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  1. I didn’t even know about it until the email today and I’m annoyed!
  2. How to ensure no one votes the way you want. Step 1: Access every members postal and email addresses Step 2: Send all members unsolicited mail Good job to whoever thought that was a smart idea.
  3. He has something, a lot of clubs could do worse than get him as a delisted free agent.
  4. Thanks, inserted Twitter posts are impossible to read on here.
  5. He played the second ruck well this year. He’s more suited to that than as a sole forward.
  6. If we lose Weideman who is back up for when Gawn and Grundy are injured?
  7. We got shafted so badly in that trade. In the open market he is worth two top-five draft picks and a player. Sadly, the fact he was able to decide where he was traded to meant we didn’t get open market value.
  8. Do we still get a discount to Country Road with our membership? I don’t get emails for some reason anymore and can’t find anything online.
  9. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1234105/ig-elevates-ahead-of-2023 Any “it’s good money for the club” comments can get in the bin.
  10. Give me Harmes over Lachie Hunter. I still believe Harmes should play as a permanent tagger, he actually is more attacking in that role because he is naturally around the ball more often.
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