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  1. Our list management team have a great track record so I have a general sense of calm about Windsor and Tholstrup. Neither of them light my fire, but the pace and kicking of Windsor do stand out. I can't see either of them getting a senior game in 2024, but Windsor would make a perfect wingman if he can get some size on him. For many of the tall forward options, it is so hard to tell, but in the highlights shown many of them were not single grab marks. A fair bit of two-touches going on. As for the general pool of draftees, apart from Reid, McKercher is the one who stands out with his pace, power and kicking. From here it is down to the club's development program (ours is up with the best now, and wow is that a change!) and the individual player taking on the hard work and sacrifice required for elite sport. We really do have a bundle of talent at Casey now - pressure is on for almost every spot.
  2. Definite skill upgrade on Harmes and Jordon, but he doesn't have the work rate of either of them. Horrible yips in front of goal, and he will have to do a power of work in the pre-season to convince me he has the 2-way running demanded by Goodwin. My hope is that one of Woewodin, Moniz-Wakefield or other will take the Hunter wing, and Billings might be fighting them or Spargo/Chandler for a spot. Happy to be proven wrong.
  3. Sad to see him go. Some players are so internally loved, they are heart-and-soul and are part of shaping the internal unity. I get this vibe from Harmes. I'm also still a little unsure if losing all of Dunstan, Harmes and JJ equates to probable list improvement. THAT kick to Fritsch in the 2021 GF - the tide turned. All the best, Chompers.
  4. Great game of footy - both teams with some great skills. Lots of pressure, moment by moment plays won by both teams. Not sure about the Norm Smith medal because no player dominated the game, but if N Daicos gets it I will know their is a "city hall" conspiracy. Probably Bobbie Hill. I hate it that the Pies won - makes me ill. I am actually quite happy for most teams to take their moment in the sun and win when they have been dominant, but all the dripping shmooze about the Pies is nauseating. That advantage call will go down in infamy. 100% wrong call by an experienced umpire. The AFL rules committee and umpires have to look at high tackles awarded to players dropping their knees. I counted 6 today that were awarded when the umps had clear vision of the contact. Not good enough. And I am counting players like Kozzie and Spargo, not just Collingwood players because I hate the club and the jumper. All contact above the shoulders should be a free kick, even the slightest contact, but NOT if a player causes it.
  5. 6 Hore 5 Paxy 4 Zanker 3 Mithen 2 Hanks 1 Pearce
  6. How great to watch are these women!?!? Brilliant. Their end to end handball chains for goals are the standout. And the last quarters - wow. But who was that commentator? Lots of ex-footballers and commentators show bias, but she was grumpy, ungracious and unable to even commentate about the Dees. She often just went silent when someone gave us a compliment.
  7. Very disappointed to see him go. He is better than Hunter on the wing (I have been very disappointed in Hunter's effectiveness, lack of clean ball, stupid free kicks, and half his kicks are high/blind around the corner), is still very young, and doesn't make the consistent errors others around him seem to make. I saw him as a 150 - 200 player. I know he has not starred, nor has he taken some moments offered to him, but with Harmes probably out the door, now JJ, our midfield depth is facing a serious challenge. I wish him all the best, except when he plays against the Dees.
  8. I see the Roos have delisted Jacob Edwards, a 202cm Rookie. Never played a game, but the Roos development has been as bad as our used to be. Does anyone know anything about him, and is worth a look? Speculative, I know, but we have to look at all options.
