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  1. State gov phase two wont be announced until mid next year.[my opinion] State election November next year, so hold it till then to announce it . Bribe the people and hope they forget the 801 deaths.
  2. Just got my 2 tickets for Sat game. Had to go through ticketec, they are hopeless. No seats were av anywhere, and we have reserved seating M52. Rang the club ,finally got through, they said they were still on 25% cap. They went away and finally got us seats in M16 . Ticketec and the AFL couldnt run a brothel in an army camp on pay night, they would lose money.
  3. For all those people saying just train to Richmond and watch training at Goschs. After the new train underground goes in no trains from the SE suburbs will go through Richmond. None, no Pakenham or Cranbourne trains through Richmond. I still cant figure out how all the people on Anzac eve game going to the SE will get on the Frankston train.
  4. Compare this to the MAY strike. May broken eye socket and concussion from a Hawkins errant elbow and May dosnt even get a free kick. Thats right folks, its play on.
  5. After having problems with TICKETEC for rd1 and todays article by Nth Melb official on members embrassing technogly for games admissions. How do we as a club enable long time members get into games if they dont own a smart phone or computer. As a club we owe it to members who have paid for decades, supporting the club through thick and mainly thin to watch their DEES. Please dont label these fellow members, Luddites or tell them to pay many hundreds of dollars for a smart phone. They cant phone the club as the club is just overloaded with calls and you cant get through. If they cant get to the games they will just cease being members and we need everybody on board. HOW DO WE HELP THESE MELBOURNE SUPPORTERS.
  6. Can anyone please help this techo dill. On line trying to download tickets for sat game. We are members eligable to receive tickets after 1500 today. Going through emails sent to us and connecting to ticketek allows us to download the 2 tickets for this saturday, on line. We did this and the two pages came up and were saved. On printing the 2 pages the bar code ,black and white square, didnt appear on the printed pages, Now if it dosnt appear but the little numbers beneath the code appear can I present these pages to enter the ground? I dont own a mobile phone.
  7. I have them all but the 87,94 and 2000 are all name a game the rest are all from the TV. I cant transfer them but let me know if you have any ideas.
  8. In the past we have seen the man on the mark starting to run in to the mark and jump to make it harder to kick a long goal. If a kicking player is on his kicking range a tall defender runs from behind the mark and jumps thus making the kicker kick higher. No more, if a defender jumps it now must be vertical and he must land in exactly the same spot. If he lands only close call the ball back and award a 50m penalty. The risk is just too great , no more jumping guarding the mark.
  9. Both my wife and I will be going (if allowed), we are 70 and we trust the science. The science of maths, at present you have a much higher chance of drowning than dying of covid 19. If you dont go when you can, how do you know if you will be able with all these rule changes. Take what you can because....... I cant say the rest as it would be deemed personal politics.
  10. Simple solution for 2021 draw. Just make it the same as the real 2020 draw, we just skipped a year. So we would play the eagles in RD1 in Perth and proceed from there. So the QB and Anzac games would be ours. Simple really.
  11. Lets do something of an exercise, lets look at the season so far. No media person seems to be. This is the most pure draw we have seen, play each team once. We started out playing WC in Perth after being told that the season could be over, a hard way to start. The eagles in Perth. As of now we have played one game less than everybody except druggies. We have only played in our HOME STATE twice, which is also less than everybody else We have played 5 of the top 6 teams. We have only played 2 of the bottom 7 teams, Haw and Carl and we beat them both. We have just played the top 2 teams in 4 days, nobody else has. We got pansed by the ladder leader after a 4 day break. The effort was horrible, the skills nonexistant. The next 2 games not weeks anymore will tell us where we stand.
  12. SWYL I have the papers as I saved MFC papers. It makes interesting reading all these years latter. When we get back to playing with crowds I will photostat them and you can pick them up at the game. I sit in 52K2.
  13. Again with the merger. Facts. ' The club is debt free, and at the end of this year will have net liquid assets of $1,300,000" SIGNED W E BALCAM Finance Director MFC . Briefing Paper - Finance: Blue paper supplied by the MFC to members. We've made profits of about $600,000 over the past two years and we will make a profit again this year. This club has no debt, it does not operate on an overdraft like a lot of other clubs and it does not have a CASH FLOW PROBLEM._ Ian Ridley, The Age 5.6.96. The new club would need a salary cap of $5 million if it was to take the best players from both sides, according to club sources.- Daryl Timms, The Herald Sun Salary cap 1996 #2.5 million in 1996. Blue Paper Finance_ MFC. AFL would allow an extra sum to the Melbourne Hawks 1997 $300,000 1998 $200,000 1999 $100,000.- Explanatory Notes MFC handout, four page white document. Also for all of you who think the Hawks would be submerged by the MFC please read the above white document concerning, Board Of Directors Of Melbourne Hawks. 7 existing directors of HFC. 5 existing directors of MFC. 2 Directors nominated by MCC. AN INDEPENDENT CHAIRMAN NOMINATED BY THE MCC AND APPROVED BY THE HFC. The Mfc had no say in the chairman of their club. All board members had full voting rights. Hfc veto until they get who they want. Hawthorns dire financial position has been estimated to be as high as $2.7 million. Significant additional debts to be incurred will include the costs of the expensive merger campaign, player and staff redundancies, the $30 merchandise gift, free junior ticket promotion and new corporate imagery and signage for the proposed new entity........The Demon Alternative. As you can guess I voted NO and I wont even get into the ILLEGAL Blue Proxy Form. All of the above documents will be available for looking at before the next home game with crowds at seat 52k2. GO DEMONS not hawks.
  14. If you want the 2018 finals dvd a shop at caribbean gardens sells it. I got the geel and haw games for $5 ea. His shop is in the main entrance turn right after the vegs and it is down about 10 shops.
  15. I asked the membership tent on the family day what was the 2020 total to date. They said the total before the family day it was 33000 approx.
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