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  1. Like your thinking, need to start planning for next year now ! Assistant coaches and players need to change, we need some fresh ideas. I honestly think at least 11-12 players need to be moved on/traded/delisted at the end of year. We need to be bold at the trade table, use our 1st pick on the best available (Rowell, Anderson or Lachlan Ash ) Draft/trade in another key forward Trade for some running outside mids with later picks ( Ed Langdon hopefully for around a 2nd Round pick , Issac Cumming from GWS who is not getting a game and dominating the NEAFL
  2. Every single other club except for maybe Sydney has more speed and run in the midfield than us. We have no decent crumbers The game plan is not working at all this year too much reliance on dominating clearances the coaches have not adjusted he plan for the new rules We have failed to recruit/draft to add more balance to the list to give us more pace and run we are in big trouble, won’t be an easy fix !!!
  3. If the worst was to happen and we lost Weideman to another club what would we do for another key forward ? If we want to remain potent up forward we would need a like replacement losing hogan and weideman in consecutive years wouldn’t be great!
  4. Think it is the reverse order of the ladder at the time of the draft so as it’s stands we would have pick 3
  5. As I understand we have one spot available for the up coming mid season rookie draft if we decide to place Aaron Nietschke on the long term injuries list. Who could be on our radar? An article on the afl website listed 50 potential draftees, out of that list a few names interest me : Nathan Freeman (Frankston VFL) Cody Hirst (Eastern Ranges) Mitch Riordan (Dandenong Stingrays ) Liam McBean (Glenelg SANFL) Frank Anderson (Northern Blues VFL) Hugo Munn (Sturt SANFL) Corey Rich (Frankston VFL) Tyrone Smallwood (Claremont WAFL) Adam Tipu
  6. As many have alluded on here, we have an imbalance on our list. Not enough outside leaning players that can spread and use the ball cleanly from the contest. We get too many dirty clearances at the moment. Part of this is positioning and tactics at stoppages, but I think we all agree that we need to recruit some more specific skilled outside players Another list weakness is creative and quick small crumbing forwards who can put on pressure as well. I think we could also do with another key forward who can take a contested mark. The game plan is an issue too... to relia
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