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  1. I was also 12 and sat in the olympic stand on the day next to the Mezannine Bar with my father and brother (now sadly lost to the Swans!). When Froggy Crompton kicked the winning goal l remember looking along at the end of the row we were in and seeing Murray Weideman smoking a cigarette with his hand shaking like a leaf! We had a good laugh….
  2. I rather like the Rich-Hibberd match-up. Clearly we need someone to tag Rich and Hibbo has done done it very effectively before….
  3. One of the aspects of Tom’s game which is not widely recognised is his elite kicking ability: regularly kicks accurately 60+m, on the run or set shot. A great weapon in the positions he will play in the future
  4. I think we have more than 3: try Oliver, Petracca, Gawn, May, Salem, Lever
  5. It is infinitely more preferable to play the Lions in Adelaide than Port in Adelaide. We actually have quite a good record at the Adelaide, but it would be preferable not to be in front of a feral SA crowd barraging for a SA team.
  6. It was just one of dozens at the time. Looking back, it is a wonder we survived at all the Mark Neild era. Ironically, l think Wines’ replacement at the time Jimmy Toumpas was eventually traded to Port Adelaide.
  7. I reckon may on Hawkins, Smith on Cameron, Petty on Rohan and Lever floating on small forward, with Smith to run off Cameron to constantly test out his hammy. Looks like a plan!
  8. No comparison - we are one of the youngest teams, they are the oldest…
  9. I think you guys are all mad! Here we are, top of the ladders, with one of the youngest and most talented teams in the comp, with more rising stars than any other, at least half a dozen players in the twos who would walk into any other team - and you are constructing lists of players from other teams who are mostly inferior in talent to half of our reserve grade side. We have built this great position through astute recruiting. Why would we create internal dissension just as we are on the cusp of an era of superior performance.
  10. There is NO connection between racism and the abortion debate. The abortion debate is simply that, a debate where people have different views quite legitimately and both can walk away from it with their dignity in tact. Racism is where one section of society seeks to belittle another simply on the basis of their skin colour or ethnicity. No-one’s dignity is left in tact, least of all the victim’s. Ridicule, disparaging and yes discrimination on the basis of one’s skin is an injustice which should not be in any civilised society. To equate it to the abortion debate is absurd.
  11. Good post. In fact l think it is time for all of us in this society to get on the front foot as far as racism is concerned, especially when it comes to our indigenous brethren. Far from aboriginal society being backward as many of the racists think, in its own way It has been, and is one of the most sophisticated societies in the world particularly when it comes to nurturing and looking after the land, which it regards as sacred. It is also one of the oldest civilsations in the world, something of which all Australians should be immensely proud and celebrate. It is not by accident that indigenous players of our great game seem to have a natural affinity for it, and are grossly over represented in elite player numbers when compared to their proportion of our population - they and their ancestors have been playing the game, or a form of it for thousands of years. It is in their DNA, and don’t we all benefit from it, not least the MFC, where some of our very best, and most brilliant, players are and have been indigenous. Racial abuse directed towards them is despicable and disgraceful, where nothing short of a whole of club and supporter base response to fight against this will be both appropriate and responsible, and l commend the club for being proactive in this regard,.
  12. Interestingly, Eddie mentioned in that interview that Kossie was singled out during this episode. I’m sure the club is giving him every support he needs, especially from the players who respect and love him as not only one of the best players on the list, but also one of the most popular, mirroring his indigenous Demon predecessors in Davey, Farmer, Wonna and Whelan. We all need to close ranks on this disgusting behaviour. We cannot let these morons further inflame the relations with the most treasured section of our community - our indigenous brethren. It must be stopped, starting with the AFL.
  13. Yes, the club and the players and coaching staff have shown great resilience and fortitude over this period. All good pointers to a successful finals campaign. Bring it on - can’t wait!
  14. See, this is exactly what many of us are talking about. Whenever an excellent piece like the one posted by Colin B. Flaubert, which used sound reasoning and intellectual grunt, the only comeback are accusations of “being over the top”instead of logical rebuttal. Intellectual rigour is clearly not in your bailiwick.
  15. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Totally agree. We must be forever vigilant and aware.
  16. Unfortunately l agree with you. In Australia it is the insidious racism (ie just below the surface) which is the most corrosive, rather than the overt. The interesting thing about the Tex episode is that he made it very public (albeit I’m sure he thought it would not be called out - the “boys club” at work again). Fortunately there were enough people both as players and official who found this totally unacceptable and called it out. Maybe we are making progress after all, although l wouldn’t bet on it.
  17. Whilst Australia has a proud history of multiculturalism/multiracial, there is always a feeling there is a vocal minority that either don’t understand or don’t want to understand the hurt that racist view have on society. Tex is merely the manifestation of that, as reflected by sky news, Andrew Bolt, Peta Credlin, etc etc etc. Fortunately at the official level through governments, local councils, schools, public services and companies there is close to zero tolerance to racial intolerance, as there is now to sexism. And yet, it still manages to manifest itself publicly at regular intervals which would seem to me to suggest there is still a small but vocal minority that either does “get” that racial intolerance is wrong, or worse it is a key driver of their lives. All the more reason why such behaviour should always be called out, and where appropriate punished. Organisations like the AFL have key roles in this particularly given their influence on young lives.;
  18. Yes, Vanders was excellent and clearly gives us additional grunt inside as well as another dimension outside. I think as we get closer to the end of the home and away, we may turn to additional experimentation to test best combinations. . Vanders and BB even Jonesy would have to be close to the top of the list. Also BB today made his case. They will be having close consideration to excluding sparrow, even Kossie in the finals line up. No doubt there will be some experimentation once our top two position is secured. In any case there are sure to be injuries which will require replacements.
  19. We have to accept that when you beat everyone in the 8 and are on top by two games, you become a target. Literally everyone makes it their number one objective to beat you. No-one is going to give us easy games. And do we really want it any other way? MFC is at last respected (and even feared) by every other team. Much rather have it this way, than being the mediocre alsoran we have been for the last 40 years. Get used to it guys - we are building a dynasty!
  20. Also the VFL game tomorrow become extremely important. If BB can nab 3 or 4 + he would be a lock for the remainder of the season l would say. We all should watch tomorrow’s telecast to cheer him on.
  21. I’d prefer a taller forward set up. Fritsch is too valuable on the flank and is not big enough to be a key forward. It is time to bite the bullet on Brown or are we waiting for him to kick a bag at Casey. At least they are playing this weekend for the first time in a long while. Jackson/Gawn will need to spend more time in the forward half Saturday night.
  22. Yes, l think back playing on the G will be decisive. We never play well at the SCG, so back on our home turf will get us really fired up, especially with our talisman Jack V returning. Dees by 40 points!
  23. OD, l have no doubt rusted on Magpie supporters will pressure the new board at Collingwood to pay that and more for Weid. All the ones l know are salivating at the prospect of getting another Weideman playing senior football for them. They just won’t recognise his limitations. A very good early test of the professionalism for their new board. My guess is they haven’t changed their spots, and therefore will remain mid list at best.
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