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  1. I’m still in shock that the player who hit him behind play didn’t even get looked at.
  2. Wasn’t it mentioned that Cunnington concussed a player and got it lowered low impact, is that right?
  3. I’ve been banging on about it but the two most important parts for me are centre clearances (Kennedy in particular) and putting pressure on Sydney when they have the ball so they don’t cut up our zone with keepings off.
  4. We won’t appeal but I’d be curious to find out how they came to medium impact.
  5. It just has that feeling doesn’t it.
  6. He’s looked off the pace a number of weeks now, sadly not a surprise.
  7. Grim. Fingers crossed we are prepared for the keepings off they will try to use to pick apart our zone.
  8. This is the one time spelling a name wrong is acceptable.
  9. 6. Fritsch 5. Jackson 4. Pickett 3. Langdon 2. Salem 1. Oliver
  10. He probably hates the fact that some poor person has to clean it up after the players make a big mess.
  11. I would consider if he had his jaw broken as “high”. As an aside, I hate using outcomes to determine penalties but it’s the system the AFL use. Even still, most force came from the North player running into Fritsch.
  12. I also said today that McDonald wouldn’t play as a defender again and about 30 seconds later he was playing as a defender.
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