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  1. 6: Gawn 5: Viney 4: Petracca 3: Salem 2: Oliver 1: Langdon
  2. Love Charlie’s work this year. IMHO he’s become a ducking good player!
  3. Would it be fare to say that winning a game against Geelong with a kick after the siren is up there with winning a game against Collingwood by a point?
  4. 6: Oliver 5: Gawn 4: Salem 3: Lever 2: Pickett 1: Langdon
  5. 6: Gawn 5: Jackson 4: Fritsch 3: Petracca 2: Salem 1: Langdon
  6. OK so not too many at the ground but hundreds of thousands watching from all over Australia (and the world, if they know how). Look out for the large retailers flogging huge tv’s over the next few weeks: finals, spring carnival etc. Not too many at the ground unless it’s in Perth but still a very big audience with we hope a groundswell of support for Melbourne!
  7. I think it was 2018 when (very) young 18yo Petty was played at FB against Paddy McCartin who beat him hands down. The one game where McCartin played up to StKilda’s expectations. How things change eh! The kid looks now to be the real deal! And all being well a 200 game Demon! And furthermore: what to do with Tomlinson next year. What a nice position to be in!!!
  8. And I’m going with the flow as well, and why not! He was BOG! 6: Oliver 5: Jackson 4: Petracca 3: Gawn 2: Brown 1: Lever
  9. On Kayo at noon so I suppose it’ll be on Fox as well.
  10. John was for many years a volunteer tour guide for the MCC, and an excellent and knowledgeable one at that. He’ll be greatly missed. RIP Mr Lord.
  11. 6: Petty 5: Fritsch 4: Hunt 3: Petracca 2: Salem 1: Spargo then Oliver and Lever!
  12. My dad was a Ballaarat* boy: many a happy but cold time, I’ve spent there! *correct spelling according to my dad!
  13. Very good! MCC N47 just a bit higher but also very good. I suspect tickets will not be hard to obtain for anyone MCC, MFC, AFL or general public. 4.30 on a cold winter Saturday only for the committed I’m afraid ?.
  14. 6: Salem 5: May 4: Lever 3: Fritsch 2: Jackson 1: Petracca
  15. I’m going, as is my daughter! 160k round trip. Looking forward to the match but understand why others may be reluctant to attend - very cold 10C day, parking restrictions, cheap $5.00 Kayo membership, difficulty obtaining seats etc. Easy to stay home, stay warm and have a few beers while watching on the big TV screen! (Gee, almost convinced myself to stay home - nah I’m going) Go Dee’s!
  16. I’ve just found my notes on this subject from a couple of years ago when I was doing some work at the MCG. The ground measurements are actually 173.6 metres long by 148.4 meters wide fence to fence (my apologies for being incorrect before). I notice that I put in brackets beside those measurements the same measurements for the playing surface as you quote i.e. 160 x 141. The difference in the length of almost 7 meters at each end can be explained by the fact that it is the distance from goal line to fence, the increased area behind the goals in which the goal umpire is given to work and adjudicate. There are also pits at each end of the ground which house the netting structures put up to protect patrons during pre game practice, so that 7 meter distance is necessary. Around the rest of the ground the distance is around 3.5 - 4 metres (interchange area excepted).
  17. The actual MCG ground dimensions fence to fence (that is including boundaries) are approximately 174m east to west and 145m north to south. So there’s a title more ground to be squeezed in!
  18. No matter what day we play, if we win I purchase the next mornings HeraldSun, if we don’t I don’t! No matter what day we play, if we win it sets up the next positive week, if we don’t I feel cranky (and I still damn well do)?!
  19. Next year maybe? Tomlinson CHB: Petty FF/CHF. Petty did quite well up forward last year and he knows how to hang on to a mark! And he’s a big lad apparently quite able to take care of himself. (And further, he’s just 21or 22, still developing)!
  20. Or Jack Watts has the “Peter Pan Syndrome”; that’s quite possible!
  21. 6: Lever 5: Salem 4: Oliver 3: Hunt 2: McDonald 1: Spargo
  22. 6: McDonald 5: May 4: Oliver 3: Salem 2: Langdon 1: Spargo
  23. 6: Jackson 5: Pickett 4: Salem 3: Fritsch 2: May 1: Langdon
  24. I’m glad Christian Salem is getting the recognition he so thoroughly deserves. He and the other player named Christian were outstanding last night! 6: Salem 5: Petracca 4: Lever 3: McDonald 2: Oliver 1: Gawn And many, many more as well.
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