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  1. We must remember that BB is our most accurate kick for goal (closely followed by BF). It should not be underestimated.
  2. There is little point in his going to a mid list club and potentially condemning himself to mid list mediocrity. He can do that in the latter stages of his career when, if it is as successful as we all believe it to be will make him on of the best paid players in the AFL. He has to show that tho consistently in finals and he has to do that in a top club. Neither WA clubs are likely to be that in the next five years.
  3. As l said earlier in this thread, Caro has been a good AFL journalist, but has passed her “use by date”. Nothing better illustrates this than her increasing tendency for partisanship when it comes to Richmond (and her bias against the MFC). Indon’t think she can stand the thought that we just might be becoming an AFL. Superpower, more powerful than Richmond ever were, hence her coverage of thing MFC is consistently biased and offensive.
  4. Happy to keep under the radar, which makes it so much more joyful when we blow them all away in September!
  5. Partially agree, except l think the Cats are too old, and will be (again!) seriously found out come finals.
  6. We will beat them anyway. Cats the most over-rated team in the AFL - also the oldest….they won’t get within 5 goals of us.
  7. Quite. As l said, we select on merit and team structures!
  8. The melbourne way has been we select on merit. It has proved to be successful in the past, at least recently, and in my view should not change it.
  9. I think Caro and Eddie are both as bad as each other. Eddie is the ultimate ego maniac and has no real feel for normal social interaction cos he’s so obsessed with his own ego. The upheaval on social issues and racism at Collingwood since he left can be directly attributed to Eddie’s insensitivity and his self obsession. It was all outlined in the disgraceful facts surrounding Collingwood’s so called “Do Better Report” into Collingwood's systemic racism, which when it was released Eddie amazingly described it as “a great day for the Collingwood Football Club”. This directly led to his being sacked as Pies’ President and his leaving the Board for which Collingwood deserves a great deal of credit. Nevertheless, Maguire continues to push the same insensitive attitudes on Footy Classified on Channel Nine which makes it from my point of view unwatchable, particularly as that Eddie “clone” Ross Lyon is still there as well. As far as Caro is concerned, l think she has been an outstanding AFL journalist in the past, but has well and truly gone past her “use-by date”. It is time for her to retire gracefully before her good name is soiled by those quacks Messrs Mecguire and Lyon. Alternatively, change shows. They are toxic!
  10. Attention getting and re-establishing relevance. Both have failed.
  11. Agree. I think this hysteria around Carlton is totally overblown, fanned by ex Blue-baggers in the media. Still, if it takes space from Caroline Wilson’s relentless propaganda about the Tigers it will be a relief. She can’t help herself that woman. l could list them, but there seems little point. I used to think she was one of the more astute journos on AFL issues, but this year it has become a single minded focus on all things Tiger almost to the exclusion of all else. She finished her summary of last week’s matches by the single sentence on the Dees “l don’t know what to say about melbourne”, and then left it.
  12. David Neitz 195 cm. That should tell us all we need to know…
  13. I agree. I hold no issues with his going to the bullies. It was a rational decision for him. It says something though that he would not have made the Dees GF side. He will not be the only one over the next 3 years….
  14. Hannan left cos he realised he would not make our GF side. Simple as that......
  15. I will only list coaches of teams i personally saw play. The first game I saw was as an eight year old being the 1960 grand final. i was away for most of the 1990s when i lived in Europe and Asia. I have seen every final the MFC has played since then with the exception of 2021. My list is: 1. Smith: the greatest of all time, probably of any sport 2. Goodwin: breaking the 57 year drought speaks for itself 3. Daniher: great record with an ordinary list 4. Barassi: although he did not have great success with the MFC, he set us up for later success under Northy and Daniher 5 Northy: did the best he could with a limited list
  16. We can’t be fully on every week, and we did have 8 out due to the bug including our champion coach. I think in the circumstances the club did well. Personally I’d take 7-0 this time of the year. Don’t you remember the past?
  17. It will be interesting to see what the Swans do. I suspect they will try chaos football and try to out-score us, and not have a single minded emphasis on Defence. It would make for an interesting game, especially seeing our forwards fully unleashed. I would still back in our backline and mids to keep their score in check.
  18. Well he was committed enough to volunteer unprompted on 360 30 years later that he was a Dees fan as a kid. I think that is significant…..
  19. Presumably b/c he perceived they could not win a premiimership, which turned out to be right over that period. Wonder what he thinks now?
  20. This morning on Whately on SEN Natham Buckley let slip that he was a Dees supporter as a teenager. Interesting…
  21. I agree in part. I think they might stick with Tmac partly because it gives us more flexibility given he is also an elite backman, but l think there is little to separate them as key forwards. For the Weid to change this he will have to consistently hold his pack marks as he did with his first game back but it seems to have largely disappeared since then.
  22. Here, here!! A of B. Well said. It has been open slather on umpires for far too long, and the reaction to my original posting on here was sadly all to predictable. Clearly there are many Demonlanders who consider umpire abuse as a blood sport. Fortunately, the game’s powers that be have belatedly disagreed. The game will be far better for these modifications to the rules, particularly when everyone gets used to them. l seem to remember similar outcry when the out of bounds on the full rule was bought in, the centre square rule, and more recently the 6:6:6 rule. Now that they have been in place for a while, very few question them. So it will be once these new interpretations have been around for a while, although there will always be some who resist any sort of change. Such is life!
  23. It is easy - just don't do it. I think it is a great rule. It speeds up the game and almost eliminates "show-boating" leaving the game's famous posers with no-where to go except 50m down field away from their goals or looking at the apposition goal while they take the subsequent free kick. It also takes pressure off the Umpires which can only be a good thing given the immense difficulty of their task and the abuse they have had to put up with over so many years. No wonder the AFL has so much difficulty in filling their ranks at all levels. That can now be expected to improve which can only be a good thing.
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