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  1. Would want both and Brown would be the priority
  2. My read is that there are possibly two things gong on with Oliver. 1 is that the b and f rewards consistency as every player gets votes for each game not just the top three and 2 he isn't following instructions from the coaching staff as much as they would like and is perhaps not as accountable to his opponent. Jack l think runs both ways better than any of the mids but is perhaps less dynamic but consistent. As you say, Max missed games which hits you more in the b and f due to the voting system mentioned. Oliver's kicking particularly early on was really poor
  3. If he holds up a key position in defence which he seemed more than capable of doing at the end, then it will be money well spent. We won't need to rely on below standard defenders like omac
  4. This is his last contact. You can bet he is not yet 100% sure for a while longer while there are still a few suitors that could draw improved offers. There is no need to declare his hand yet as draft hasn't even started yet.
  5. Hawks offering 2 years, l have my doubts about the validity of that. They only offer 1 year deals for 30 plus players. Makes me wonder whether its a dummy 2 year deal designed to extract better offers to the benefit of Smith and to help him get maximum contract money and trade value.
  6. you can't seriously be complaining about the order in which something is written ... time for you to go to bed after your glass of milk
  7. He is going to gold cast, just playing hard to get so he and his manager can attempt to drive up his value. That's my opinion
  8. His season was interrupted by injuries, signs of aging. He joined afl late but he still played footy before joining afl so not buying the 10 year thing. Players can fall off the cliff very quickly when over 30
  9. He is turning 32 in a few months, even a 2 year contract is a stretch.
  10. No pruess and no tmac, we better have another tall ready to go in our back pockets. Wouldn't be against flipping tmac and may forward and back respectively whee games need it to get the best out of the talent we have
  11. l don't buy that Jack was played too early and it hampered his development line. Luke Jackson competes fine in his 1st year and played earlier than watts. Jack just didn't have the work ethic, grit and competitiveness but he did have amazing talent. Jack will continue to drift through life in my opinion, hopefully staying happy and safe
  12. All we need now is for Cam Bruce to join (from the blues after spending time with the hawks) to complement Yze and Green and we'll have an awesome forward line that can kick a sausage from almost anywhere
  13. Things may change over time, but when I spoke to him a couple of days after being drafted, he indicated that he'd spent plenty of time in Melbourne before and was pleased to be coming over. Said he had travelled many times with elite junior squads in more than 1 sport. Also mentioned the fit with MFC needing a flexible tall was attractive
  14. Good point trout, they should both be on the hook
  15. With the soft cap, teams with stronger coaching teams like the hawks will need to move staff on (i.e Yze) ... I would be watching clubs like Geel, Hawt, Rich to see if any of these can be an upgrade on our assistant coaches and pass on their IP
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