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  1. I've never been a J Smith fan. However, there is logic in him playing a senior game or two before finals in case we need him in September. On the other hand, playing Smith, Petty, Rivers and Bowey in the same side would be a really inexperienced backline quartet.
  2. What we don't know is how much behind we are because of (1) our own incompetence at lobbying successive Governments and (2) because of the insistence of staying within spitting distance of the MCG which thereby reduces options.
  3. Public Service Announcement to compliment = to politely congratulate or praise (someone) for something. "he complimented Erika on her appearance" to complement = to contribute extra features to (someone or something) in such a way as to improve or emphasize their qualities. "a classic blazer complements a look that's smart or casual"
  4. Well, we can remove politician from the list of career choices for Jack post his AFL career. They never apologise.
  5. And to be called ballsamic it must come from Moderna in Italy, so you get a free Covid vaccine as well
  6. If the jumpers were reversed, most on here would be saying dog act and 3 weeks. For what it's worth, I think it deserves 3 weeks. Whether he was provoked or not, it's clearly intentional and head high. I don't know whether it caused any injury (I doubt it). It also suggests to me that Viney's head is not in a good space at the moment. Either his body isn't doing what he wants it to do, or he's frustrated at continually getting caught. In my view, a suspension saves the club from having to make the emotionally difficult decision of dropping him which will give himthe chance to get his mind and his body ready for finals. And to use one of Matthew Richardson's favourite and most overused cliches, "It's not a good look".
  7. The word "Confirmed" doesn't mean what it used to mean. These days it mean "Confirmed for now - subject to change - possibly at the last minute". The evidence is in this thread.
  8. I'm not sure if you were being serious, but I would be very disappointed if it lost the name of "Gosch's Paddock". There's something noble about preserving the history of the site for the league's oldest club. On the other hand, I'd love there to be a few rows of seating along one side which could be named "The Flower Stand".
  9. Do we know who we took to WA? Presumably, any player who's not in WA by now won't have the necessary clearance to play.
  10. I suspect it is just a coincidence. These negotiations would have taken many, many months, if not years. What I suspect is not a coincidence, though, is that the State Government has come to the party after we've publicly stated we're getting out of the pokies industry. I imagine any State Government approval was contingent on that decision.
  11. If teams can use the medi-sub to replace an injured player who plays the next week, what stops a team from removing an under-performing player on the day who's not really injured but claiming that they are ("hamstring awareness", for example)? May as well just drop the pretence that it's a "medi" sub and give the coaches what they've always wanted - a fifth player on the bench, albeit one who's a substitute and not an interchange. If you look at how this happened, it was originally going to be a "concussion sub" knowing full well that the concussed player would miss 12 days and therefore (except when there's a bye) at least one game. The AFL quite rightly realised that coaches would mis-use the "concussion sub" by using it for any injured player who was going to miss at least a week by claiming he also had a "bit of concussion". Hence the "concussion sub" became the "medi-sub" but without the mandatory 12 day break. Hence, it is now just a sub.
  12. 6. Oliver 5. Petracca 4. Lever 3. Neal-Bullen 2. Jackson 1. Hunt
  13. Genuinely entertaining reading the 30 or so posts preceding this one (from the time the Qld lockdown was announced) with the benefit of hindsight. So much (understandable) panic and that's just on Demonland. Just imagine how much lather AFL HQ was in!
  14. If Tom McDonald plays it makes a mockery of the medi-sub rule (although not for the first time this year). Nevertheless, if he's fit, he should play. I thought Viney and Harmes were our worst two on the ground - even though both were in the Herald Sun's "best players" - but would persist with them. Both just need to be told to take the first option and stop assuming they can break every tackle. So, unless there are injuries, no change. (Weideman for T Mac is the obvious replacement if that change is required).
  15. Presumably Mitchell's pay rise was already factored in to the 2022 figure before Clarkson decided to exit/was shown the door. I would be very surprised if Mitchell is getting any extra dollars above what he was expecting to get in 2022 just because of the change today.
  16. I suspect your understanding of the soft cap is correct. However, paying Clarkson out presumably is no more than the payment he would have been entitled to in 2022. As such, it doesn't affect their soft cap as the 2022 number is the same. The only difference is that the Clarkson dollars are counted in 2022 on an absent voice. Where Hawthorn benefits is from 2023 where Clarkson's salary - which is presumably one of the highest for coaches in the competition - disappears from the soft cap allowing (one would assume) Hawthorn to employ perhaps three or more assistants in lieu of Clarkson.
  17. I wondered about this. It's not as young as it might first seem. Clarkson was 37 when he started; Hardwick was 38. Going back a bit further, Sheedy was 34, Matthews 34 and Barassi (as playing coach) was 29. Edit: Clarkson is now only 53. Clearly young enough to take on another senior coaching job if he wants.
  18. Channel 7's commentary would likely have been: if we had cleared the ball, "Look how much pressure the Dees brought to the defensive side of the contest" if the Bulldogs had scored, "Look how much room the Dees gave the Bulldog players"
  19. Couldn't it be the other way around? That is, that McEvoy was supporting Clarkson? Mind you, as Captain, his job would be to tell the club exactly the impact - positive or negative - of any situation.
  20. Proves he's ready to be a senior coach.
  21. I assume the blue dots are disposals? And the red/orange/yelllow is time spent in that part of the ground? As a matter of interest, is this data for the whole game or part of it?
  22. Apart from any medical reason, it's a good marketing strategy. If people fear they may miss out on something that's important to them it might make them get vaccinated.
  23. Did he? Every week Spargo, Pickett and Neal-Bullen (plus the wings) assist in the backline. Are you sure Spargo was actually moved into defence? If so, I didn't see it, although it is always hard to identify specific positions players are in when watching on TV.
  24. It would be peak Carlton for them to sack Teague now, replace him with Clarkson and then discover that the new coach and the rest of the football department are unable to work together resulting in the football team once again going backwards.
  25. Where are you getting the "6 hours" from? Assuming the flight is to the Gold Coast, it's a 2 hour flight plus 30 minute bus ride at the Gold Coast end. That's 3+ hours at the Melbourne end. Are the players getting together at the Melbourne end first?
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