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  1. Well that will put the cat among the pigeons.... Freo's recruitment guy (Paul or Peter someone?) will not like this.
  2. I hope he stays but not at any price. Its looking like the CBA will not return a massive cap increase as the new TV rights deal has been hit by the recent economic headwinds. The irony is that the WA clubs are insisting their games be broadcast free to air which will lower the upper end of the deal and thus limit the CBA increase. Mega deals sometimes work out but they do impact on your options. Just because he will be an excellent player and they can get him on the coming home factor doesn't mean its a good move by Freo. Likewise there must be a point at which no matter how good he is we can't mortgage the future just to keep him. I think we have just sent a message to our whole team that we place team first. Looking at the player of the year votes to the right of the screen 31 votes must cause some pause on the big dollars despite his obvious potential. He could have the impact of a Max but probably never the impact in games of a Trac or Clarry.
  3. 6. Viney 5. Fritsch 4. Brayshaw 3. Trac 2. Petty 1. May Tough week to pick just 6 and agree Melky is worthy as well especially for his work on the jumper.
  4. Bevo says its a media beat up: https://www.afl.com.au/news/802956/bevo-blasts-afl-over-head-high-tackle-crackdown Sorry Danger and Bevo in my view you need to get the rose (freekick) coloured glasses off. In Bevo's case lets call a duck a duck rather than blame the media.
  5. TMacs role was the connection we now miss. Strong overhead and an ability to get up the ground and link. As much as I didn't like the selection of Melksham and felt justified in the first half i have to concede he ended up playing smart and with effort. I moaned, he was too slow, as he chased on the wing but he didn't give up and just tried harder. Kudos. He also laid a couple of smart bumps near goal one of which enabled another player to release and get the goal. Tomlinson played his best game in recent times and it would be good to build his confidence. But where? Can he play forward in a Tmac up the wing role? A word on the frustrating Fritta. I think we have to balance team first with hunger for the goals, remember in the grannie he flew with Gawn and spoiled him but kept his feet and picked up the goal. A miss would have been decried as selfish whilst a goal is lauded. On balance I don't want him to start to doubt himself, his instincts to date have been pretty good. We need a few forwards who think like Kozzie did, "I've got this".
  6. 6. Kozzi 5. Trac 4. Viney 3. Sparrow 2. Hibbo 1. Brown
  7. Gus to the guts? Does anyone know what is the issue with Tomlinson, up to his injury a year ago he was good and now seems to have lost confidence.
  8. After promising not to return to this thread until page 50 I think I have safely kept my word, So... Niall as an interesting perspective but more importantly might pour some cold water on an overheated situation which can only help us.
  9. Short elegant and I think I can see what you mean. However where is your compassion, they had a virus, soon to be canonized Tom Stewart (Chris Scott said that, so it must be) is absent, Danger doesn't have his premiership yet, they have to play at home in the cold and they dont make excuses (we know because Chris says that a lot).
  10. 6. Viney. Best game of career and should get all the votes 5. Lever 4. Oliver 3. Jackson 2. Harmes 1. Gus
  11. I agree he should play in the middle or wing, our movement into the forwards has been poor and this was where Angus excelled.
  12. You can never have too many big freeze beanies, in an industry that throws around superstar, elite and legend a bit too freely he stands above them all. Neale is an inspiration.
  13. lingers Gus Oliver May Spargo Tmac
  14. Grimes you are right, my faulty memory of the incident. Weeds was in front of him. Can see how others disagree but still think its been overblown.
  15. Tmac has had a lot of stick for the mark, and I think he was unsure what to do. I read he was worried it may hit the line and bounce back to my mind it looked like he was also worried he may not be able to get out the way with someone behind him. A shame for Harmes who deserved it but the commentary has been over the top.
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