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  1. Agree, and not too many players would be living in Greenvale.
  2. Anyone know when the Casey practice game this weekend is exactly?
  3. Hopefully at a reduced salary to help create some cap space.
  4. That goal was all because we put some pressure on the player kicking the ball. It ain’t rocket science.
  5. Because people are focusing on the fact that she is a woman more than she is a footballer.
  6. I don’t mind this in theory, the issue is they will need to point out exactly the point of the mark each time which will slow things down.
  7. David Schwarz must have also been on his period. This is just awful news for Shae, fingers crossed she gets a final crack at it.
  8. His foot hasn't been right since the 2018 finals. Same with Tom McDonald.
  9. Yet the AFL have gone soft on suspending players for head-high contact over the past five or so years.
  10. Simply heartbreaking, thoughts and love to his kids and family. In the scheme of things it’s not important but I always valued his contribution to this site, I hope there is something that can be done to help support them.
  11. If Melksham is playing regular football in 2021 we are in all sorts. I don't think I've seen someone phone it in like he did in 2020.
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