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  1. Clearly the club is banking on revenue being generated out of a new footy base including naming rights sponsor, social events, and better training facilities driving better results on field ... think people are being too hard on Glen ... they seem to have done well off the field given COVID issues and don't blame him for looking tired the other night ... the club is closer than ever to getting their footy base approved with the now strong involvement of the government ... if he pulls it off he has ticked a massive box for the mfc that secures the club for the future when many others have faile
  2. With a free splash of Juggernaut 16 by Jonathon Brown he will be untouchable
  3. Do you recall where the remainder of the $11mil Leighoak sale went of approx $4.4mil (i.e. $11mill minus 6.6mill)?
  4. ox_5, seeing as you appear across this, where did he proceeds of the sale of leighoak go? It was sold for $11mill
  5. Fair enough ... I think I'm more annoyed they claim to be paying off debt while making a loss without mentioning they had sold down assets to be able to do that
  6. Don't like the fact that the Leighoak sale isn't mentioned in any of the financial updates, a bit deceiving and trust takes a bit of a hit as a result. They also liquidated their assets ... more information please!
  7. Good to see we get our 2 blockbusters as home games in 2021 given covid ruined the 2020 plans $$$
  8. Alot of the posts on here suggest we pulled a rabbit out of the hat by signing Williams. Reality is that no one wanted him and he was desperate for an AFL job to the point he was ringing around. Having said that it doesn't mean he isn't the right person for the job and with the new footy club softcap you need coaches that have multiple facets. Have high hopes he can instill belief and a winning mindset that sees us embrace must win games. Also prefer he does his job in the background away from media
  9. l was invited to read out my question on zoom and was happy to do so. l. believe the club chose me on the basis that my question followed a common theme of interest. Having a succinct question and being a 25 year member may also have helped
  10. never needed fixing. nice pick though and looks to have some tools to work with
  11. he said he was in the last 3 in his sacked podcast. https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/sacked-mark-williams-the-power-to-win/id1470557961?i=1000447367888
  12. jackson pushed for him as ceo only after failing to attract a successor with matching experience
  13. Excellent coach and can push a more ruthless approach, just needs to shut up sometimes
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