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  1. It was his first game back in the big time after multiple ops and was still serviceable ... what l know for sure is that the crummers know he won't get out marked often unlike weid who doesn't have his height and can get knocked off balance around the hips
  2. Harmes needs game time and will play a full game in vfl of afl ... hope it's afl playing more of a defensive mid ,,,, Bradshaw to keep building craft on the wing
  3. Some sense at last. If he finishes the year as he has he should recontract with a extra year or two on standard $$$ and spread the money ... takes pressure off himself and club and stays a demon for life ... we don't have many players that can play back or forward which is super handy when we have a normal amount of injuries in a year
  4. It's official until it's proved not to be official ... mfc is strategically leaking to channel 7 with its larger audience, not the first time
  5. gotta love the way the club is rolling out one key contact announcement per week or two ... no coincidence in my view and should help get memberships ticking along nicely
  6. who would want to go to cfc to be smashed as the lone key forward
  7. problem is proven mids don't go to teams to be insurance and mfc don't want to pay a hefty price tag for someone to play mostly vfl until injuries occur. l think harmes in his preferred position is a completely different player and hope he comes in as he is more the viney type that provides defensive balance in the middle
  8. We have more quality mids than most teams, no team can cover missing gun mids perfectly ... we can manage with those that remain and harmes can come in and continue how he started this season in his preferred position
  9. 6 pages on a hypothetical player move with no inkling of reality ... we are 6 and zip move on
  10. all good points. l know the club has a data scientist that analyses the scoring to develop probability based expected scores based on the difficulty of the scoring positions. seems like we can do some work to get the ball into better spots. your points suggest we weren't coached well last year and l would agree i.e. too many players played out of position and a game plan focussed too much on contested ball
  11. If it goes ahead they should turn it into a double header. Our recent head to head record isn't great though
  12. I think credit for getting players wanting to come to the mfc goes mainly to Simon Goodwin. Then Tim Lamb, and Kelly O'Donell in that order. When players arrive they invariably say it was the conversation with goody that got them most interested plus the fact we usually offer an extra year than most other clubs ... there are quotes out there from the players themselves if anyone wants to Google. l give Mahoney alot of the credit for the draft pick swaps that have been first rate
  13. Seems to me that good mates Oliver, Salem and Petracca are all done deals and the marketing department is staggering the good news for maximum affect .. good on them if true
  14. If he sets himself, the classic but still classy Love Hate knuckle tattoos aren't out of his reach and could be the difference in inking himself a new deal
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