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  1. He has continued to kick a ridiculous number of goals for Bundoora footy club in northern league and has been playing with his son given his longevity. We played a bit of cricket together and he was a handy batsman. https://www.zerohanger.com/gary-moorcrofts-still-go-it-6941/
  2. Just flicking through the origins of MFCSS ... turns out rpfc fears were true with regard to a number of our players and the rebuild
  3. I just tried some flexi barcodes you get when you want the mobile membership without following through on the transaction ... you can still get tickets on the ticketek website at no cost if you select General Reserved at the bottom of the page ... find its also helpful to clear 'ticketek' internet browser history before trying again
  4. 25k again ... mcc website ... not a time to be fussy about seating ... as my young daughter says but doesn't abide by ... "you get what you get and don't get upset"
  5. Thanks ... but wasn't after the on sale time ... was wanting to know the mcc match category that determines whether provisional members will be eligible ... if it is similar to the Essendon game them I am shut out ... leaving my decision until tomorrow if it's 25k may mean l miss out altogether
  6. no news about what the mcc match category is and whether provisional members are locked out or not ..
  7. Petracca waving off the Essendon supporters after a sweet goal
  8. Not sure that's what will be done with it entirely ... think it's more about funding the new home base and ground resizing ... will eventually generate ca$h in the form of naming rights and social events etc ... Anyone know how much the pies get per annum for the Holden Centre
  9. Yep, l remember James Frawley not looking that great in his first few years as well, turned out to be ok l think
  10. Jones is probably ahead of Sparrow in the best 22 but he and the club would realise that the margin isn't that great and its best to get games into Sparrow leading into the pointy end of the season should injuries occur later
  11. Brown won't be playing if he isn't in form in the VFL tomorrow and maybe even the week after ... selectors have shown that form dictates selection even if we are crying out for a tall to take their opportunity ... and that's the way it should be
  12. Petty is 22 in a few months and is developing ahead of time for a tall that has missed a heap of footy through injury ... i just think forward to when he is 24 or 25 years of age and what he will be doing for us ... helps put the odd error he makes now in context
  13. Selectors have shown they are picking in form players ... Weid and Brown originally got a crack after strong VFL form ... Brown played well last week in the shortened match sim and if he gets a good game in tomorrow he will be strongly considered for GWS ... Weid will need a solid block of 3 or 4 games so forget him returning sooner unless there are injuries ... lets not jump the gun however as injury news sometimes comes out a few days after the match which would change things
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