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  1. Contacted the club and they said no plans but would raise it with the events team. Really quick response, well done to the team there.
  2. Will anyone from interstate be allowed with the new variant on the scene? Is there any chance the club will live stream the event?
  3. Whats the fuss about 57?
  4. We would take good care of it here in Sydney. I think the club is doing a great job by not being precious about the cup and letting supporters see it given most couldnt get to the game.
  5. Congratulations to Jess and Max, what a wonderful time for you both and so much to look forward to with George in your family. Enjoy!
  6. I dont like it with my main beef being the advantage it gives to the person taking a set shot especially from about 55 as that is my view unfair.
  7. Ah the mystery of pick 17. I doubt we are simply hoping someone will drop down the order. I assume we think there is someone a bit lower that we rate as a good prospect.
  8. I like what they did with 31, just give it to a player no expectations. That seemed to work out well this year.
  9. Raises lots of interesting questions, mine is how can you win the Brownlow and only rate at 6? (Still i still wonder how Tulip never won it.)
  10. There is a group on facebook where kind WA people are listing the badges they have its called: MFC Member badges brought home.
  11. As has already been said this is a fabulous thread that reconnects with those wonderful (but incredibly short) periods in the GF that contributed to the ultimate prize. The joy in the descriptions of each goal is palpable. Fritta, Clarry, Trac, Gus, Lingers.... I just stop to think what a list of options. I am not going to pick one until I have watched them all again. Ps: Last night I was watching part of the PF and my partner said it still doesn't feel real given how we won those games. I cant wait for lock downs to end so i can to have my fellow dees over for a footy marathon.
  12. Often find myself agreeing with Dazzle and I agree this a good pick up. Like Brown he will know he has to win a place in the team and i wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't happen for some time into the season when he has proved he knows our system and expectations. I am not worried that our coaching team wont make the right choices. What is really encouraging is if we go a man down we have it covered. Mid down, Dunstan/JJ in. Big back down, Tomlinson in. Big forward down, Weid in. Not bad choices to have. Its the first time as a supporter I remember us having real depth.
  13. Three peat is on: Minor premiers, Premiers and trade premiers.
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