  9. Neale is an outstanding footballer and any team would love him, but 2023 was not a Brownlow-worthy year. He is now a dual Brownlow winner, which puts him in the category of Ablett jnr, Fyffe, and Robert Harvey. Sorry, he is just not in the same class as those three. I cannot understand how Cripps got 22 votes (and I am not a Cripps hater), he just did not have that good a year. Gulden not getting 3 votes in the Dees v Sydney game is a farce. I am really glad that Gulden and Noah Anderson piled on the votes late in the vote count, nearly embarrassing the AFL and the gushing commentary of channel 7. They were given little air play, and no dramatic pausing by Gil until the producers realised "sh*t, we'd better do something to show some respect to these two, they might win it!". Interesting that some backmen finally got some vote recognition, but still not enough. Gawn - 7 votes. Is he too tall for the umps to notice? I actually feel sorry for Nick Daicos. All that media hype and brown-nosing, they wouldn't leave the poor kid alone. And he had to sit there with the camera up his nose knowing that someone would likely overtake him. Channel 7 ought to be flogged and burnt for the way they over exposed him. And lastly, I feel very sorry for Bont and Trac. Great footballers, great people, who don't catch the umpires eyes sometimes when they are matchwinners. Not sure how this works. Bont should have romped in this year over Daicos, with the others a step behind.
  10. I love GF day - a semi religious experience which is planned, and follows the same routine each year. Sleep in (rare these days), slow coffee and toast, then wonder whether I can be bothered watching any of the AFL breakfasts (I can't be bothered. I never watch them any more, because the new professional feel of them robs them of a great earthy quality the old North Melbourne ones used to have.) At 11am, gather my massive amount of snacks, drinks (usually Harcourt cider, the best cider in the world) and laptop, and begin watching all the unnecessary and repetitive rubbish. I have pies and chips for lunch. The rest of my household are disinterested so I get to watch in in isolation, which I like. In 2021, all the family watched it together. Will be barracking VERY strongly for the Lions. The filth winning is not an option.
  11. On the Prelim finals showing, the Pies have to go in as strong favourites. I thought the Lions were underwhelming, and had too many passengers. But boy I hope they win.
  12. Come on Lions, grind these Blues into the grass. All of the Blues weaknesses are now on show, which is great to see.
  13. Appalling no free kick to Daniher. The ump looking right at them.
  14. That's the best the Blues have, and the worst the Lions have. If the Lions begin to play their game, no way do the Blues continue in the same manner.
  15. Regardless of age division, sex, or any other line of delineation, the Dees AFLW are simply playing great footy that is good to watch. I look forward to grabbing some Arnott's shapes and a cider, and sitting to watch them play. Paxman, Hore, Hanks. Harris, all in great form, and all very skilfull. Loving to watch the Mackin sisters play. Their transition to AFL can't be underestimated. But it is Bannon and Mithen who I watch. Bannon for her jet speed, and Mithen for her workrate and defensive pressure. I know our men's team petered out, but honestly to see our mens, womens and Casey teams all playing finals reminds me to acknowledge the rare air of these days - it is good to be a Dees supporter right now.
  16. My strongest/best MCG memories: I went to a Dees training day in 1974, taking an autograph book to be signed by the players. Flower, Fowler, Biffin, Callery, and many more. I lost the book about 10 years ago. Mum took me to an Ashes test and I remember Fred Titmus from England played with toes missing because of a bizarre accident. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Lillie and Thompson bowl. Caught the train down from the country with my brother in 1980 (I think). There were 58,000 people and the Dees lost by 8 points. For a country boy, it was frightening. Brawls in the crowd, oceans of beer, beer cans being thrown, sitting on the long wooden benches... and the urinals... wow. A friend's brother in law played in the Dees team under Carl Ditterich, and I got to go into the rooms before and after the game after we beat the Bombers. 1981 I think. I saw Dees v Swans final in 1987. The sound of "Robbie" as Flower ran onto the ground for the first time remains one of my greatest football memories. My first Ashes test as an adult (Aust v England), I wore my great grandfathers MCC blazer, and had some amazing conversations with other MCC members. I later donated the blazer to the museum. I sat right next to the camera and had a wicket to wicket view of play. I saw the West Indies bruise the Australians in 1991 under the savagery of Curtly Ambrose I saw an amazing test of Aust v India where 220 runs were scored but 14 wickets fell. The crowd entertainment this day was brilliant, funny, vulgar and magnetic which made the day even better. Hayden and Ponting dismantling south Africa in a Boxing Day Test. Best batting I have ever seen. I was there the day Matty Whelan flattened Hird, and although I hate footy thuggery with a passion, I really enjoyed that and still do. Strange that! Many QB / KB games - too many to separate. The 2018 final v Geelong. Biggest Dees noise I have ever heard. The 2021 Premiership celebration round 1 2022. The way the Dees people yelled out "Bang, Bang, Bang" when Clarry kicked that third quick goal sent chills up my spine. Love the place. Now, to see a Dees premiership played there in my life time...
