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  1. I reckon all the supporters who have made it this far. As an aside I was nervous last week but less so now as i really feel we have got the monkey off our back this year and i feel the whole team will do their jobs,.
  2. Reported Yze had his second jab yesterday, so he might be feeling the effects of that. In any event best they stay away. Our docs will be all over this. They should have had a curfew.....
  3. Absolute legend of the club. Thank you Nathan my daughter's most treasured jumper is her 2 yo one with your number and signature.
  4. Congratulations To Nathan, Jerri and family.
  5. Even if Goody didnt use it in the way described in the video how good would it be to see all Dees supporters using it in the crowd!
  6. Agree its not personal when you get to to a GF. Glad I dont decide as they face the same issue with Hunt as he wont have played for some time. I feel for both of them as they would know if there is to be a change it will come down to them. I assume they will tell them privately well in advance so the only nerves the team has are those associated with a GF.
  7. This very thought entered my head this morning but honestly hadnt watched closely enough to know if he is accountable both ways. I just cant see him getting the space he has been allowed in the other matches.
  8. Unbelievably its likely to be no changes. I think of Jones and get a tear in my eye every time. He is a legend of the club. The debate at selection will be if Hibbo is agile enough for their forwards or do we go with Hunt who is not going to be match fit. Tough call. In the end I think you go with the known quantity which means no change. Some very unlucky players who deserve a lot of credit for our development as a team.
  9. Just emerging after Friday night. Family in Perth went and now have tickets to the big dance. It weird that after all the years our staunchest fans wont be there but like many others I felt very connected to my fellow demons. However the lid is not off yet.
  10. I don't know who Cara (sp?) is but hope her spirits have been lifted this week. We all will be cheering with you and more importantly for you. Shows the character of our team to do this. And to Jack, glad to see you now have a little red and blue.
  11. What is the conversion rate for inside 50 marks?
  12. I guess Rohan and Cameron are reasonably mobile . I thought the pundits had been banging on for weeks now that the way to penetrate our defence was to go in low and fast (centre breaks) or get it to ground.
  13. As I said above I dont see how 3 talls helps them, we just halve the contests it leaves us a much more mobile unit on the rebound. Add: Just looked Ratugolea's stats AF 30, to see if they came close to justifying the rave reviews and fear mongering in the media. 1 Tackle 1 Mark. If he is there to impact the packs I dont see how that helps them. I'd be genuinely interested in other views on this.
  14. My family is confirmed at 16 "good" seats with plenty of scarves on the way (always knew a scarf a year for everyone in the household would come in useful). I hope they are seated with the other faithful.
  15. Very happy the club allowed us to send our barcodes to relatives, well done. Mind you my brother in Perth and his son finally coughed up for a membership. I am told they will have 16 in the crowd which is fantastic. We can win this. I think its interesting Geelong has not won more in the time its been in the finals and wonder if the home ground has helped get them there but is a drawback when they play the finals on bigger grounds. I hope so.
  16. I dont agree with this analysis. Petty and May can deal with Hawkins and Cameron. Smith can deal with Ratugolea which still leaves Lever free. If this is their plan against us it really leaves them flat footed on the rebound and more generally inside 50. As we saw last time we really denied Cameron space to operate. I also think we need to be able to fill the space ahead of Hawkins. On the topic of Hawkins how the hell does he get away with the forearm to the head and commentators say there is nothing in it, not to mention his continual hands in the back that the umps ignore? Whilst I was hoping GWS got up mainly because they were banged up and terrible, I dont think that Geelong played well, we should go into this one with a lot of confidence.
  17. I have always wondered why we talk of Premiership players instead of premiership team which would include all of those who contributed to the end result. I have no doubt everyone would wish it for him but in the end we have to pick the best team for any final play. Whatever happens he is a legend of the club and I hope his is there in some capacity when ever we finally lift the cup (when ever that may be in the future, not to get ahead of ourselves).
  18. Seven, I had a pair of Ron Barrassi boots (at some stage).
  19. Well that was nice.... i recall all going to Geelong years ago and we won on a kick after the siren (or at least on the last kick of the game). big max legend.
  20. With TMac out Weed will be busting to show what he can do. I hope he has a game that causes the selectors real nightmares. A bag of 10 would be nice.
  21. Seeing Eddie last night confirms just how damaging this is to the victims and its not for them to carry the burden of fighting racism, its for all of us to do so. I would like to see both our club and Adelaide wear their indigenous jumpers this weekend.
  22. With their ruck out is this a situation where we give Gawn or Jackson a rest with Weed coming in. Not Goody's style but it must cross their minds.
  23. Did I detect in the presser that Goody is thinking about Weeds for next week in his comments about Tom? Or am I way off track. It would be wise to make sure Tom is fully for for finals and Weeds would be better for the run if needed in the finals. There may be a lot of discussion at the table about who needs a rest and who needs a run.
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