. There seems to be some attitude barrier, perhaps; we need players who enter the field with determination for the team, with the team and share their skills as members of the team.
  23. (a) more running to make space and required fitness increases more central corridor entering forward line and tandem entries/ghosting lock in improved foot passing/goalkicking skills (There are more to add than 3) (b) JVR for BBB (Swap AFL/VFL) Joel Smith for an ageing Hibberd or re-injured TMac Bedford for Spargo (re-train Spargs at Casey)
  24. The very moment that Tracca started limping again.
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