  17. Bannon, Hanks and Hore. Wow. Bannon looks like she should be playing in a higher league (which doesn't exist!). But Lily Mithen is the heart-and-soul player. Tiny, tough, resolute, skilful. And has a little bit of angry ant about her.
  18. Loved what he brought to us. No nonsense, fair, tough, a little bit understated in many respects. I had the great joy of explaining the "Hibbo run" after the 21 flag, when he grabbed the cup and sprinted away from his team mates, laughing, as he took it over to his family.
  19. Apart from Hipwood in the 1st quarter, the Lions are looking mediocre so far. Very little zip, with the occasional freak play for a lucky goal. Port looking very sharp and starting to kick straight.
  20. He's at his peak now, and his forward craft is as good as it gets. Him and Toby Green are amazing together.
  21. There is a lot to think about, and a lot of decisions to make for our game versus the Blues. Collingwood were average after quarter time, and we played well except for F50 entries/scoring and allowing the Pies too much run past our last backman. We are well and truly alive and I hope the confidence within the squad remains high. Our best is b****y good footy and we are mentally tough, being able to win a game from in front, behind or evens. Carlton lose McKay and Martin - Dees lose Brayshaw and JVR. No advantage to either, but Gus's role in our team is not easily covered by another player. Carlton will match us at the contest. Weitering is a star so play TMac on him because neither of them are quick. The rest of the Blues backline are B graders or less so their is a strong advantage here for us. Silvagni can take a mark but May, Lever and co should counter him. May to Curnow who was soundly beaten by McCartin last night. Acres is dangerous, in great form, and a key to their transition, but Langdon and Hunter are too small to counter his body strength. Maybe get Jordon to run with him. Most of us bemoan our F50 entry plan of long bomb to the pocket. I do believe it is PART of our system, but it is not helped by our forwards who rarely lead, which I reckon is our biggest error. Fritsch tries to, and JVR occasionally, but for the most part the player with ball in hand has no option but to long bomb because of so little movement. Have a look at the Lions forwards movement - wow. Kozzie into the middle, Petracca back to 70% forward. Jordon in for Brayshaw Schache in for JVR (and also F50 ruck work). I am NOT a fan of Schache, but the cupboard is bare. He is a very good shot at goal (he just rarely wins the ball at AFL level). I would actually prefer Grundy but cannot see that happening. Woewodin in for Laurie My number one emphasis versus the Blues is movement in our forward line. Chandler, ANB, Petracca, Kozzie when he is there: all need to be active, constant movement, don't allow too many long bombs to stationary players. Weitering and Marchbank will absorb it fairly quickly. My brother-in-law is a mad Blues man, and he sent a photo of him watching the game in his jumper. I replied saying "it must smell like mothballs it has been so long since it has seen a final". He got annoyed and told me off for being a joy killer. Long may it continue. I grew up in central Vic in the Carlton recruiting zone when they were constantly winning flags while we were getting spoons. My loathing is deep and atrociously irrational. I cannot fathom losing to them in a final. Go Dees.
  22. We get done by the inbred filth, and now the Blues dominate and will probably win. What a carp start to a weekend of footy. I wonder if re-runs of Blackadder are on the TV somewhere.
  23. 24 hours later, and I am still annoyed. However, we lost by 7 points and totally outplayed the Pies in the 2nd half. Are we ever that bad in front of goal 2 weeks in a row? I reckon we can turn it around. I still believe. And I would love us to meet the Pies again in the GF.
  24. Deever, I thought Lever had some OK moments in the 1st half when everyone else was asleep, but Salem was... wow... grass watching. If he cannot play his role due to health issues, we can't play him because of what his best looks like. With Rivers, Bowey and Hibbo doing OK, I would consider Tomlinson for Salem if we play Carlton.
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