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  1. I just heard this on the radio. Bought a tear to my eye. Thought if the. It’s and how hard they fought to do this for us:
  2. I’d take this one premiership over the 4 we would have won as the Melbourne Hawks. Demons forever
  3. Like I said, it’s the best feel I’ve ever had in my life. The many times I’ve dreamed of this and wondered how it’d feel. Just amazing. Now I remember that I now have to do my hair like this 😕:
  4. Very limited tshirt range at the moment. Only one for ladies available. Most sizes have already sold out
  5. The best day of my life (never married, had children.) Just got home. Last night was amazing. It was like I resorted to childhood again. Spent all night cuddling up to dad. Being all we’ve been through this year it was very emotional. Great that my uncle could experience this as time is running out for him. Can’t wait to visit my brothers once these restrictions end. Still having trouble digesting this. Seeing our boys in our colours up on the podium with the premiership cup. It still doesn’t feel real.
  6. Goodnight all. Thank you for sharing this moment with me and my father. Love you all so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  7. Well he better go to a tattoo removalist
  8. It’s now extinct. It doesn’t exist anymore
  9. We did it. The longest-continuing premiership drought is now St Kilda. We now have the shortest
  10. We’re on fox sorts. Still not over and want to keep watching and reliving it. I’m exhausted but can’t even phantom sleep. Never seen my dad (or my uncle for that matter.) He said he never once thought that I was ever, “less devoted” as my brothers being a girl. He told me how happy he was there to share it with him. This has been one of the closest moments ever for us. Mum would have been proud. Thank you so much boys. Love you so much 🥰
  11. Dad and me have done nothing but hug and cry. Seriously this is one of the most emotional moments of my life. Thank you so much demons. Will never ever forget what you did for us today. I’ll never have kids and doubt I’ll marry, so this is the best moment of my life. And to enjoy my brothers joy together on Skype. Unbelievable. More than happy to wear sailor moon buns for a week at work. Don’t worry expect photos btw. 😉
  12. 😆 Happily to look like a fool if we win. Can in reality I’m no fool. I backed the winners
  13. Dad has an unopened bottle of rum from 1956. If we win, we open it. If not, gets put away again next year
  14. The fact that we haven’t seen each other for months, it’s been so emotional. As we hugged, we had tears in our eyes. I doubt it’ll be our last today Special shout out to all people who couldn’t make it to their loved ones today
  15. Arrived at my dads. Never seen him this excited. Yeah even wearing the Halloween nurse costume (thank goodness I wasn’t stopped by police! Dunno how I would have explained that) as I am official a ‘carer.’ This could be the best day of our lives or the worst. Just so glad we could be together. Brothers are on Skype. It’s a real family affair ❤️
  16. Just about to head of to my dads place. Just hope I’m not too nervous driving. GO DEES!!!
  17. Seeing Essendon win. A team that had won 7 years earlier. That hurt more than anything. This is our year.
  18. Could you be the only one who attended both? I don’t think anyone else here did
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