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  1. curnow or McKay would be amazing imo
  2. our game plan would be perfect for him.... bombing aimlessly hoping for pack marks
  3. Looks like you are in the minority with this one champ
  4. I don't think it will happen either. But 25 goals from 14 games this year in a cellar dweller team, not bad at all. He looks fit as at the moment and according to all reports really got his mental health under control
  5. I really like sparrows work in the middle, give jj a rest and then he can take Harmes role as atm he's a liability
  6. We would love Hogan down forward right now.
  7. Seriously what is up with this guy? I’ve never seen a 200cm forward other than Ben take as many two grab marks in my life, he doesn’t have soft hands at all, he could be an amazing player if he let the ball sink into his hands instead of trying to volleyball spike it every time he goes for a mark. And he is constantly outbodied unless the ball is lace out to him….. frustrating to say the least!
  8. they arent going to publicly out a prez that has done 8 years at the club at the time of resignation, why bother potting him then. The whole board asked him to resign
  9. what letter? keen to re watch the presser!!
  10. I agree with you. i love bedfords run and carry, its exciting and you dont know what you are going to get when hes around the ball. I think ANB needs a spell and put bedford in place.
  11. This issue has the potential to galvanize the club really. We can have a big love in, and people can tuck their egos back in their pants and have an all in love session. Apologise for indescretions, apologise for the terrible communication and behaviour, and vow to be a better man. It will be hard to get over for some people but if people can let go and forgive and move forward, this can turn into a big positive for the club internally. It does really revolve around 1 player who needs to completely let his walls down, become a better human and team mate, and can strengthen our club no end
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