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  1. I don't think so I think he's a psycho he's got no feelings, he knew what he did was wrong, when he put his shoulder into his head, if a teammate was blow him he would have put his arms out not tuck his shoulde, and aimed for his head
  2. I doubt supporters blubbering on a forum have that much impact in our season.
  3. The compo that we will get is Angus whole contact, will count to our salary cap, the way the AFL works is they hate Melbourne being any good, they are likely to punish us by including Angus's money to the salary cap.
  4. What I don't understand is, how is Smith being scapegoat by the club, when he tested positive to drugs, who every write the story should be used, because it implies that the club conspired against Smith, to hide what?
  5. Make some sense, if you don't stand with us you're against us
  6. No I would never drive those big stupid trucks, but you know what I can tell something about you, I bet you've been divorced at least two or three times, because you got no backbone, and you don't stand by anybody, you're probably a slippery backstabbing kind of guy
  7. Well then 17 clubs are unstable then, since only 1 club won the flag, what the hell are they all doing not winning finals, you are really a gullible fool aren't you, why don't you go to Collingwood and follow them, and let me remind you're about. Collingwood preseason in 2023, Jordan de goey was facing being traded to another club, because of ill discipline and bad behavior, another player called guinnaven was caught in a picture snorting drugs, and was suspended, so he was doing the same thing as Smith, just not in game week, and they went on to win the flag, our preseason this year and their preseason last year is almost identical. Why is one culture said is bad and the other culture was never mentioned. Really go away fake supporter, if you aren't behind us in our lows then you don't deserve to be there in our highs.
  8. As I was going through my old grandpa's belongings after his death, he was 110 years old, he was a old archaeologist uncovering some of the world's ancient wonders, I came across his journals of his archaeological digs in Rome, he wrote about the finding of a ancient text, buried in the previously unknown the great Julius Caesar tome, they where translated to English, it was titled raising demon legions. They learnt Caesar and 2 other centurions would chant this text before his army would go to battle, it was believed that this would posses his soldiers with a Demon legion, this would give them superhuman strength, and no fear, this is why Caesar smaller army's where able to beat larger legions. But in Caesars last battle, he chanted this alone, He wrote in his journals that this text should never be read out lound my one person, because that man would never find peace, but if you did, you had to have three people read it at the same time, this text would release the demons and make them a formidable force. After the hell the Melbourne demons are going through, me and two of my mates decided it was time for this demon to be released. I ask some of you demon fans out there, to do the same thing, and read this text, that I'm about to reveal. Oh great and powerful ancient demon, Alala rises and take the souls of my men, lead them to battle take their hearts and minds. Oh rise great demon Androktasian and beat my enemy's, the filth, the Blues baggers the peptoide bombers, the road kill roos, the rising sun, the ugly orange giant, the stoned crows, the lighting power failures, the bad news bears, the 2 time dogs, the 1 flag Saints, the blood swan, the meth coast, the shockers, the microwave tigs, the abortion hawks, and the grandpa cats.
  9. Unfortunately being part of the Collingwood football club will mean that he'll always have opportunities, because there's a lot of filth out there, that will love him and applaud him, Collingwood you might as well say they won that game because of that hit, they put out one of our best players for the game, this is why there should be send off rule.
  10. Angus is prime for a job in the media don't worry uncle will get him in
  11. Northing zep zero, we get back shzen
  12. The Only thing about banning the bump, what happens when 2 players are going for the ball and the second player is half a spilt second late, and bumpes him, Pandora box you don't want to open, also this wasn't even a bump, this was a player who chose to go with his shoulder instead of his hands when falling to The ground
  13. Actually you're the supporter we don't want you believe every single thing the media tells you you're a sheep and a gullible fool.
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