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  1. So if I hit the link in the email, I got a handful of discounted items, seems to be working for some and not others. If I take the advice given early and go directly to the MFC website and hit new balance 20% off I now get the 40% off on an acceptable list of items even through the offer expired yesterday. Just ordered a pair of runners so all good now
  2. New Balance have dropped the ball. Thought I was getting a first or second round quality offer, but ended up with Toumpas & Mortan type sale items (no disrespect to those players who gave their all at the time but weren't up to it). A handful of items are on sale and you have to forage you way through 732 fully priced items to try to identify them. Which is fine until you promote it as a 'MFC EXCLUSIVE ... 40% off'. Understand its selected items, but that is being very very select and misleading. New Balance, if you are reading, we like to support our sponsors, but please don't take us for granted and don't spam us with crap offers and user experiences in the hope we go to the site and buy full priced items (unless you have advertised it as such). Rant over! Will give NB offers one last try to support the club !
  3. We have known about Jetta's influence for some time, but Steven May has been massive for the team on and off the field after a poor 1st year ... his on field actions, direction, and now also off field behaviors is at an all time high ... players have been quoted saying they would hate playing on him, he gave strong direction at half time in the gf, helping kossie ... just the way he talks and represents the club ... wouldn't have a problem if he was elevated to VC with Jack
  4. l wouldn't be too stressed about a grand final replay, I've already seen it 10 times and we always win by 74 points ...
  5. Hope so, will add another rich layer to the connection developing between the past and present players!
  6. It will be a government announcement not so much a MFC announcement
  7. You could probably add Richo into that mix also. Importantly the ones above were part of a relatively successful era at the pies. Obviously Pert has worked with them all and knows what he is getting - he hasn't got too much wrong since last seasons football review that saw us make key appointments in Yze, Mark Williams and others.
  8. That's probably true, but its also true he was complementary of Dave Misson's time at the club which suggests he is being Mr Nice guy at least some of the time. The contrast between the number of injuries and the levels of fitness pre and post Burgo is stark and its not a co-incidence. We missed finals 1 maybe 2 times in the past due to our prior injury and fitness management
  9. De Goey is setting himself to play that 1 good year leading into a new contract cycle ...
  10. l have it on good authority that they are burying Norm Smith's curse
  11. Lost me at Degoey, not even close to being the best player at the lowly second last Collingwood. Was 4th in their B&F
  12. Mentioned this a few years ago ... So the day after he was drafted, the top picks were paraded to media just across from AFL House at the Docklands. While working near by, and in between his interviews, l managed to introduce myself before he realised l wasn't a journo but was more than happy to chat to a dees supporter. Very genuine, he was super excited to be joining MFC and we agreed that he was a great fit as we needed ruck / forward support for Max and that he would learn alot under him. He also wasn't fussed about moving to Melbourne as he had been here before many times for basketball and football rep games and was expecting to leave WA anyway - which pleased me the most. Suspect he was also relieved not to be picked up by Gold Coast or GWS with their early picks
  13. Thanks for the help DC, was only kidding however hence the wink at the end
  14. I can work out the rest of the players but who is Buffalo 😉
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