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  1. 6. Petracca 5. Oliver 4. May 3. Petty 2. McDonald 1. Salem
  2. Two players caught my attention in the Casey game. Jones and Weed. Jones was a class above and gave it all. He is not going out quietly. Really wants another senior game. Not sure he gets it but the fire is burning in him with a whiff of finals again. Now to Weed, I suspect he did most (but not all) of the things the Coaches asked of him. He moved up and down the ground and was defensively good. However he didn't clunk too many marks inside 50 and his kicking was wayward. BB also found it hard to clunk the marks and at least 2 of his goals came off the deck. In contrast he is not as committed defensively. As a general observation we have some real talent in the twos who are learning our game style and quite a few of them will be banging down the door. So do Jones and Weed get picked? I think not. Jones may be the emergency again. I suspect Brown will be given a chance but he has to do more to really impress and hold a spot.
  3. They will have to get a name coach both the current board and the challengers will want nothing less. My bet is that the current board already have someone to shore up their position and that has led to this decision. It cant be an untried assistant in the circumstances and they need to make the announcement soon. The alternative is they told Bucks that was their plan and he said well see you later, that would be a misstep on their part. As for Monday it may fire the pies up but we just need to be ready to play as if they are another top tier contender.
  4. thanks I haven't had an email from the club, strange.
  5. Great initiative and like others here I am very proud of our community involvement in the heart of the country.
  6. Living in Sydney I have seen a lot of games at the SCG. It seems short end to end and wide (except for the forward pockets). My swans friends claim the 50 is actually 48. Whilst I doubt that it certainly feels short. Our defence is predicated on judging the flow of the ball into the defensive area. The SCG does not offer the luxury of any time if the ball is coming down the guts. And to my eye you often see goals that seem to be kicked after one handball from the centre bounce. Thus owning the corridor will be super important. Ps: does anyone know when tickets go on sale?
  7. I take it out every year, until now I have considered it a donation.
  8. Skipped the middle of the thread but I am concerned that Salem is not fit and may need a rest. Prefer him in the side but there is the long term outlook to consider. Melksham clearly goes for positivelingers. Weed stays a week. At the game you could see how hard to works off the ball to keep our structure and I doubt Brown could do that. Hard to know if he will make it but showing all the signs of being very close to getting the confidence he needs to start clunking the marks. On at least two occasions he appeared to deliberately knock the ball forward to the smalls one of which led to a Kozzie goal.
  9. Just home from the game and now watching the replay. We just wont give up. Really good crowd apart from the [censored] Bears supporter near us, who went missing in the second half, must have had a flight home. Could dish it but not take it. I just love this team and back next week! Sadly not at our fortress, Giant stadium. Go Dees.
  10. Hi Sydee, As a fellow Sydneysider i will be there with as many as I can muster! A country memebership gets you access to 5 home games or their replacements. I think this may be a home game so you should be ok, if not who cares there will be plenty of tickets! I can walk to the SCG but think this is a much better venue for us and will be happy to drive out there Friday night. I think sadly no one from Vic can attend unless you were here pre-lockdown, the local rule is whilst the border is open if you travel here you have to apply the restrictions of your home state (ie: lockdown) and I suspect the travel incident overnight will mean the rules will be tightened here.
  11. Agree on the Giants stadium which has 2 nice hotels walking distance to the ground in the Olympic precinct. There are actually no hotels that close to the SCG. I recall last year they stayed at manly which is a long way from both grounds.
  12. No need to apologise. I do feel for the Alice and think the GWS stadium would be better for us. We played well there last year. I am actually more concerned about the big freeze which is such a worthy cause and deserves a big crowd at the G.
  13. Is that confirmed? Agree its great to have games in places like the Alice however as someone who lives within a 15 minute walk of the SCG I will take the alternative.
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