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  1. It’s Geelong’s home game so they should be able to play it where they want. The issue I have is that only certain teams have to play there. Oh, and that their stadium is totally tax payer funded.
  2. I’d take Andrew Brayshaw as a straight swap.
  3. It will be just as bad in Geelong on Thursday. I hope our coaches are working with the players to cut out the silly free kicks that the umpires will be hot on.
  4. Geelong only about 5 percentage points behind us now.
  5. Geelong will get a huge percentage boost tonight. Going to be another top-two game next week.
  6. Worst umpiring I have just about ever seen. Our class won out in the end. Welcome back, Petracca.
  7. Still need at least one more point to make certain of it.
  8. Of course Adelaide kick the next goal. We still need another three goals to win.
  9. Brayshaw with the first complacent skill error.
  10. Danger! We are in complacency margin territory. We need the next three if we are going to hold on.
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