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  1. Gawn was a tall skinny kid who needed lots of development - he turned out alright. If Andrew takes 2-3 years, it might be OK because Gawn will be coming to the end of his career near then. His draft position comes down to whether he is a project player (like Bradtke) or a genuine football draft selection. There is no way you could take a project draft selection inside the top 30.
  2. I remember all the info about him having to lose weight, and I also remember that Roos basically wanted him at our first selection. Astonishing pick at no. 4 and he has been a true asset since debut. Looking back at the A+ players the Dees have produced; the likes of Hardeman, Alves, Wells, Flower, Moore, Lyon, Schwartz, Farmer, Yze, come to mind. A few others could also be considered as A graders (Neitz, Jones, Tingay, Jakovich etc...). I find it astonishing that I rate Oliver so highly. But I agree with others above - he is the best midfielder I have seen at the Dees. I love his pace. He sprints around, sweeps through stoppages on the run, bursts out of congestion at full pace, hits a tackle at speed.
  3. Jake can be poor on defence, but he is much much more than a depth player. His inside 50 delivery is as good as it gets, he has great goal sense, and plays a as a strange small forward/mid forward. He will probably move on because he wants to get game time but I would love to keep him on the list.
  4. Norm Smith said in his famous tv interview "I'm Melbourne, through and through". Jonesy - you represented all of us who are Melbourne through and through, by being Melbourne through and through. I thank you for maintaining pride in our jumper when so much else was bringing it shame.
  5. I don't think we have ever met, but stuff me if that doesn't perfectly describe my day. I am going to be a total wreck by game time. And 4 whisky's is not enough.
  6. Absolutely spot on. For both Dogs and Dees, our gameplan works and we both deal well with pressure.
  7. I can barely remember a Prelim final weekend like this. For Dees and Doggie fans - absolute bliss, but as games of finals footy they have been atrocious.
  8. Just to explain - the 's' on Celtic is possessive. My Scottish wife and her entire family are rabid Rangers fans, and I follow Celtic because of my grandmother. It's a wonder the wedding went ahead actually.
  9. So I take it you are not following Ange and his Celtics?
  10. 7 shots on goal to 20. Stunned. It's about intensity.
  11. Like last night, Port are so bad it is as much about their pathetic effort as it is about the Doggies. The outnumber game is in the Dogs favour due to effort, not skill or game plan.
  12. The ball hits the ground and there are 4 Dogs to 2 Port. Port's lack of intensity is appalling.
  13. Finishing is the hardest part of any ball sport. Bailey Smith is simply a gun. Hate the mullet, but love his footy.
  14. Game on now. But Port have to come from 26 points down. The question becomes "can the Dogs sustain this now for 3 more quarters"?
  15. Game plan for the Doggies: Equal the ruck contests - check Tag Allir - check Murder them a the stoppage - check Port looking tentative and 2nd to the ball
  16. Gutted for him. Gutted for Dees fans. Very happy for him and his wife. As the team developed under Goodwin, and this year unfolded the way it has, I have had 1 image in my mind I want to see come GF day: Nathan Jones holding up the cup. This image would embody my long years of withered hopes, crowned by a player who I loved watching, and respected as a great club man. Not to be. Some fairytales are haunted by shadows and disappointments.
  17. Port have struggled and choked badly, every time this year their ball carriers and main kickers were under constant pressure. And players like Dixon, Fantasia, Motlop and Marshall can severely under-perform in big moments. Bulldogs have also struggled to absorb opposition pressure at times, but have a much better record of winning close pressure-cooker games. They are seriously undermanned with Bruce, Weightman and Keath out which is going to make it difficult. Port goes in heavy favourites but there is something about the Doggies that tells me they are going to make this very tough for Port.
  18. Replay once. 3rd quarter twice Geelong focus once. I think I need a break from it now.
  19. A lot of wandering around the house, humming to myself, in some happy trance like state. A few shots of Gelnfiddich 18 or Dalmore. Then the occasional glass of Bobbie Burns shiraz (2018 a very good year) Lots of checking the calendar to see if we are closer to the day. Noticing all the demons supporters colours in cars, on fences, hanging out of windows all over Bendigo (surprised how many have come out of the woodwork) Reading Demonland, and glowing in all the smug carp we are typing, because it usually some Essendon, Tigers, Cats or Hawks twit doing it us. Watching the Prelim Final 3rd quarter over and over and over (twice already today)
  20. I never wanted to trade or lose him, but I genuinely believed that Jordon or Sparrow would overtake him by finals time. Very glad I am wrong. He was brilliant. There is no way a team is going to tag all 3 of Trac, Clarry and Viney. 2 of them always emerge as match winners. With so much attention on Clarry (who still got 27 touches by the way), Viney was able to play his game the way he wanted to. His kicking has improved (Chocco?) and he has stopped trying to break every first tackle. Can't wait to see him with a fire in his belly come GF.
  21. I just watched the replay, and decided at one point to watch the Cats rather than the Dees. Very difficult, but I just wanted to understand how so many really quality players could play so poorly. They were atrocious. I mean MFC Mark Neeld bad. Dangerfield was very good, and at least Selwood was getting to contests and gut running. But the rest of the team were as bad defensively as Gold Coast at their worst. In particular: Giving Kozzie so much room on so many occasions - he ran through forward stoppages unmanned time after time after time. Very rare for them to put a third man up to spoil our marking forwards. Sparrow so often left unmarked, unchecked running through stoppages and around the ground like a 19th player. Total lack of defensive pressure around stoppages. How many time did Trac and Clarry run forward of a stoppage with no-one within 3 metres? Why didn't they tell Stanley of Esava to run with Gawn? Ridiculous game awareness. And you know that modern thing when a player disposes of the ball and then gets run into so he can't get to the next play? They rarely did it. Viney ran to contest after contest with no-one checking his run. And that marking "contest" between Langdon and Menegola in the last quarter - total embarrassment for Menegola. Summed up Geelong on the night. They have more than age to worry about if guns like Selwood and Dangerfield can play so well and the rest of the team can't fire up.
  22. Great to be alive this morning. Love reading all the Demonlanders good vibes. Apart from all the great performances, I am astounded at the football being played by our newbies. Rivers was a bit scratchy at times, but Bowie and Sparrow = wow! I said to my family last night that I see Sparrow becoming an A grader. A big call I know but his attack on the ball, his ferocious tackling, and great kicking hint at what he will be in 2 years. And I was one of those who thought Viney would lose his place in the team come finals. Very full belly this morning because of the huge slice of humble pie I had to have with my toast. He was brilliant. Captain-like, actually.
  23. 6. Gawn 5. Viney 4. Petracca 3. Salem 2. Lever 1. Langdon
  24. Any news from "Down at Moorabool St"? I am on a high and buzzing and don't want to go to bed yet.
  25. Seriously great 2 weeks coming up. Our best footy is the best footy by far this season. Our game stands up in finals we have the best skipper, an iron curtain backline, and a midfield to make others squirm. Hopefully Port and Doggies belt the living suitcase out of each other tomorrow.
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