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  1. Presumably the word "improvements" is missing from this sentence, just before "made to existing fencing and lighting". If not, I don't think it's actually English. "In conjunction with the Victorian Government, Melbourne and Olympic Parks and the AFL, Gosch’s Paddock will be resurfaced and enlarged to MCG sized length and Marvel Stadium sized width and made to existing fencing and lighting."
  2. The first year players are so skinny in the arms and legs. It's amazing that first year players get to play in their first season given how much they still have to develop physically.
  3. It's not that hot today. It was probably only about 24 degrees at the time the fun run took place.
  4. Add character to the list. As far as I know, we don't have any players who get into trouble off-field. That means the club doesn't have to waste its time media-managing tricky issues and, more importantly, the players can trust each other on and off the field. I'm not going to name bad examples here, but look at how much work other clubs have to put into managing just one troublesome player.
  5. If it is true that GWS are considering Toby Greene for captain, it suggests to me that GWS doesn't understand the important roles culture and selflessness play in making a premiership team. If Greene is appointed captain, I doubt GWS will even make the eight.
  6. Will humour work instead of mandates? Or could it be seen as too condescending?
  7. I seem to recall that some of those inner urban vaccination rates in Melbourne may not be accurate. I'm sure I read somewhere that due to the reduction in international students, the figures used for inner Melbourne overstate the actual population and therefore understate proportion vaccinated.
  8. It's fair to say that I find the discussion around the word "frank", Charlemagne and the Merovingians to be far more interesting and definitely more informative than Jon Ralph's article.
  9. It seems that every footy writer has just discovered the word "frank" and has to use it as often as possible.
  10. The irony of clubs following the lead of the premiers is that teams which make it to the top have often done something different from the pack, rather than follow the leader. We employed the two ruckmen model. Richmond didn't really do this (Shaun Grigg anyone?). Whether it was "Clarko's cluster" or Richmond's manic pressure, we didn't just blindly copy what went beforehand.
  11. Or 2019, where we allowed our opponents to attack their goal square.
  12. In the context of your post, I can't work out whether you're praising or criticising Catherine Bennett. In some respects, the ambiguity of your line reminds me of a comment in the media back in the day when Joh Bjelke-Petersen was Queensland's Premier. The article stated that Queensland had Australia's best gerrymander...and that Western Australia had Australia's worst.
  13. The moment I read this I started visualising a video clip of a player running around with Benny Hill music playing over the top.
  14. The task would have been so much easier if it were Jason Bourne movies The MelBourne Identity The MelBourne Legacy The MelBourne Supremacy (my personal favourite) etc
  15. 14 years ago we tried to get Judd to Melbourne. Now it's happened.
  16. I think this is a bit unfair. I think Brayshaw may be the best kick on his non-preferred side within the whole team. His right foot kicking could be better, but I've seen a lot worse.
  17. And have we ever had a Blake? I'm confident in saying we've never had a Taj. (Hardly going out on a limb, there).
  18. If Belgium doesn't exist, where does Belgian chocolate come from? The Democratic Republic of the Congo, perhaps?
  19. I expect the AFL will split the mega-VFL into two conferences to see how that system works. If the AFL believes the AFL men's senior competition needs eventually to be split into two conferences, I think they'd like to see how the mechanics of it might work in a lower level competition first. (At least, that's what I would do.)
  20. I love Demonland and the education it provides. By the way, it's spelled "capisce".
  21. Not sure there are many players drafted these days who aren't from private schools. We've done alright with that cohort recently including Salem and Hunt (Brighton Grammar), May, Langdon and Spargo (Melbourne Grammar) and others I'm sure others will know.
  22. Given the Afrikaans are descendants of the Dutch, through settlement in southern Africa by the Dutch East India Company, I would have thought the Dutch link is highly relevant.
  23. I would have thought all clubs have had protocols in place for years to keep people with highly transmissable diseases, such as influenza or even the common cold, away. That Covid can be more dangerous is without doubt, but the procedures in place to keep infectious people away shouldn't have to change.
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