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  1. 6. Tmac 5. Oliver 4. May 3. Jordon 2. Harmes 1. Salem
  2. They will be required to isolate until they return a negative result. They were there in the same time period according to the reports. Hat has blown completely away.......
  3. A lot of Swans live in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, so I suspect they all will be tested. Real risk if the area is declared a red zone.
  4. Yes sometimes you can be too successful, a fine and the media outrage would have been non existent.
  5. Good to see the AFL is at least in touch with 5.5% of fans.
  6. Lack of news suggests we are thinking about it seriously.
  7. I suspect that many here like me are making suggested changes based on our preconceptions of players . When Petty came in last time I was despairing of his first half calling his inclusion a mistake. i was wrong. His second half was a lot better and showed he was up to the task. Likewise I was completely befuddled when Baker was included but again his second half was much better and it was clear he was playing to our system and contributed. Goody at his presser clearly said Petty was ready for AFL and our coaches seem to know what they are doing. I would like to see one defensive mid in
  8. Apologies if this is covered above (cant read all 14 pages.) Viney out late a big loss, our back line thrown out early and the forwards still adapting was a lot to deal with. However our coaching has improved out of sight on game day. You can argue it came late but we put a tag on Cunnington in the 3rd and Fritta was given a role on Ziebell, Goody swallowed his words and put Tmac back and we moved Gawn out of the main ruck. Each of these moves (along with a returned intensity) changed the course of the game. What also struck me was each of the players clearly knew their role
  9. I assume he bumped into trac at a 7/11. In any event seems pretty obvious the club would be putting a big offer on the table and working to sign him up for the long term.
  10. Very hard to say as the top 3 above have made a remarkable difference to the team by performing their role. We even have players in the 2nds who are playing a role by keeping those in the team on their toes. All credit to Goody and Co.
  11. Why lead with Big max in the 7/11 when you could have said; "I heard from a bloke at the 7/11 that...." That would have sent the thread into utter meltdown.
  12. Its seems we have numerous players other team would love to have but we can't make room for them? ..... I must be on the wrong site. Feeling a bit confused. My two cents: Spargo was epic for us on Saturday. Weed is the future and we need to keep him for the next few campaigns. Burgo, please please stay. I suspect the weather forecast will have a lot to do with selection if we play in Tassie. We must not get ahead of ourselves. Finally we don't have a real power forward. TMac got a couple of grabs because Max positioned himself incredibly well. Tmac is playing really well and de
  13. 6 Salem 5 Trac 4 Oliver 3 Langdon 2 Gawn 1 Jackson
  14. Isn't this why we have nicknames for the players, Gorny, Trak, Klarrie, Vynes, weedz and Maisy. That way you cant go wrong.
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