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  1. We keep teams scoring down using team defence with no passengers. See where l am going with this 😉
  2. clutching at straws ... comment was made in jest anyhow
  3. Look on the bright side ... at least our performances won't impact our gate receipts and match day crowds
  4. the old oscar came out towards the end ... was in slow mo ... maybe a rest will help ... good post
  5. exactly. to me our game plan looks the same as last year ... output is also similar .. high inside 50 contested ball stats poor conversion
  6. We have given away to much in those trades re picks no doubt. Not so fussed about. the money side of it. Everyone wants a quality forward but they aren't on the market often. Lynch was always going to richmond. Hogan had to go back after what he had been through. We had a crack at Elliot as did others but he is no silver bullet anyway
  7. salem might be. lucky to keep his spot. Nev needs to come back unless there is a reason not to. Brown will be back
  8. Thanks mate, just took a look. That's a step forward of sorts but from what you can see it was bruise free even in the context of match simulation.
  9. Waiting for Bennell to successfully complete practice matches/simulation work now that training can be up to 20. Until then he is still a high risk of re-injury and hasn't progresses any further than when he was a Freo trying to get back
  10. You are right no one has said they don't have sympathy but equally no one has said they do. To suggest we need to know the victims name and other details to do so makes no sense at all. I expressed sympathy earlier quite easily. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/susie-obrien/susie-obrien-dean-laidleys-alleged-victim-also-needs-support/news-story/4dc3c70a264f1e63ee54506dc9f69ab5
  11. The point l am making is that this tread is totally unbalanced. Perhaps count the number of posts that talk about the main victims? None or very few at best. l will reserve most of my sympathy for them. To have an avo out means the issue has been ongoing
  12. Let's not forget he is accused of stalking and breaking an avo (so forgetting his dress sense which while unusual isn't the first person to do so) there are other more significant victims
  13. There is a chance some players will withdraw of their own accord if they have young kids, expecting kids or family to care for.
  14. Agree there is not much to lose and plenty to gain in PR remembering he was a star in to hell and back
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