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  1. If their contract is up at the end of this year then why would other clubs trade for them? They would just pick them up as delisted free agents.
  2. Genuinely baffled Dunkley got another contract in the first place. All the best to them, I had a soft spot for the Wagner brothers but alas it wasn’t to be.
  3. Fritsch had a better season than Taberner. Even though his goal kicking wasn’t as accurate the sheer number of shots on goal says a lot. https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/ft_player_compare?playerStatus1=A&tid1=12&pid1=6505&fid1=S&playerStatus2=A&tid2=9&pid2=3885&fid2=S&type=T
  4. Disgusting decision to not include May. Anyone know how many goals he conceded this year?
  5. Keen on Gown purely for the Gawn/Gown novelty factor.
  6. To be fair I was pretty hot that day they drove from Brisbane to Gold Coast.
  7. I’m tipping that the Bulldogs will have things sewn up by half-time. As much as I want us to play finals, I can live without seeing Gawn getting destroyed by Naitanui and West Cost just walking the ball out of centre clearances.
  8. Hunt did a lot right but stuffing around not listening to the coach in a crucial time is inexcusable.
  9. He’s our best forward and has been a huge upgrade on Watts (the draft pick we got in return).
  10. If we do make it and assuming we play West Coast we need to sure up the midwfield as much as possible. I fear Gawn will get destroyed by Naitanui and West Coast’s midfielders will attack contests at speed while we are flat-footed.
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