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  1. thought he was average today. Farris White showed more. But hopefully will work his way into the season
  2. Has Jefferson even touched it at all? Prior to going off? So much hype around this guy and I havent seen one bit of talent.
  3. totally agree to be honest. Ill support any one of our players that tries 110% all the time. even if his days are numbered.
  4. Why? Because he's good at running at a steady pace over 2km? Still can't move sideways. Think you need to take your rose coloured glasses off and accept that Tom is in the shape of his life and giving it a last good crack. He most likely won't make the team but it's a bloody good problem to have if he does put pressure on the selectors. Stop being so pessimistic.
  5. Totally agree. Wizard of Koz has basically tried to say I've been wrong on this whole thread. So I'm just sticking the boots in
  6. Another 2nd in time trial for Tmac.....
  7. Not sure but there are heaps of players that do it.
  8. the club didn’t leak anything….. his running coach who is completely seperate from the club is the same as Adam Tomlinson posted it on his instagram.
  9. i still scratch my head as to why Goodwin thought it was a good idea to bring him in when we had a fit Schache. They literally havent addressed this once. stupid selection. Hope he can get back to playing but i fear his body wont hold up again.
  10. he did. go have a look at the times, and then speak to his running trainer who has publically endorsed this on his twitter.
  11. ive heard the same too, was told that he was running at about 60% fitness last year coming into finals when we needed him desperately.... no wonder he didnt do much at all. He ran a pb for his time trial which is exceptional considering hes at the end of his career
  12. lol interesting about the sunnies im guessing you are joking unless hes now got oakley Katos cause at training the other day he had them on and they were 100% oakleys. might of initially started with $25 servo ones!
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