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  1. I am a 34 year member, sat in the rain, sat and watched us get beat by 186 points at geelong, didnt leave early, Tried to buy 2 tickets today with 2 membership cards, not 10. after 1 hour of watching a blue line cross the screen we got through only to be locked out on the next screen. Rang the club, SORRY SIR was the reply WE DONT HAVE ANY SAY WITH TICKTEK. I am a member of the MFC not ticktek. So its goodbye 34 years of attending as a member and the thousands of dollars we spent, as a blue collar worker some years we couldnt really afford the money but we did. So goodbye.
  2. For all those who DONT think having a big name matters at the AFL. Question: which player in 2021 concussed 3 opposition players that year and didnt get suspended? But wait theres more he also broke an opponents eye socket for the hell of it. Not only didnt he get reported or suspended for it he didnt even have a free kick awarded against him. Yes you guess it our old mate TOM, by the way May says I hope I didnt damage your elbow with my eye socket.
  3. Not exactly about crowd numbers, but I have noticed more very young supporters in DEES jumpers at games. Not surprising, but a lot of hawk adults had young kids in tow with Demons gear on. Are we now appealing to the very young fans now?
  4. Two things, do you think weeds would make a good wingman? And isnt it great after Hird goes to coach gws they put in like last night. I guess what ever it takes.
  5. How would you like to be carlton. In the last 2 games they have be awarded 16 50 mtr penalties including two 100 mtr ones. It will be interesting when they play footscray the umpires will be totally confused in who to support.
  6. The AFL want a record this weekend, guess what no general parking at the G all weekend. Only parking for the toffs and disabled. Think Gil needs to tell his vision to the MCG hob nobs.
  7. Ah the modern world where everything is quicker and simpler, all thanks to the mobile controller. Remember the bad old slow days when you rocked up and showed your membership card and you were in.[ bar code from 1998] Now in this techno crap slow confused world we are saved, think so , just read the several pages of confusion above. While mobile confusers are handy to a lot of people they restrict your life in others. Think not, I was refused a booster shot because I didnt have a mobile confuser. But in true computer logic the chemist staff punched in 04000000000 a dummy number so what good is it. Just tell me with a strait face the new system is more efficient, quicker and less confusing than a simple card. I have phoned the AFL in regards to the new system they didnt want to know and blamed the clubs, the MFC blamed the AFL. So no membership card to use and save for our 14th flag.
  8. Stood on the outer wing all day, on the fence. Langdon just in front of us all day, boy can he motor. He also has the one on one skills to match. Had six opponents over the game beat the lot. During the first qtr north kicked it out on the full five times all on our side of the ground. During the game looked at the score board and we were 18 goals we score so quickly at times, north looked slow and hesitant. By the way we need to get the umpires down to training to explain to us where we are going wrong with the rules. The free kick count for the first qtr{ excluding out on the full] was 14 to 1 against us, and 27 to 11 all day. We must be very bad, particularly our tacking only 1 was rewarded. Good team effort and at one stage BBB had scored as many goals as north 5. Venue looked great, a small grandstand on the outer needed but great ground.
  9. The good doctor was sworn at and that is bullying, er by gum, joined the RAAF in 66 at the ripe old age of 15. Our cpl drill instructor verbally laid into us like he was god, and to us he was. Lucky I was so short the phelm flew over my head. Many circuits of the drill square with rifle over head, and somebody swore at the good doctor, grow a set and stand up and dont wimp off to lawyers.
  10. Its now time for the club to strike back. No interviews with any sun reporters ban any contact with the sun news paper. Captain Max must now come out swinging, dont do a Cummins and hang your coach out to dry. Give interviews with any and all media outlets except the sun. Players must stand up for the bloke who did what nobody else has been able to do in 57 years
  11. Went to casey council this morning enquiring about the tickets. You can only obtain the tickets online at Casey council website, click on EVENTS and follow the directions. These go on line and they put you on the list for entry. They are online from tomorrow {9-11}and you need to be double Vax to get in. They are free.
  12. Question, how many times have you watched the GF replay? I cant get enough of it. After the GF I stood out side on the front lawn yelling as loud as I could for the mighty DEES, all the while crying. I think all of Pakenham heard me.
  13. State gov phase two wont be announced until mid next year.[my opinion] State election November next year, so hold it till then to announce it . Bribe the people and hope they forget the 801 deaths.
  14. Just got my 2 tickets for Sat game. Had to go through ticketec, they are hopeless. No seats were av anywhere, and we have reserved seating M52. Rang the club ,finally got through, they said they were still on 25% cap. They went away and finally got us seats in M16 . Ticketec and the AFL couldnt run a brothel in an army camp on pay night, they would lose money.
  15. For all those people saying just train to Richmond and watch training at Goschs. After the new train underground goes in no trains from the SE suburbs will go through Richmond. None, no Pakenham or Cranbourne trains through Richmond. I still cant figure out how all the people on Anzac eve game going to the SE will get on the Frankston train.
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