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  1. Feel for Yze who deserves a shot, but glad for us - may be a bleessing in disguise for him given they aren't the most stable club
  2. The stats might also be interpreted to suggest that contested possessions aren't a strong predictor of whether a team wins or losses and that other factors are more predictive. The quality of opposition in the latter rounds could also be driving a skew in results
  3. Yep, despite 2 years of success, seems we can't attract more than average interest from the market place. Bit disappointing
  4. Thanks for that. Last year was a strange one, would be more interested in comparing other top 8 teams this year. Also, different grounds likely result in different high speed outcomes, dry decks in qld and wa might also result in different outcomes. Round19 last year looks like an error/outlier also. Still very interesting, but to make conclusions from it it need a greater deep dive
  5. l think grundy is disgruntled because they have done a 'treloer' on him ... can't see him going back regardless
  6. Feels like we are still the reigning premiers given l don't have any cats mates to remind me otherwise
  7. Interesting about the running, but that can be due to motivation and effort also. Would be good to understand which other teams also dropped off in the back half of 2022. l would hypothesis that teams fatigue as the year goes on
  8. Lachie hunter might be an option if dogs cover some of his salary ... said to be looking on sen
  9. yes, lots of talk of injury which you have confirmed but only 2 confirmed cases of surgery (one being a eye which l am reluctant to count). tmac hasnt played for ages so not counting him. every team has injuries l think its just hard to accept we might have just been really poor in the 2nd half of the year as goody has said already
  10. I hear we were banged up. I recall we had a bye pre finals. I hear goody in the presser say all teams carry injuries and that we have been inconsistent for some time now. I recall our inconsistencies started some time ago and coincided with tmac getting injured and our forward structure not recovering sufficiently. I continue to listen with interest to reports of players having surgery, but as yet I have heard none.
  11. Thanking your old club usually only happens after the trade in minted. He is still contacted to mfc for a bit more
  12. Caro suggests Yze could bring Mark Williams with him, that would be a disaster for mfc. Williams having worked at the club years ago
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