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  1. I get both sides, but do we honestly think that if a player doesn’t play on the day regardless of his input throughout the season that it will feel the same to him?
  2. Nathan Jones will forever be part of the fabric of our great club, loyal and selfless to the end, respected by all. Thanks for the memories Chunk.
  3. It is but I think with our ball movement our forwards can expose their defence and some of our fwds could have a day out.
  4. The umpiring during our prelim was pretty good, I can only hope that this continues. The umpires should be well aware of this as well as their 10 metres kicks.
  5. I’m pumped, I still remember waking the house up when he kicked the ball over his head against West Coast in 2018. (I think it was 2018….) Some of his performances during the opening rounds of this season were massive and helped pave the way for where we find ourselves next weekend.
  6. Not sure if this is still the case but the 16 clubs that don’t make the GF are normally given 1000 tickets each (this may be less due to size of Optus). A friend of mine a few years back bought 2 tickets for $2000 from Collingwood. It also had entry to the GF breakfast. Considering tickets are worth $450 for priority 1 members it’s worth it in my opinion for what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  7. I’m heartbroken, 17 year consecutive Redleg member and I’m stuck in bloody Sydney. A good Irish mate of mine just logged in to secure himself a ticket, he’ll be wearing Red & Blue and cheering us on, he also went to the prelim.
  8. In NSW you can get between $300 - $800 for lagging on someone.
  9. For me it’s as simple as both teams have great system driven game plans, Dogs have some genuine gun players, we have genuine guns on every line. If we come to play we should get the win.
  10. Some of these comments….Suddenly people are jumping of Melbourne. The Dogs beat the Bombers who haven’t won a final in however many day, the Lions with an intentional rushed behind, and they flogged Port, a team which struggled in big games for most of the year and choked in a home prelim last year. Our team has made changes with our fwd line through out the season but now we are now playing with a synergy that will deliver us the premiership. Our defence is the best in the league, all of our fwds are genuine weapons and have all had games where they have kicked multiple goals. We have the no.1 ruckman in the comp, Gawn had a career best game against Geelong, Jackson is a freak, I’ll back Oliver, Trac and Viney against Macrae, Bont and Libba any day. I’m sick of hearing about Caleb Daniel, yes he has good vision and uses the ball well but the majority of his kicks to me seem to be barely 15 metres. I was nervous last week but I was adamant if we win the prelim we’ll win the flag and that hasn’t changed for me. We need to tighten right up defensively and not be caught just guarding space allowing the Dogs to pick their way through. This is our year, the Mighty Demons will be bringing the Premiership home.
  11. I think a lot of people will still have us as favourites regardless of tonight’s result, Port’s body of work against top 4 sides is still a work in progress. Our premiership drought brings enough of its own pressure.
  12. Again just highlights how important mindset is.
  13. Port’s losses this season. Rd 3 Eagles by 37 WA Rd 7 Lions by 49 QLD Rd 9 Dogs by 19 AO Rd 13 Cats by 21 AO Rd 17 Dees by 31 AO
  14. Hinkley can join Scott. Potential back to back home prelim losses.
  15. I’ll be watching from those 4 squares tonight, I have trouble sitting down during games like this.
  16. Nerves are gone, we’ve got this. We have the best defence, the no.1 ruck, 2 of the best 5-6 mids in the game, the best medium size fwd. we have guns on every line. The changing of the guard is almost complete, Eagles and Tigers who are normally finals mainstays missed the cut, it’s time to send the Cats into obscurity. Our time is now, we take them tonight. We are Melbourne, we are the Dee’s, after tonight the Mighty Demons will be feared again.
  17. No mate it’s not, it was my attempt at humour. I was inferring we win the next couple of flags which would mean we only have pick 18 in the next couple of drafts.
  18. I can confirm that a club official unofficially met with the Fremantle Dockers and unofficially offered 2 future 1st round picks. Freo simply replied what use is 2 future pick 18’s to them, we would need to come back with a better offer.
  19. Disappointing thing is come finals we’re meant to have the best umpires umpiring and the softer / weaker frees are normally let go.
  20. I’m surprised at those odds, especially being in a final. I’m nervous but confident we can beat Geelong.
  21. Zorko had a chance late with a shot and kicked it out on the full. Regardless last nights result doesn’t bother me. I honestly believe if we beat the cats the flag is ours.
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