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  1. So GWS lose another quality player and possibly Hopper as well. Between that and what’s going on at North I’m not sure how anyone can think 19 teams is sustainable in this competition.
  2. I remember looking at highlight packages of Hayden Young 3 years ago, all be it a different position but his disposal by foot was elite.
  3. I get the whole if you have 30 + possessions a few with wayward kicks / turnovers but the two highlight packages in this thread are less than impressive for someone touted as a top 3-5 pick. Have you been following his junior career closely or are you able to post some more highlights that showcase the class people speak off?
  4. I got a 90 seconds in and was thinking exactly the same thing. Not sure how he’s ranked so highly, I’ll keep watching….
  5. What’s he like in pack mark / contested marking situations? Of the three highlights packages most of his marks are on the lead and he’s out in space. When going for a contested mark he only really took the one and that was juggled. Long range kicking for goal reasonably accurate with the odd shank. Keeps his feet in the contest.
  6. I think they personally should of told Buddy to retire or change clubs. They can’t play all of Franklin, Reid, McDonald and Amarty.
  7. If North are stupid enough to do that trade they should just fold
  8. Just had a look at one draft, the top twelve consists of one from SA, two from WA and the rest from Victoria. 8. Jedd Busslinger (Western Australia - East Perth) The leading key defender in this year's draft class, Busslinger is an elite intercept mark with his early read of the ball in flight who attack on the ball aerially plucks the ball out of the air. With ball in hand Busslinger is a composed and reliable ball user while defensively he is competitive and able to curb the influence of his direct opponent. The 197cm key defender averaged 23.8 disposals and eight marks in the WAFL Colts this year and 22 disposals and seven marks in his two Under-18 Championships games before deciding to undergo season ending shoulder surgery. August Ranking: 7 12. Elijah Hewett (Western Australia - Swan Districts) Hewett is a strong contested ball-winning mid whose power when exiting stoppages is notable. With good speed, agility and evasion, Hewett is at his most damaging at speed either winning loose balls one-touch on the move at speed, or receiving on the move. Hewett displays damaging skills by foot whether he is locating and hitting inside 50 targets or finishing around goal himself, particularly when given time and space with ball in hand. He has also shown that he can be an aerial threat, taking some high-flying marks this season. A big game player who routinely stars on the big stage, Hewett was arguably the Swan Districts most influential in their WAFL Colts premiership triumph against Claremont in 2021, and best afield the following week for Western Australia against South Australia. His best performance this year came during the Under-18 Championships for Western Australia against Championships favourite Victoria Metro, with game highs of 29 disposals, 11 inside 50s, five score assists, a team high five clearances and an equal team high of two goals. Spending all but one game this season in the WAFL against League opposition, Hewett has grown in confidence over the course of the season and has kicked one goal in each of his past four matches. August Ranking: 10 Interesting times ahead, how much importance is placed on go home factor. Is pick 2 for Jackson a better option than the two players listed above or a higher ranked Victorian kid who can do to them what Jackson has done to us minus the flag.
  9. Not sure if already mentioned, in terms of phantom drafts where is the no.1 ranked player from WA and what position does he play. I’m looking at this from the Eagles POV, if the top ten ranked juniors are all from Victoria surely that has to be factored in when deciding if pick 2 should be part of a deal for Jackson.
  10. One could always argue “we have to wait and see how we use these picks” but 2 first round picks in the teens just seems like we’re losing out. A top 5 pick should be a must, but I can’t see it happening.
  11. For a season where arguably we only regained our 2021 form once or twice we still finished 2nd at the conclusion of the home and away season. Considering our draw compared to that of Geelong I think that was a great effort. Of the 3 teams that trouble us being Geelong, Sydney and Collingwood none of them really smashed us. From memory the biggest margin was in the low 20’s? As it stands right now I honestly believe we still have a top 4 list, this before any potential trades in the upcoming period. I think we are a genuine chance over the next 3 years with this list. The fwd line needs an overhaul and we need to move the ball quicker but there’s no reason we’re not top 4 again next year.
  12. They have to win the ball first and they’re not as skilled as other sides that have beaten us that way.
  13. Agreed, it was 13 goals to 2 at half time 3 weeks ago, a similar score is desirable.
  14. All teams have mediocre or average players, hence the salary cap.
  15. Anything less than another GF appearance is a fail for me and anything less than 2 flags over 3 seasons is also a fail considering our list.
  16. Last year after rd 3 when we beat the Giants I made a comment which was largely shot down by most posters on this site. I said that we shouldn’t have sung the team song after the game because of the way we played. I felt that doing so rewarded mediocre performances. Next week we should account (again) for Brisbane easily, and if we do by all means sing the song, but I will be disappointed if our post match celebrations come anywhere near those of the Lions on Thursday night. Watching Neale thump the ground as others embraced each other like they’d won the flag. Some would argue it’s a final, or they were under a lot of pressure due to their recent history in finals. But things must put in perspective, the opposition weren’t much to write home about. Our beef is not with the Lions, it’s with Collingwood, Geelong and the Swans. Let’s get the job done next week, let’s sing the song but keep it low key, let’s also keep things in perspective. Beating Brisbane next week in a final is still a win but losing in a preliminary the week after will be a failed season. It’s as simple as that.
  17. Forward 50 tackles. Melbourne : 13 Sydney : 25
  18. If you hadn’t watched the game and didn’t know the score, having read this thread you’d be right in thinking we had lost by over 80. We arguably only had a couple of players win their position on the night, yet only lost by 22, less than 4 goals. As frustrating as last night was, we’re still in it.
  19. Whilst the game was high scoring and some great goals were kicked I thought overall the skill level was low. Richmond have had their time at the top and are now in decline. Full credit to the Lions, I didn’t tip them and don’t rate them as a threat and last night did nothing to change my view.
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