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  1. Just took some time for them to wake up. Like me...every morning...without my coffee ☕️
  2. We sure would get a lot of press coverage with Uncle Bitters at the helm!
  3. I wonder what it says about me when I punch the letter D into into Google and the second suggestion that comes up is this very thread...
  4. Here is my prediction....several choice, colourful, and profane exclamations will be uttered by fans. Hopefully in joy, not agony
  5. Sounds like I didn’t miss much
  6. Reading this made me flashback to Opening Day for the Toronto Blue Jays when SARS first reared its ugly head. Ticket window systems/scanners not working, big blobs of people, getting in after 2+ innings. What a [censored] that was!
  7. Oh, how I missed the wise and insightful musings on this thread!
  8. I say just write all the teams down on slips of paper and draw em out of a hat, from Wooden Spooners to 1st. Overall accuracy % would probably be the same as most expert pre-season predictions....
  9. Planning to listen to the game on the AFL app. Hopefully I can stay awake...nearly midnight here.
  10. I’m sure you would do it if you were in Melbourne, Ethan.
  11. Say, anybody heard from Uncle Bitter recently? Or has he gone into hiding after his recent adventures in SE Asia?
  12. Biffen's entourge was just knocking down the value of the place so he could buy it on the cheap, I'm sure. Future business hub, Biffen?
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