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  1. He is a must to stay unless we trade a replacement in. Personally, we know he can play back. l get him doing ruck craft so he can replace or relieve Max in a break glass situation. Was rucking at GWS
  2. Deakyn has not had his contact renewed
  3. Senior AFL coaching opportunities are very rare. He has applied and if he gets offered the job will rightly go to the tigers who are well managed, resourced and back their staff in. The current list isn't great but that's about making sure expectations are aligned
  4. He also played some ruck at GWS which might be handy now Grundy is gone
  5. We just didn't kick straight and bombed away ... no more no less ... now we have quite a fresh injuries and reports ... 1 week is a longer time in football
  6. He is good friends with Brayshaws which is the main problem
  7. Part of the issue is Oliver bombs and lacks creativity and we become predictable ... when he was out this didn't happen as much
  8. Didn't say l was expecting anything, just making the point it would be good to trial. As for his exit, not sure we want him gone, l think he wants out is more the point, unless we have a classy player coming in with that cash that you know of?
  9. One out of the box strategy that hasn't been tried. For teams with 2 rucks (e.g. Cox, Darcy) what if Grundy trails their 2nd ruck into their back line or the bench and plays on the opposition giraffe? Our forward line remains in tact.
  10. At the start of the year the afl said they listened to supporters and wouldn't schedule past 7.20 ... slowly, slowly they mislead us as the crowds have come back
  11. No coincidence the forward line started to function the moment he returned
  12. Hope he is back, missed the 1st flag, would be terrible if it happened again when he has been so influential
  13. I remember then saying similar things about JHF, and look what happened
  14. If he leaves mfc make a net draft profit and we don't pay anyone extra cash. Media have lost it. Makes interesting story to suggest he will be paid by 3 clubs at once because it would be a first is all
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