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Demonland Player of the Year - Round 17

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6. Lewis

5. Hunt

4. Melksham

3. O Mac

2. Vince

1. Oliver

Apologies to JKH who I thought took a big step in his career.  I thought TMac was disappointing. Gawn and Hogan showed signs of coming good in 2nd half. 

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12 hours ago, Demon Jack said:

6. Hunt - Was in absolutely everything. Some of his kicks forward weren't too flash (he wasn't alone there) but his run and that legendary torpedo gets him the chocolates this week.

5. Lewis - Close to his best game of the season. Didn't miss many targets or fumbled the ball much on a very slippery night.

4. Hibberd - Wasteful going forward at times but his endeavour and rebound from defence isn't doing any harm for his case to be one of the best recruits of recent time. Very strong chance of taking out the B&F this year provided he can catch up to Clarry.

3. Melksham - Proving to be a surprise packet up forward with his three first half goals. Was very creative at times as well in setting up shots for his teammates. Building very nicely at the right time of the season.

2. ANB - 23 odd touches at nearly 85% efficiency. Putting together a very fine patch of form in the absence of our midfield warriors. 

1. JKH - Well done young man. Started fairly slowly and made some poor errors but improved as the game went on. Deserves another couple of weeks in the team based on tonight.

Honerable mention to Bernie who clearly beat Sloane but misses out on votes due to another immature brain fade. Jetta was also good on Betts during the first half but couldn't maintain it once Adelaide really put the foot down.

What is going on - almost everyone this week has stolen my verbosity and started making lengthy analysis as well.

In your case Demon Jack I have to ask are you one of my kids whom I watched the game with and are taking the [censored]?

My votes would have been identical and your descriptions/rationale are mine - spooky!

Let me know when you plan to do your votes next week and I will try and get in first.

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It can be difficult to know exactly what's going on during a match when viewing it on TV but from my comfy chair I saw it thus:-

6: Hunt

5: Lewis

4: Oliver

3: Hibberd

2: Alex Neal-Bullen

1: Melksham

And JKH did his cause no harm.

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Lewis was close for me but that undisciplined 50 on the final siren swayed me away in favour of CP

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6. Lewis

5. Hunt

4. JKH

3. Oliver

2. Melksham

1. ANB

Hibberd was everywhere, but he was fumbly, and he kicked blindly or badly too many times. In modern footy, disposals are easy to get down back, and even though his intent was outstanding, his effectiveness was limited. 

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I agree Hibberd got it a lot, but much of his disposal was uncharacteristicly poor

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Will anyone catch Clarrie?


130. Clayton Oliver
97. Michael Hibberd               
92. Nathan Jones
67. Jack Viney
65. Jack Watts
64. Tom McDonald 
54. Christian Petracca 
53. Jayden Hunt
47. Neville Jetta
45. Jeff Garlett 
44. Jordan Lewis 
27. Sam Frost
26. Cam Pedersen Christian Salem
25. Oscar McDonald
23. Dom Tyson
19. Max Gawn  
18. Mitch Hannan Bernie Vince
15. Jake Melksham 
12. Alex Neal-Bullen
6. Jesse Hogan Billy Stretch
5. Dean Kent
4. Jay Kennedy Harris Josh Wagner
3. James Harmes    

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